Oppo R9s Review: Whopping camera on a budget

After spending a few years being a fan of what Oppo has done in the Android space, it’s always great to go back and remember the reasons why.

Oppo has spent the last few years leaving a significant dent in the smartphone market and a lot of it has to do with the quality of its products. The company’s R lineup was always meant to defy the odds of smartphone design, and in the case of the new R9s, some of this legacy made it, some of it didn’t.

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Gethro says:

I like it

Chris Chung says:

is it available in USA?

24ecko says:

OPPO used have unique designs like the Find and N series (I had both the Find 7a and N3). Now all they offer is iPhone clones smh. I truly hate that antenna line design.

sara z says:

make it triangular shape.that revolutionary..

Tech for Kings says:

Talk about a company having no shame. Haha damn.

John Yong says:

too bad there’s no OIS!

P7 Ascend says:

the way he say his name is so fast.
all I hear is hemarivera

Pramit Nandi says:

oppo sucks…i don’t like oppo ..vivo…their service nd camera nd display sucks. .when comparing with Samsung. Moto.HTC

Bestestimes Videos/Tech & More says:

can u please do an in deapth review on the camera (settings etc)

Dan6erbond says:

Why is your Intro so messed up Jaime? (Sound)

airriderz15 says:

It’s soo damn sad that Oppo has reduced to this when 3-4 years ago the OPPO N1 came out and was a complete shock to everyone.
Like one of those one hit wonder rappers we don’t hear about anymore….

Maurice Wilson says:

That phone copy iPhone design but there’s look so cheap what a ugly phone no more hank you

Fizo Mathir says:

5years apple user. today oppo make me change to android again. I’m watching this video on my new r9s trust me its sooo cool. bye2 iphone6 plus…

2nice Friends says:

will this work in the USA? t-mobile metro pcs?

Lollipopz says:

Don’t understand why Oppo and Vivo China brand phones look like iPhone in terms of physical design and all china brand phone software look like iOS. Hello China OEMs, where are all your innovative design? They do sell well in China as Oppo is the No.1 brand in their country but just like Meizu, another china OEM, their phones don’t make it out of china except some.

VoloKin Project says:

Review? That was barely a preview Jaime. Oppo definitely deserves more than that dude.

Driver6M says:

I bought one. Very happy. Battery life and quick charge are both amazingly good. Feel and quality is higher than most Chinese phones. Negatives are no NFC and a couple of software quirks (need a couple of swipes to access notifications which makes it feel clunky).

omfg squeak says:

My 5 yr old Lumia 925 still has the best camera!

Liger-Zero says:

although opps and one plus are same company, i would buy one plus just because i use “android” phone, not an android disguises as iphone

surfie007 says:

The Oppo R9 just got released in Australia so to hear that there’s already a R9s in the US is crazy

Martin Dimchev says:

Happy when I see phones with capacitive buttons! Hope all OEMs will bring them back! 🙂

Shellyman Vol.2 says:

I like OPPO but it’s time try a little bit of originality with their design.

Sanu says:

Wow a midrange phone has the same amount of ram as my pc….

TheBigFreezeTV says:

0:04, Barcelona case?? really bro? Lol!

Republica Legionnaires says:

That looks like an IPhone 6 , even the interface looks the same

vishal Sharma says:

is the camera better than one plus 3?

AngryZombie808 says:

iPhone wannabe is all it gonna be.

Pedro Gomes says:

I like how the oneplus 3 and the oppo r9 have basically the same chassis. Front is the same, but for the majority of the people just the r9 is a clone.

chillgreg says:

It’s a 6″ display…

Muhd Rusydi says:

Used to have an apple and samsung user but truthfully oppo has been my best buy and the cheapest.

SAMPLE says:

That phone (Hardware) is basically an iPhone with a stretched out home button…

Thermal_Sniper X says:

Well they say Oppo is the “camera” phone but when you try it… it’s nonsense

Ash The Geek says:

Thats a fucking iPhone

MrDaouda98 says:

bullshit review, biased.

kemar Morrison says:

price ?

sheldon white says:

it takes great pictures but when you start to do video horrible

High Resolution Bird says:

is it just me or does the intro sound different in every video?

madd mann says:

0:06 i’m gkjbhirsa ahdi with pocket now and this is … .

Valeh Demir says:

Chinese iphone)

Zachary Kwok says:

is worth the upgrade from r9?

Yan Is says:

This is my second go-to phone currently. For a mid-ranger,the performance is excellent. Good job Oppo!

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