OnePlus 3 camera review

This is our thorough review of the OnePlus 3’s great 16 MP camera, which we compare to the Galaxy S7 and Xiaomi Mi 5. For more check out


Shifu Matt says:


DanyPrasad T K says:

Best phone in this price range.. please consider..

o2i3u5klwerh says:

another lame android… next!

guru prasad says:

Excellent review! Can you please link the wallpaper found at the 0.34 mark?

marque27 says:

Trying to figure out why you said the 16mp is a breathe of fresh air over the 12mp cameras?

sai sandeep sanku.. says:

Hello sir!!
I have bought oneplus 3 and I have found some issue similar to the one in this video.
I have returned the product back to amazon.Please let me know whether all the devices are having the same problem or not. We can notice the problem only at dark places. Can you please check the same and reply as I want to buy the same phone again.

Creuss Drey says:

use the HD feature in lowlight, it helps take out mist of the noise in the photo compared when using auto or HDR mode in the same lighting scenario

kapil busawah says:

Wrong thumbnail. Should be 1

Abhishek Dutta says:

Very good one

jeevan bhushan says:

Hii all I want to buy a smartphone with best Camera, good processing speed, memory and screen resolution and best music my budget is up to 25K pl suggest the best options…. thank you…

Mαl¿k H K says:

nice work man✌

Sanjeevi RM says:

ausam camera quality

The Zemo Chef Kitchen says:

its not oneplus 3

Amar Mohanty says:

thumbnail shows one plus two and real thing is one plus three

Anshuman Shukla says:

that lovely music <3

Yawar Khalid says:

This is so biased. The focus is so so bad and its not a fast camera at all! Btw ive been using it for a month now,

Amox says:

Best camera review for op3. I’m surprised this doesn’t has over a 100 mil views.

3DFX says:

Very good & quick review. Congratulations!

Brahim Khalil says:

It’s backside design is very similar to Huawei’s mate 7.

Paki says:

Can you pls review Galaxy A3 2016?

Monsour Reyes says:

Thanks for the review. For long exposures, the shutter can remain open for how long? 30secs or 60 secs?

InvisiMan says:

A couple of comments:

1) OIS isn’t working in 1080p, but it is in 4k. This is as of firmware 3.1.3; this seems to be a bug.
2) Noise cancellation is (unfortunately) enabled during video recording, which means ambient sounds will be very muffled or gone, which may not be desired. This is also in 3.1.3, and is most definitely an oversight by OnePlus.

Apart from that, I do agree that the camera component is very good and I’m quite happy with the results I’m getting.

Saurav Ghosh says:

There is something wrong with the phone, I keep coming back to it checking reviews and stuffs!

Note 4 owner.

Nice review by the way.

Andy Ferdean says:

Try HD in low-light. I think this is the denoise toggle in low-light.

Anna Leigh says:

how quick is the camera as taking standard pictures without delay. is this ok with the HDR on or not.

Akash VT says:

Not sure if Oneplus 3 can beat S7 in camera department.

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