OnePlus 3 Camera Review

OnePlus 3 Camera Review by FoneArena. reviews the camera performance of the OnePlus 3.

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Manish Gupta says:

In the end we can see comparison, why didn’t you include it. Comparisons are really helpful 🙂

Maged Sabbagh says:

1gb ram of iphone = 2gb ram of china ram or oneplus 3 ram..
1gb ram of samsung = 2gb ram of china ram or oneplus 3 ram..
iphone & samsung ram more strong and more expensive and more better

CHASE says:

Do we get the 6gb ram and 64gb storage for the $400???

Vishal Sharma says:

are you going to compare the camera with any other phones in this price range?

DanyPrasad T K says:

compare #Zenfone3 cam please @FoneArena

hamza4real says:

Why is the video laggy?

Swakshar Ghosh says:

what iso value shud be kept to keep noise in check

Vincent Amadeus says:

This or mi 5 on term of camera quality? Please help

Happy Momments says:

hii did a gr8 job nd so fast coverage… keep going nd can u plz make comparison btw OP3, Mi5, GalaxyS7 Nd Lg G5.plz

patstar5 says:

Ugh… I don’t know who to believe. I’ve been reading Oneplus 3 reviews and some say the camera is great and others say it’s terrible. I searched around for phablets with great camera and looks like the Galaxy s7 edge is the best but the cheapest I can find one is $520 off of ebay and I’ve seen so many cracked ones I’m afraid I’ll end up cracking it. I can’t find any good reviews on tempered glass screen protectors for it.
Then there’s the 64gb/128gb nexus 6p I can get between $400-$450 off of Swappa, maybe even cheaper from ebay. Apparently the camera is good but not as good as Samsung’s. I’ll also be buying a close to 1 year old phone and it isn’t waterproof like the Galaxy s7 but it’s a nexus so +1 for that….
Any other suggestions for 5.5inch+ phones with fantastic cameras that are under $500? I need it before end of July so I can take it with me when I travel abroad.
I do love my Oneplus One and I think the 3 offers a great package but I don’t want to “settle” for an average camera if I can get a nexus 6p for less than $50 more.

vishal turukmane says:

iPhone 6 or op3 which should I buy?

Lovy Sran says:

Cant wait to hold this beast in my hand, thank you fone arena for such a quick coverage on every aspect .. Good luck 🙂

lee veda says:

op3 vs Mi 5

Alex Firdaus says:

I hope you will do a camera comparison between OP3 and Asus Zenfone 3 once its released. Still, nothing comes close to S7 camera. Fingers crossed for the Asus.

Bhim J says:

oneplus 3 vs s7 camera??

ku afif says:

this or huawei p9 in term of quality camera. help me sir

Let's Smoke says:

not gonna upgrade my gs6 yet…

Hinterhof96 says:

Everyone just mentiones the HD-mode, but I can’t find out what it actually does :’D I have the phone since yesterday and there is no explanation for it…
So if anyone knows what it does, pls tell me!

Mazin Bashar says:

op3 or z5c?

Pinsa says:

Can oneplus 3 record videos in 1080p and 60 fps?

Udit Jain says:

what kind of a camera review is this which has no low light shots??

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