OnePlus 3 Camera Review [4K]

The OnePlus 3 comes with a 16MP camera in the rear & an 8MP front facing camera. lets see how good the camera really is

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Matt Carie says:

it’s so shaky when recording :/

Kyle Ruggles says:

Great review dude, the footage is lackluster at best, mostly due to the low bitrate it seems. I don’t think you can change your aperture though…most smartphones have fixed apertures.

Sad they probably imposed that limit due to the lack of microsd expansion. Get Cinema4k and all is fixed for video. For low light well…it may not be the best but put that in manual mode and if you know your lowest sustainable shutter speed, those issues can be alleviated. Not sure bout AF in low light since I didn’t see any samples of it in use but, still for $400…and what you’s a buy. I’ll see what Google does, if they don’t satisfy me I’ll probably get a OnePlus 3. I got a G4 and the camera is great and all but there’s more than just the camera after all heh.

There’s something bout a phone which doesn’t put limits on you, unlockable, stock, no bloatware etc, $400 is a small price to pay for that type of freedom :).

NytOnPeliAika says:

oneplus 3 is 4 damn im smart 😛

Stéphane Silva says:

It came to a point in what i stopped trusting reviews from people that got the phone for free… saying this camera is “ok”? are you kidding me?, i have seen tons on comparisons (looking at the pics themselves, not pictures embebed in a video) and the camera is “great” when u remember how much it costs… thats ur problem, since u dont pay for your stuff u guys just cant do imparcial and trust worthy reviews.
just see at this example :

a comparison vs the N6P, one of the top3 cameras for sure in the market and it does great, especially considering how strong the 6P is in low light, sometimes better than a s7.

I’m sorry but after being subbed for more than a year i just dont find your reviews “good” and worthy.

If u want to improve just start watching new channels, from people that buy stuff with their own money and then compare it to some of your videos, i think u might realise how big the difference is.

Finix Official says:

Seems good

Andy Ferdean says:

@boredatwork you can actually lock the exposure and focus, so you do the need to keep your finger on the screen like you did in this video. It’s quite handy and recommended to use everytime you shoot a video so the exposure stays the same.

Intimidating Future says:

You live in New York :0

Don'tMaskTruth says:

I would suggest doing a video using the Cinema 4K app. It’s not necessarily representative of everyone’s experience, since the stock app may deliver sub-par results. For example, Cinema 4K lets you unlock the frame-rate and even the bandwidth (probably the wrong term).

Robin George says:

5 photos at max u take
With ur phone during night…. Dont require this at all

Wayne Tam says:

Can you do a camera comparison with other flagship phones, especially in low light?

Justin Hensley says:

what kind of sim card slot does it have

Wilson León Fernández says:


patstar5 says:

Which has a better camera? Nexus 6p or Oneplus 3?

bhavani shankarasetti says:

Hai sir please do the Camera comparison between oneplus 3 and oneplus 2 ..

Soniboy84 says:

This image stabilisation is f*cking horrible. Pretty much ruins all videos done with this.

Demi God says:

I must say the camera video was considerably unstable and the experience was overall not smooth. Seems like they just put all the effort on the software and called it a day.

Miguel Pais says:

Nope, you can’t control your aperture

Kelok Chan says:

not bad

vishal Sharma says:

i am really confused should i buy this phone or something else like le max 2 4gb 32gb 2k
can you compare if that has better camera because of new sensor ? imx 230

Xtclilium says:

Just me or does the video wobble quite a lot? Is this due to bad software not properly using the OIS?

Temo ET says:

waiting for astro a40 tr vs turtle beach elite pro
nice video

Chris Sparks says:

At least now I know for me personally, that I should go with the Nexus 6P from last year over this phone lol 🙂

Bro Swirski says:

Sound is really good!

Bacon says:


Mazin Bashar says:

should I get This or the z5c?

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