OnePlus 3 Unboxing and Mini Review! (With Camera Samples)

Here is my unboxing and initial review of the OnePlus 3 after 24 hours! Camera Samples Included! Just announced with a monster 6GB Of RAM, Snapdragon 820, 64GB UFS 2.0 Storage, 16MP Sony Camera, 5.5″ 1080p Optic AMOLED Display, Full Metal Unibody design all for $399! No INVITES! Buy now!


Soumyadip Pal says:

Hi Danny, what’s your opinion on this:
1. Oneplus 3 vs S7 Edge (Multitasking RAM Management)?
2. Should I upgrade to OP3 from S7 Edge regarding the former’s blasting performance?

Robert Cho says:

Danny, thanks for the review. Will this one work with Verizon? Thx

Anysa Azman says:

i really wanna win ip 7 plus

Hélder Saraiva says:

It’s slower than the S7 and the speaker is on the wrong side not good for gaming

Ben Lin says:

Should I go for the One plus 3 or the note 5?

Josh Castillo says:

I’m torn between the OP3, Moto Z, or the new Nexus. I’m coming from iOS so I really like the idea of the clean, stock feel of Android which is why i’d never consider the S7/S7 Edge (too heavily skinned for my liking)

Too many choices!

krina625 says:

Specs are amazing but 1+2 looks better, imho.

DulCore says:

That ant was like ONEPLUS 3 GIVE ME

Martin Lawliet says:

Good stuff, I ordered mine today after getting rid of my Nexus 6P. Can’t wait.

AndyNev70 says:

Great video Danny and so glad OP got rid of that crazy invite system

Jira Rachniyom says:

good vid as always

Aneesh Jha says:

Which games were u playing on the phone?

Dane Hale says:

are you using this phone as a daily driver? I would love to get together sometime and talk tech, man. Hope you are having a good one.

lukyluke993 says:

Great Review!

Asbern Dsilva says:

very good review very systematic unlike others who just mix things up brilliant review keep it up dude good stuff

Sabit Al Rashid AdOn says:

you are awesome!!But when you verified?? 🙁

gO4u says:


Gustavo Avila says:

This might be my new phone this year. I was waiting for the Moto Z to be released to buy the 2015 Moto X cheaper. But for 400 dos this little beast is doing it for me. By the way Danny, exelent video as always, loved the big box impression you did at the beggining, stuff like that sets you apart from all the other reviewers. Bravo amigo.

Vijayx7 says:

Can u please do a comparison video of nexus 5x, Oneplus 3 and moto x Pure/Style

thesuntheskythemoon says:

I can’t believe a famous guy like you lives in my city

Fel Lee says:

I finally got mine delivered today but it’s not booting up. Dash charger doesn’t seem to work either since there’s no lightning bolt when I plug it in. Maybe I got a DOA >.>

Alcatraz Aronsson says:

daym i dont know about you but those photos look really good in my opinion, especially for only 400 bucks. im getting one of these thats for sure.

Diego Ace says:

Anything that can compete with this phone’s price and what it offers?

Seb M says:

hey great video, thanks! Does it comes with a tempered glass screen protector or do I have to buy it apart? I already ordered my oneplus 3 that’s why I’d like to know

LadyLayce says:

Lg G4 or the One plus 3 ? Especially for the camera.


interesting Smartphone OP3 🙂

Tech4YourNeeds says:

Compare it with the Huawei Mate 8 since is the most similar phone point out by you.

bgunit20 says:

Battery life?

Orlin Kunchev says:

And i’m just sitting here with my OP2 …

Mweneni Silvanus says:

Danny Performance wise is this phone really good
say for someone that does daily emails .

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