Oppo R11 Review: A Terrific Camera, Strong Battery Life For a Great Price

There’s a lot to like about the Oppo R11, despite its limited availability and its stark similarity to the iPhone’s design.

Our full review: http://cnet.co/2ws5sjU

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TechPimp says:

Good phone good company but with last year huge bezels.

Simranjit Singh BAL says:

Baised who will buy oppo if you can get one plus 5 at same price

Abhishek Vuppala says:

What is with that lisp !?! No sorry , doesn’t cut it !

odfighter says:

it looks like Samsung

Frank Verhorst says:

No offence. But this dude is hard to understand.

EpicMeme EMPEROR says:

OnePlus 5 or S8 FTW

PussMag says:

previous Galaxy with iPhone back design, the best combo, but very cheesy look. for that money you can get the S7 or iPhone 7

Sayan Roy says:

best iPhone clone?

Nolan Bankeroff says:

Fake news

Zac Wong says:

With that price, a Oneplus 5.

Paul Tech says:

Wow 20 dislikes..ouch

Jack_Cydia says:

The oppo is a straight direct copy of the iPhone.

FastLikeUNO says:

Line this up next to an iPhone 7 and a One Plus 5 and you have 3 of a kind.

Bender Rodruigez says:

I thought he was talking about a camera

Satyam Patel says:

I’ll never buy iPhone knockoffs

Nolan Bankeroff says:


Sattva says:

shitty software.

하성진 says:

Do not buy oppo phone…..their software is not that good. You can’t get notification on time….because it always kill background services even user allow let app works on background;;

Josh Neiser says:

Not to be rude, but I could barely understand him.

Emoji Flower says:

He got gum in his mouth

shaheer uddin says:

Suffering saccotash !!!!


I always say your phones probably your most important device and you should buy the best you can for your budget.
I never understand getting mid range phones though because they’re probably the same price as last years flag ships but have worse specs.

James Matsuzaki says:

His tongue though

De Techie says:

Xiaomi Mi6 is great phone with great camera… Why does everyone forgot that phone

Nolan Bankeroff says:


Joe Jackson says:

The funniest thing is why spend $440 on a phone in the US that is a get by phone. I could just spend the extra $200-300 and get a better phone that will last me.

Toonses says:

I bet the camera is not better than galaxy s7.

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