OnePlus 3 Camera Review!

In this video let’s check out how the 16MP Rear and 8MP front facing cameras of the new OnePlus 3 perform.

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piyush tyagi says:

is there a wide angle lens on the front facing camera ?

Remy De la Cruz says:

Thanks for the video. The part where you complained about AF not being best in class, thing is you werent (at least for the video) really focusing on something. There was the wall, and a far away car. not really much to focus there.

Tip: do not mention “thumbs down if you didnt like it” People are quick to do that, and more if you entice it. Better say ‘ please let me know anything i can improve on, etc, on the comments”

Also what city is that?


Nachiekaet khaadey says:

Guys,how do i capture the pictures in macro mode in my OP3(i want to focus on close objects & background in blur.
i tried using the manual mode & separating the focal point & exposure point ,no luck.
Can Some1 help??

sukhmeet s singh says:

Moto z play camera vs one plus three?

Bhuwan Madan says:

One plus 3 vs mi5 please ash 😉

mario cuara says:

1+3 vs axon7 camera review pleas! <3

Dynamo says:

Plz do a camera review on the new one plus 3t

aaqib lambe says:

when are the other colours of one plus 3 expected

Anthony Yew says:

can the oneplus 3 shoot 16:9?

Anurag Pal says:

Guys do visit my channel…. To see cool smartphone photography that I have done using my Samsung galaxy A7 2k16 variant..

Ritwik Bhattacharya says:

which phone sub 30k price would you recommend, i prefer a bigger battery(>4000 mah), regular OTA, OIS camera, dosnt heat much ( though i am not a gamer, but i multitask a lot), >3gb ram, >32gb internal memory , full metal body slim profilem gorilla glass 3 or more and with an IR blaster. i am ready to wait longertill jan 2017, preferably i am waiting for something sub 20k

Deo Dela Cruz says:

hi. is the 8mp front cam 16:9 size? or 4:3? pls answer

Asad Ali says:

Which city?

Volksjager says:

Please do vs review between S7 Edge & OP3. Especially we would like to know about the screen in the One Plus. like how different is it from the edge. the brightness ,color calibration and all.

Ibrahim Marashah says:

one plus 3 vs nexus 6p please…..

Chandrojjwal Singh Yadav says:

one plus three vs mi5 camera and gaming review plzz

Siddhrajsinh Solanki says:

how is audio recording by oneplus 3

Galib Hossain says:

First of all I would like to say that you are doing absolutely a wonderful job so far..
can u just help me out here ,which phone is better in terms of front and rear camera the ONE PLUS 3 or XPERIA XA ULTRA?

Cometa Vargas says:

how do i close the camera? please help. thanks

I rock on youtube says:

One plus 3 vs lenovo vibe x3

Rahul Advani says:

hi are there grains in slow motion mode? and how is the mic performance on call? i have this phone. wanted to know wther you get grains on slow motion mode

Dony Dony says:

One plus 3 front camera have beautyfi option..

Arpith Prasanth says:

do compare the camera of moto g4 plus with one plus 3 !

Prosanta Adak says:

j7 has better camera i think

Ujwal C.M. says:

when you mentioned nt best in class
which do you think is better with respect to camera

Arunesh Bala says:

one plus 3 vs moto x style

Anke De Jong says:

Oneplus 3 camera or the Samsung galaxy s6? Which one is the best camera?

Jameel Ahamed says:

what is the best in class camera then? a nikon?

pj rock says:

poor editing! why dont you use text on your video to indicate which photo is with HDR and which is not. it gives us the impression that you are not working hard to give us the best video and gather more subscribers!

Subham Ghosh says:

+C4ETech which one has better camera lg g4 or 1 +3 ???????????????????? I will purchase that 1 ….plz reply

Amith chowdary says:

Your review is quite good. All the details you have provided are informative. But I have a small question, Why do u sound as if something is stuck in your throat?

Miguel Yanez says:

great video
any chance that manual mode is on video too?

Rajdeep Paul says:

can u compare one plus 3 camera with le max 2 and mi5

Ribu Rajen says:

which do u think is the better camera op1 or the nexus 6p

Saroj Shahi says:

Whenever i try to take group selfies, the front subject(person holding the phone) comes out sharp and others at the back are blurred out. Why?? Are you guys facing the same problem? Please help

Glenal Jeswin Pinto says:

front camera doesn’t not have a flash??

Bhavesh Soni says:

do oneplus 3 compitible with camera2 api..??

Mukesh Kumar says:

compare it with s7 and le 2’s camera

Siddhant Sharma says:

Oneplus 3 is giving tough time on group selfie… Does anyone feels the same? It focuses one one face at a distance n makes blur to others..

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