OnePlus 3T Review: Better than Ever?

OnePlus is back with an even more powerful version of the popular OnePlus 3 that was released just five months ago. Is the OnePlus 3T a minor spec bump or should it be your next smartphone? Watch to find out!

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Dolan Tremp says:

Do they make a mini oneplus? I hate how all the new phones coming out are freaking massive. Like i dont want to carry a tablet around

ϺɅƦCΞL says:

0:38 “That math I can do” hahah sure

Ken Zhou says:

As an Asian, your maths killed me. It’s $40 more

Zach Marusiç says:

$599 for 64GB in Canada… ugh

Wilson Chong says:

It doesn’t heat up though

Tech Aim says:

can you please promote me In your video because it helps me to grow my youtube channel!

Neel Saraiya says:

y would u lie man? there is video showing the amount of battery usage this phone takes, it will hardly last u a day of heavy usage….talking abt two days?

Elo Elwell says:

your math is off…

Sudip Bhowmik says:

Should I buy the galaxy s7 or the iphone 6s

Harsimran Singh says:

is this compatible with Australian network bands.

Jackie Zhao says:

Lmao… 399 to 439 u said $39 more that math u can do ??

Abdullah shaikh says:

feels like someone is reading specification dats it, no where near call as review

Henk Van de Goor says:

why does no one mention the sapphire scratch resistant front on the camera?

hitesh mokaria says:

2 days of heavy usage… are kidding me…i have one plus 3….and it barely last for full day…..thank god i return it….now i will be buying 3t….hope it will have good battery…..i hope u r right…

TheRussianLondoner says:

LOL “2 days of HEAVY USAGE on a single charge”… sound like BS…

RAD Tech says:

A 3 3/4 minute video isn’t a review imo

Howard Zhang says:

question: 1+3t vs mate 9, pound to pound which one do you pick!!!!

kinein says:

snap! my break room 🙂 irrrrrvineeeeee, technobuffalo located there too? think ill have to go for a walk around on friday and check the directory!

Leftheo says:

It seems you can’t do that math. 439-399=40.

Abhishek Shrestha says:

When will an update come in Oneplus 3???

Jason Care says:

Math is wrong Jon lol

eljuancho2 says:

3t gets hot omg i was going to buy this thank you! i hate hot phones.

redvolvo77 says:

So…..does the Bluetooth actually work or is it crap like it is in the OnePlus 3?

Jose Liera says:

Why don’t you guys ever make speed test videos?

whiteandnerdytuba says:

Should be 3s

Justin Rivera says:

“… you’re going to be paying $39 more. That math I can do.”

One+ 3 = $399
One+ 3T = $439
I think you mean $40…

399 + 39 = 438

snappy hook says:

instead of power of android flagships they look crap except 2 or 3.same stale design,i hope nokia will come up with new design

Coke StudZ says:

op3t or moto z???

Erislandy Valdez says:

wish I could use this phone on sprint ;(

Ahmed khalid Almalky says:

does it have an external memory port???

Monil Sharma says:

Sir please tell me how is the front camera. Is it really working like 16 mp and gives best selfies..

Yavuz Ekim Bovkır says:

Is OP3 ROMs compatible with OP3T? (I want to buy one but I’d like to buy the one with more support.)

mohammad saad says:

this or HTC 10?

uktech says:

How does this compare speed-wise to the Pixel?

Brendon Jarrett says:

The increase in battery life is 13.33% (3400-3000)/3000)*100

Kristian Osorio says:

more coverage on this PLEASE! awaiting on mines to arrive and am so pumped!

MrJerron85 says:

dual Sim no SD card slot?

Beni Korol says:

Uh… the only math you can do is off. It’s $40 more not 39

R3velation says:

Jesus loves you

Balkan Gusinje says:

@TechnoBuffalo Can you please make rear camera comparison OP3 VS OP3T?

Daniel Morelli says:

Well Jon…. the price went up by $40 (not $39) and since the original price was $399 and with some quick rounding it doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that $40 is 10% of $400…..

Jay Sanghrajka says:

Whether I should go for OnePlus 3T or wait for OnePlus 4.
My moto g is still working fine. I can wait for 4-5 months.
Will the Price of OnePlus 4 will be higher than 35k?

Mole says:

Reviewers need to stop using any kind of filters in the editing process, while reviewing the look and especially display of smartphones. It’s tricky, and inaccurate image of the device. For instance, during the display talk, it looks exactly opposite to the presentation as “really good”, because of the filter. And, the display is actually good.

teo hongzhang says:

You didn’t review the front facing camera haha, is it very much better? 🙂

Nitin Dhanta says:

Has the microphone audio quality has been improved on OP3T?. OP3 is very low on audio quality in recorded videos

Mor gan says:

I would buy this, but wouldn’t use it as my daily driver

Arya Patel says:

Please make a camera review with the new 3T

Russell Yang says:

lol 439 -399 = 40


How is the battery life ?

SaintTeaBags says:

Any Oneplus X users still?

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