OnePlus 5 Camera Hands-on Review

Testing out the dual camera on the new OnePlus 5!


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Eric Yui says:

Could you review the HTC U11’s camera?

Daniel Hew says:

I’m curious about where the phone is manufactured?

grumblekin says:

It looks like dual cameras are a waste of space and money. I’d rather have ONE good, big sensor with no AA filter and an f1.4 lens than 15 teeny sensors all mushing up details and smearing colors.

It’s too bad that Sony can’t squeeze a 1 inch sensor (20MP) into the back of a smartphone with a nice 22mm lens…

Scotty Zepplin says:

I choked on my noodles when you got to the “i’m an apple fannnnnnn…….boy”. Still watched the video though. But doubt i will be buying this flagship killer.

Vadim Aleksensky says:

Glad I’ve got OnePlus 3T. The camera on 5 is more like a sidegrade than an upgrade, and I like the 3T’s design more.
The performance of 3T is still amazing by today’s standards.

Shinji D says:

u are like filming and taking shots of random ppl xDDDD That would get u in trouble in some countries hahahaha

CommanderLake says:

Kai has literally worn out the letter m in camera.

endless g says:

your street photography skills are just good man

Stink of Laziness says:

For me, the lack of OIS killed that phone. No matter how steady your hands are, photos are never sharp!

Samuel Chan says:

birocratic <3

Mario Ganz says:


senzor007psn says:

Kai W the screen is not the same as 3T, it is different and improved, and not to bash on apple, 3T already had a better screen than the iphone 7+

Pedals and Pinheads says:

What are you using for a video editor? The cadence of the OnePlus 5 footage has the typical judder issues during panning from a 25/50 fps source played back on a 60 Hz display. I wondered if you were using FCPX or Adobe Premiere Pro, and if it was an issue with the export or simply an issue with the original footage not being able to match the project’s FPS cadence when exported. Thanks!

Jonfe Smith says:

Original… Chinese guy goes to China Town….;)

Jayden Styles says:

I am a massive fan of Kai and all of his Videos, But I have never liked Apple, Even today I refuse to buy an I-phone, They always seem to churn out cheap-to-make crap that in specs is about 2 years behind Samsung or LG. They have a HUGE advertising budget thats what makes people like sheep buy them, My 2 year old LG G4 is more powerful than the latest I-Phone 7 and so is its camera, And I can remove the battery! and It dosent shatter at the slightest tap (All I-phones I’ve ever seen have a crack on the front – how delicate are they??)

Marek Dzurak says:

Lumia950XL ..Pure view Zeiss still mud better then this …and yeah it shot raw ..but is not sharp much better to go jpeg…then you cant belive ht mobile can do and it is already almost 2y old one

JCjib says:

Hey Kai. Will you be reviewing the Kodak Ektra at some point? I’d like to see what you think of it. Love your content, I always look forward to watching your next video.

Su Wan says:

as a flagship killer, it can’t kill S8 camera for sure.

samir says:

Best OnePlus 5 review out there 😀

Brad Fennell says:

you should do a review of the HTC u11

James Pappagallo says:

You should do a review on the the Huawei Mate 9… I know it’s a bit old but pls what are your thoughts on ot

Cunt says:

you honestly are the only one i really trust with camera reviews..

Bruce Lee says:

Nice to see you reviewing a OnePlus phone. I have the original OnePlus One and is still running great!! I also have iPhone5s..

dazbone says:

it looks crap!! or at best ok for the price they are trying to promote this as an excellent camera.It’s not even cheap anymore better to spend a little more in my opinion!!!.

PH1N0 says:

yeah they finally do stuff that Nokia started to do 4 years ago 😀 manual settings are great

DKay says:

cleanest review i’ve seen in awhile

xxNATHANUKxx says:

The only thing that I’d want extra from the phone is some water resistance but apart from that I think it’s gunna be my next buy

John P says:

Great to see an old fashion review by Kai! Thanks, I’ll see what the next iPhone has and look forward to that review?

Daniel Respecio says:

Isn’t this dude from DigitalRev TV?

Ricky Luminous says:

Camera looks good but there isn’t enough in this Oneplus 5 to make me upgrade from my limited edition Oneplus 3T. If it had just had waterproofing I would have.

NissanPacific says:

keep up the vloggy vlogs, i love the wideos

Hart TakAda says:

hhmm…. Android, thats new…

Natsu Baruah Jr says:

There are.some points you got wrong. It does have Slow Motion and Timelapse. Also EIS does not work in 4K (yet) probably will be fixed by a software update. 1080p video stabilization looks like it’s on a monopod.

Sam Ben-David says:

I feel privileged to be living at the same time as you Kai.

giaccomusic says:

Such an annoying soundtrack

jordi pen says:

Nice jew camera!

Su Wan says:

the camera you use to shoot this, is way much better.

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