OnePlus 5T – Annoying camera flaw – mini review

This quad: 571g AUW

GoPro Session 5 – 2.7k/30 Superview
Brain3D GoPro mount 30 & 40deg:
Flowride Floss Frame:
ZMX FinX30 2207 2600kv:
DAL T5040C:
Kamikaze V4 AIO, BF3.2:
Unify Race 200mw: (or the 800mw)
Foxeer Pagoda:
Runcam Micro 2.1:
Big boy Crossfire:
Crossfire Rx:
Charsoon BattGo 1500mah:

My favorite quad parts:
GoPro Session 5 – 2.7k/30 Superview
Brain3D GoPro mount 30 & 40deg:
Flowride Floss Frame:
ZMX FinX30 2207 2600kv:
BBB 2207 2650kv:
DAL T5040C:
HQ 5x5x3v1s: Coming soon
Kamikaze V4 AIO, BF3.2:
Unify Race 200mw: (or the 800mw)
Foxeer Pagoda:
Runcam Micro 2.1:
Big boy Crossfire:
Crossfire Rx:


vikram bhamre says:

what do you think are the best cheapish motors?

Tim Toney says:

I dig the phone reviews, you should do them more often. 🙂 Also whats your favorite prop?

idiotsniff says:

I’ve been with oneplus since the oneplus one aswell, still have that phone because my 3T doesn’t work with the foxeer app. that foxeer said it would be updated in two weeks two months ago, now they say they are totally redoing with a different developer. the phones with no bezels make no sense, I’ve always thought this without even trying one for that very reason you can’t hold them without it sensing your fingers just holding it. so stupid. I don’t understand why these phone companies want Razer Blade phones. the thinner they are the more uncomfortable they are. and I’d rather a phone that is almost double the thickness with a huge battery, then a Razer thin one that won’t get through the day. it’s bonkers ppl don’t think of these things when designing stuff. I bought the 3T over the oneplus 5 because I wasn’t a fan of the cameras on the 5, I thought it was a shame they put the finger print scanner on the rear aswell.

Josh Bryson says:

can’t wait to get my 5T, I love my 3T but my wife is due for an update so she’s getting my 3T and I’ll pick up the new one.

Marshal Mathers says:

Sony phones have pretty good cameras.

Slippery Sebastian says:

Awesome review and sick slaying as usual! FLOSSPOSS

Fran Galasso says:

DO NOT buy a pixel 2 xl it was made by LG and the screen has horrid bluing effect and suffers horrible screen burn in I work in the cell phone Industry and our xl demo had screen burn in 3 days. LG is by far the most problematic cell phone manufacturer out of the bigger name companies hell they are being sued for the g4/v10 debacle

dean beach says:


Randolph Semprini says:

Pixel is NOT the best for video – iPhone X delivers smoother, better looking video

H.P. Baxxter says:

impressive flying dude

Javi FPV says:

They couldn’t caused would have been sued by apple with the round fingerprint scanner in front would copy an iPhone or iPad that’s a no no!

BuzzCola 3 says:

I really like phones like mi mix. It looks so cool. 🙂

The RCAddict says:

Bob the phone reviewer lol

Garden Flyer says:

I had no idea what was going on or why……until I got to the 3:50 mark.

CZDrMike says:

it seemed like you had EIS enabled which crops the video quite a bit and it also makes it move around

PuppetMasterFPV says:

Want your perspective on blheli 32 and DShot 1200 brother. Also more all In ones. Is the one from piroflip worthy compared to lumenier? Both have F4 OSD,CS 30amp X 4 blheli 32 and DShot 1200 capable. Thanks for what you do. Hope we can rip some time

Zeke Urness says:

Loved my one plus 3… The water resistance was sub par… It shorted out when I put a seen protector on it (the kind where spraying a mist on the phone). It died a few months ago when I dropped it in a puddle. Not buying one plus again till they start doing water resistance.

Bruno Eye says:

What do you think about the camera on the new Sony phones? The one that can shoot 960fps.

Sebastian Nobody says:

Can you show the raw video of this tree flight (or the next one)? I am interessted in the FOV and overall quality in terms of glitches etc. Are you using a TVL600 Sony blabla? Or your 1200?
And yes, I floss! 🙂

Ben Chern says:

The galaxy s7/8 active has bezels, and it also has a huge battery and an awesome camera :/
I have an S6 Active which is fantastic, and even though the camera isn’t as good as the iPhone or Google Pixel, it has a 3500mah battery and it’s built like a tank.

Gavin Remme says:

Like the idea of a video trying to introduce more ppl into this. I feel like there’s two camps: People who know tons about miniquads, and then everyone else who (by no fault of their own) is completely clueless. I’m sure we’ve all heard the “is that a VR?” question a number of times lmao.

Also, liked hearing your thoughts on the phone. I have the OP5 and decided not to upgrade to the 5T because of the fingerprint sensor location. The video crop is most likely a necessity for the digital stabilization, as the 5 has it also. How’s the secondary “low light” camera? I feel like that’s so silly – just add better low light to the main camera! They probably did it just so they could check off that it has dual cameras. Look at the Pixel – single camera and it’s the best of the best.

Vovka OZ says:

They are spying on you btw… too bad if you are reviewing this because they sent it to you for free.

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