OnePlus 5 Dual Camera Review // How GOOD is it?

The New OnePlus 5 is here! Full OnePlus 5 unboxing and review coming very soon. The oneplus 5 Dual Camera is the high resolution dual camera system on a mobile phone right now with 16MP and 20MP Telephoto lens. Is this the best camera of 2017? Can this beat the iPhone 7 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S8? Watch The oneplus 5 camera test and samples to find out. OnePlus 5 vs OnePlus 3t, OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus and OnePlus 5 vs Galaxy S8 coming soon.

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Tadas a.k.a. indi says:

OP5 vs OP3 camera comparison please

NikhilTejhReddy Rachamallu says:

completely copied from Apple

Eldo Jacob says:

already watched this but hadn’t got time to comment due to exams
But having seen Danny feeling dejected after bash in comment section had to write
You’ve done a great job Danny..loved the shots work throughout and I’m planning on upgrading from my OnePlus 2 to this.
Keep up the good work man. 🙂

Allen Roy says:

can you do a camera comparison between iphone7plus s8 and 1+5??? please???

ankit chandra says:

hopeless review!!just fake

Rajkumari Yadav says:

there’s no pro video mode. .?

Saumil Babuta says:

do its camera comparison with the s8+

abbas ahmed says:

Really impressed with camera and the quality they maintained, what else they get in this price? forget about the design and look its performance and flagship, it won’t lag even using continuously for 2 years. Some are really concern about designs and god knows what they do with it :/ Waiting to get it and thx for a video dude!!

Kenny K says:

lg g6 or oneplus 5?

Indiappa says:

complete…bes review on oneplus so far

Nazri GAMING says:

2:24 i love it

SvK SH says:

Why don’t they enable eis for 4k?

Ercan Kartal says:

İs it have WİDE ANGLE LENS??


please show us camera comparison between op5 and S8 and iPhone 7+

PM7Gaming says:

this or Huawei P9?
the P9 is for around $355
Op5 is for 490
I need good Dynamic range , better optics(to avoid flares as in LG G4) and good ISO performance
the P9 has the same system but includes true Monochrome
where as the OP 5 gets 2x zoom
pocketnow doesn’t seem to be satisfied with its dynamic range..

Kyle Ruggles says:

Any word about HQ mode?? 2:10 perfect shot! exactly the one I wanted to see, finally!!! 😀 the rolloff transition from sharp to defocused, by looking at the ground. Nice! thanks! 3:03! nooooooice! manual FTW! you show em Danny! ^_^ too bad you can’t shoot handheld at 1/2 🙁

Try cinema4k if you want a sweet manual recording app with flat profiles, dunno if it’ll work on the 1+5, dev stopped a while back. or even Filmic Pro. Great video!

Jonh Edward says:

please compare camera with mi6

Godfrey Ekele says:

Danny great review and a good device!

Bruno Oliveira says:

Well I had just pre ordered mine, 6/64GB to get the best value (I think more is an overkill even tho *midnight black*) and this makes me happy about the camera. Best video I’ve seen on the topic. Plus I don’t own any 4k devices so it really isn’t a problem for me that it is not as good there

Sachin Rathee says:

it’s only 1.6x optical 0.4 is software

Riad Khan says:

I would buy OP5 if they used ois in camera lens

shaddy daddy says:

Samsung won this year.

Chinmay Tare says:

Very informative video Danny! Good job 🙂

Hari Hara Kumar says:

Hi Danny,
As OnePlus 5 have EIS instead of OIS, will that be fixed by software update or not?

Danny L says:

do OnePlus 3t camera vs 5

Dr B says:

Worst camera ever. Period.

Suraj Shrestha says:

it was released on 20 June and its 22 June now. how did u test it for a week??

erik daddo says:

htc u 11 better

Indiappa says:

loved the front camera in low light

Ziv Stein says:

WOW That camera tho! Actually from the reviews I’ve seen so far, everyone were saying that the camera is not that good.. I’m more than happy that I’ve seen your video, because that camera is gorgeous! Thanks for the awesome review and keep up the good work!

Martin Hawrylkiewicz says:

Would you be able to tell me if you have noticed any improvement between the main cameras of 3T and 5 when taking photos? I have One Plus 3T and am not sure if I should upgrade to this one.

dhruv kawli says:

comparison with s8

Liel Bouskila says:

OP5 or Sony Xperia XZ premium camera?

titooo says:

Pretty good camera UNLESS that you want to record 4K videos

Renu Rai says:

HTC U 11 Plz.

Rushi Vyas says:

I think this is gonna be my next phone. I am really perplexed between One Plus 3t and One Plus 5. Should I consider this phone or should I look for an Iphone?.

Suggestions are highly appreciated.

roshan shrestha says:

No ois no buy

Hlamogolo Phasha says:

would you buy the OP5 if it retailed at same price with GS8

Md Owise Ali says:

400 bucks without ois ?

Annie Nguyen says:

this or honor 9?



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