OnePlus 3 Real Camera Review: Never Settle (for a lame camera)

Never settle! Flagship killer! OnePlus makes some bold comments regarding its phones. On this third iteration, are there compromises to make when buying a phone for $400? Does it compete with more expensive flagship phones? Here’s our real camera review of the OnePlus 3!

Buckle up, we have a LOT of ground to cover…

OnePlus 3 first impressions
OnePlus 3 vs OnePlus 2

Housekeeping 0:21
Exposure & Saturation 0:49
Dynamic Range 2:40
File Sizes 3:08
App Layout 3:27
Macro 4:10
Depth of Field 4:28
Focus Performance 4:47
White Balance 5:08
HDR 5:28
Panorama 6:01
Selfies 6:19
Low Light 6:31
Long Exposure 8:19
UHD Video 8:33
Image Stabilization 9:42
Zoom 10:26
Audio 10:42
Exposure Transition 11:17
Slow Motion 11:44
Conclusion 12:07


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Vivek Bhoye says:

Can you do the camera comparison between galaxy s6 vs oneplus 3

ItsPhinyo says:

OP3 Camera vs ZTE Axon 7 camera?

Recep Deniz says:

please do oneplus 3t Real Camera Review.

SUNDAY! says:

i like that watch .. whats that ?

The Cisco Kidd says:

looking forward to ordering mine to upgrade from original OPO. For the 399 US price not much more I can buy that offers as much and is just a pure phone without a ton of bloatware

Ali says:

Does anyone know where you toggle the low light noise reduction? Or does the phone do it automatically?

Unknown User says:

Regarding bang for the buck and your experciences, what should people get : LG G5 (now for 400$) or OP3 or Moto Z Force

zool1995 says:

what þe best camera 1+ or honour 8 ?

Siddhant Sharma says:

m using OP3 .. the only prob i felt was front camera focus problem .. if yo take a selfie with more than 2 persons ( or i can say the nearest one to the camera ) it blurs out everyone else . .. have u or anyone else has faced this prob ? … plz rply if u feel soo

Sheena Majella says:

How were the low light selfies?!

Deva Mike says:

one plus 3t please

Monkey D. Leafy says:

Try the raw image file

The Zemo Chef Kitchen says:

wow its best i like it

progressivebrainscan says:

overall p9 or 1+3? just cant chose between this 2

Edward Lamadrid says:

I’ve had my OP3 since June, and I JUST now discovered the tap and hold locking feature of the camera… in November… through this video. I feel… scrubbish. Great video!

snekugle says:

It is annoying, when saying: `Not the best, but not the worst´ and so on….
BUT: What is the worst and the best?

Ivandson Virginio says:

i really wished understand all you are saying, but my english is sucks. but i like the video man, good job, i am thinking about to buy the nexus 6p, one plus 3, or LG G5. WHICH one should i buy? i like specially camera

Felix Kelch says:

How is the release speed while taking fotos? the oneplus 2 was really slow, so I sold it. Just thinking about selling my s7 and going to oneplus 3.

L Lagrange says:

I want this phone

Marcos H. Ary says:

This review finally answered the questions I had about the camera of this phone. So we can sum it up as a very good camera but still not quite up there with the top flagships like S7 and G5

Matt Brum says:

it’s a great camera in my opinion.

Twizted Cheese says:

So I just went outside to take some pictures with my op3 after watching this… it fell off the tripod and shattered the screen. Submitted my repair ticket just a second ago.. :'(

Prassana Saptharishi says:

man I really want to know which phone is better the OnePlus 3 or the axon 7 camerawise please reply

Julius Toledo says:

This was the camera review I was looking for, thank you!

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