OnePlus 3 Review, Camera Test, Benchmarks

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Ryan Talukder says:

I’m already loving it.I am gonna buy it soon.Great review.I had a question.How is the battery life after the OxygenOS 3.2.1 update?

kautkascitadaks says:

Still using my trusty nokia 5800

Milliardo5 says:

Whenever I see OnePlus and then they have models like OnePlus 1 or OnePlus 3 somehow it still makes me laugh just to hear the name, as if you are in Math class…

YelowGT says:

It has USB C

Hoggs Bosson says:

best phone for the money

Carson Wotell says:

it could be the EIS doing that

Alexander Meleza says:

yeah i just got mine in today finally, while there’s nothing super exciting about it, its a 400 dollar pretty beefy spec’d phone that’s simple and just works.

Bulalo - says:

Question, is the “jerkiness” in 4k video recording a hardware or a software issue? If it’s software, is it the OS, firmware or the camera app itself?

some Dude on yt says:

6:21 wtf ? freeze frame? and no hidden message? 🙁

Juan says:

Why does nobody ever review the speakers?!!? They matter too.

Brandon Snider says:

can you use these with Verizon yet ?

Andrew Baker says:

God Damn! That fish was ugly!

rrgert4 says:

I dont understand people that complain about no microSd, like its impossible to fill up 64gb

Coke StudZ says:

ur YouTube pic looks like sperm lol says:

OnePlus did such a good job on the 1, that I still don’t see a compelling reason to upgrade… The CPU is still a 2+ GHz quad core… Different arch, but not enough of a performance jump to impress me. 6GB RAM sounds nice on paper, but I’ve never run into the 3GB ceiling on my 1. Still no uSD…. Same screen… marginal 4K camera: not worth it… Sure, it’s technically better. But noticeable in real life? A marginal improvement. The hardware button. This is what I missed the most when I got the 1. But I’ve gotten used to it… Meh. Still running Cyanogen mod! Keeping my 1.

gexp says:

I’d love to get this if I could afford to spend that much on a new phone, but I like their phone design so I’d probably go for one of their older phones.

Stephen dela Cruz says:

Use cinema app!

BitsAndBites says:

i wonder if dashcharge will fuck people’s batteries xD

bobbinatorrah67 says:

Thanks for the review! I’m really considering one of these.

It’s going to come down to this or the Moto Z when it comes out, if I can get over the Verizon exclusive gag reflex for the Moto Z force.

Fietspomp says:

how is the screen compared to lg g4

Maxjoker98 says:

Dat fish tho…

limz777 says:

the camera and watching a good movie really sucks on it , is it a hardware or soft issue ?

Sean DeMarco says:

Disliked the video just because smart phones are still way overpriced and also just because nice things should not have to cost anything. Die commerce die.

Now about the smart phone ….

You don’t have the microSD or other things because they wanted to make a really slim phone. As for the camera on it holy crap can they fix that auto focus or whatever it is as yes when you were moving around it was giving me headaches and you could see frame skipping too.

Much love for Tek Syndicate so I will share this since Wendell asked so nicely in the recent The Tek video for people to share things more.

Game Cross says:

Logan just throw a hot dbrand skin on there and call it a day. Looks really good with one.

Dominic D says:

3:35 Logan, try turning off ‘Adaptive Brightness’ within ‘Display Settings’. I noticed that even with the brightness slider all the way up, if Adaptive Brightness is on the phone significantly limits how bright my OP3 screen gets.

Great review!

Siddhant Sharma says:

m using OP3 .. the only prob i felt was front camera focus problem .. if yo take a selfie with more than 2 persons ( or i can say the nearest one to the camera ) it blurs out everyone else . .. have u or anyone else has faced this prob ? … plz rply if u feel soo

Safwan Hussaini says:

That’s an ugly ass fish…

United States of Embarrassment says:

Yeah, I’ll be getting one next month once I’m finished blowing all my money on other stuff..

elecxonica says:

I’d love to buy one, but they still don’t sell the damn phones in Australia, and I refuse to ship one from the US.

Robert Clark says:

No sir. Well the ram is locked down. However you can unlock it but until then get the fun 4 gigs only as the other 2 are locked.

Furanot says:

I’m going to buy this, for sure! Will I be able to buy in the US and use it in Norway with a European SIM-card?

Madsemil nielsen says:

If you like the 6gb ram, check out the zenfone 3 🙂

Clinton Fisher says:

Those 3DMark benchmarks are a joke. My $200 tablet scores 4500+ on slingshot.

Nvidia k1 FTW

ChuckleFuckleBee says:

Just bought one today!

Mason Stanley says:

You said that support frame rates of higher than 30 FPS with the 4K mode (1080p is 60FPS I’m assuming?) isn’t built into the software, so how exactly could you achieve higher frame rates?

Is it even possible?

Is there some sort of 3rd party camera app that could be used for this? I’m clueless when it comes to Android and phones in general.

Zurai Itineris says:

6:05 Phuk u for including yummy tummy munchies, while I am elevated.

Nick Rodrigez says:

No flat USB cable?. Bullshit, the 2 had one. Also, it uses Penshitile matrix on the display, so nope…

Direct Input says:

So 4, basically.

RenevousAssasin says:

Love the new set Logan. keep up the good work man.

cdoublejj says:

i like the switch, no muss no fuss i can make the phone shut up on the fly. good for the movies and business meetings and such.

Jacek Blaumann says:

do we need the switch?? omg, yes we do! changing sound to silent without taking it out off your pocket is a true blessing…

Steve McNamee says:

Phone looks great, might sell off my 2 Samsung S4’s and invest in this. Have seen another one of these and seemed cool

Fahmi Amirruddin says:

a quick question, if you tap the home button, will it ask whether you want to change launcher everytime you tap it?

Jacek Blaumann says:

please do not take shots of weird food looking disgusting..

hitesh jetwani says:

just thinking when will they throw in laptop/mobility GPUs in phones … like gtx 960 or 950

Safwan Hussaini says:


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