OnePlus 5 Camera Review – iXcellent!

In this video let’s check out how the cameras on the OnePlus 5 perform.

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prithvi raj says:

Comparison bw op5 pixel ip7 and s8

Michał Smyk says:

camera is still average like in 3T. S8 or Pixel is in the another higher league.

Santanu Das says:

Camera Comparison with Iphone 7 plus And Mi 6

Parth Tekale says:

mi6 vs op5 full review

Pratik Saha says:

I don’t think anyone might have noticed or motioned this but I’d like to give special credits to the BGM used. Simply fantastic.

anything & everything says:

Galaxy S7 compare it’s cam to this..

Joy Dutta Majumder says:

Please make another “Spent a day with camera of” video with OnePlus 5.

Prateek Tade says:

Camera comparison with all Android flagship dual camera implementations definitely! And a separate one with the iPhone 7 Plus!

Geo Sebastian says:


Shashwat Chavan says:

one plus 5 vs lg g6

Sachin Prakash says:

One plus 5 vs c9 pro comparison please

Sujith P S says:

Do a comparison bw Op5 vs Mi6 vs Z2 Play vs Honor 8 Pro

Mohammed Shabaz Ali says:

Camera compared to iPhone 7 plus, Lg6 or Samsung galaxy s8

mohit yadav says:

For all saying iPhone is 1 year old. Look at its price. Still cost almost double

Ayush Nayyar says:

Not recommended to feed dogs biscuits.

dkimmortal says:

why are there no indoor shots of people ;(

Abdullah bin Zakariah says:

op5 vs mi6.. which one’s portrait mode photos better?

Kaushik Kumar Nath says:

compare the camera with moto z2

Hari christo says:

mi 6 vs 0neplus 5

bheru kothari says:

What shity photos have u taken to judge the camera ! Please take some better pictures !

Shalin D says:

hey don’t forget to compare the op5 with the honor 8 pro,since both are fabulous devices and both have dual camera setup

Imran Ahmed says:

Sunder please update your script and take good photos. This review was not that good. Your are reviewing a phone that have already created a good name in the market so there are so may people doing the camera review. So you have to stand alone in a good way. This one stands in the last row. So hope you will work harder next time for this camera review and make it details and with no mistake.


Xiaomi in Mi6 is not cheating Bro’s

aman malik says:

most crappy review

vishnu nath says:

nice cam.eis is there right? it is present in 1080 mode

Sathish Mechy says:


Ramjee Nithin Krishna Sepuri says:

I can give a Like just for feeding the dogs in slow motion! 🙂

Revanth P says:

Onelpus has pushed an update whose changelog contains camera optimizations

S D S Bros Tech says:

Sundar!!! can we put up the brothers to battle.. OnePlus 3/3T vs OnePlus 5

Sri Charan says:

mi 6 vs op5

Prashanth Devaraj says:

stabilization works great 1080p

vishal yadav says:

C4Etech your new logo sucks!!

Little Brown Boy says:

eis is only available in 1080p and it works wonders.

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