OnePlus 5 Unboxing & Hands-On Review Including Camera Samples

Oneplus 5 unboxing, detailed hands-on first look including camera review with sample images. (OTG had to be enabled, non-issue)


01:33 – Unbox it already
02:51 – Design
05:33 – First boot & setup
08:16 – Speaker test
08:42 – Performance
09:36 – Antutu score
10:52 – OTG Issue
11:16 – Camera App
14:11 – Camera & video samples
17:30 – Conclusion with Pros & Cons

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Yuri Podolsky says:

You are a smaller channel but is the most trustfull of all. Really enjoy your revews. Thank you

just me says:

Do a honor 8 pro vs op5 camera comparison!

Md. Hasanul Hasib Suvo says:

Please upload a video comparing op5 vs mi 6, will you??

Radu93Z says:

To be honest Chris your videos are the most useful out there.

Pratik ganatra says:

i watch lots of reviews for phones but you were my favourite you are favourite and you will be my favourite. don’t care big or small, reviews matters

Domino0441 says:

In your opinion MI6 or OP5 have a better camera?

jar puppy says:

why unbox it you already think its shit ? with out trying it

Vijit Agrawal says:

how does it compare to the Mi 6? says:

Someone asked before should you get this over the 3T. Straight up no, I don’t think it’s worth it at all! Doesn’t bring enough new features to justify upgrading or evening getting I feel. Save the cash and get the 3T, it’s a great phone and is just as fast and really only benchmark scores for brag rights is the reason to get the OnePlus 5! The loss of OIS means the cameras (at leat video) aren’t any better.

Jagadish Baruah says:

which one do you think.. has a better Camera..
mi 6 or..OP5 ??

Suraj Kumar says:

sir can i wil gel black colour in 6,64 g.b????

kunal sharma says:

Honest and great review

Techder Audios says:

i also orderd it for me and also yt nut your video is very clear not to fast;)

MXV says:

at 4:37, i completely agree with you.
Nice review, as always.
keep that good work mate.

Forever MCFC says:

i agree all the dbrand promo is f*cking annoying

Ting Tat Yang says:

What is the song name during camera test?

SidewindeR says:

I appreciate honest reviews more than day one reviews. Glad I found you channel.. Subbed

Luli Trevisan says:

Great job man!

Fábio Almeida says:

ColorOS – Oxygen OS
20 mp camera f2.8

David Martin says:

did you TURN ON the usb otg feature in settings first??

Dennis P says:

Thank you for still doing this review. I appreciate all the stuff you do! Keep up the great work!

Melissa Elliott says:

could you do an audio comparison with other phones?

anirudh verma says:

open the otg option then u find it connected

Pacifique Stormz says:

Good video !!
I think with a bit of background music it would be better

Sabeer Shamsudeen says:

Waiting for detailed review. If possible compare it with Mi6

Shubham Suneja says:

You’re not a small channel, I find your videos much more detailed and to the point than many other “BIG” channels.

thesloveniaboy123 says:

Expensive iphone clone… garbage..

R360ЯN says:

no OIS on the back
heats up while browsing
cheating in benchmark
looks like iphone
costs 500 euro, lol why?
i have here for testing Redmi note 4, doesn’t have OIS, doesn’t heat up while gaming csr 2, nfs nl etc, not cheating on benchmarks, doesn’t look like iphone, costs 150 euro, seems legit

Jonh Edward says:

please compare to mi6 camera vs OP 5

Nikola Dashev says:

very nice video

Tenchi Ho says:

I like that, ‘they sold their souls’. Ha ha

Walter CCH says:

OxygenOS, not ColorOS. ColorOS is Oppo

Dr. Jé says:

I’m so done with high prices and shitty compromises, the first manufacture that pulls from each of the tops best features, Samsungs Screens, 1+ Ram and light bloat free skin, LG and G6 cameras, HTC build quality, BlackBerry Anentea, Motorola speaker –

Until then I am going to get an Alcatel GO flip and keep my Chromebook near. So tired of this game…..then the phone performance goes to shit after use so bye its all a game then customer service is trash….

UGH !!! Just write me a letter by mail !

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