Nokia 8 camera review pt.1 – UI + Pixel Camera app

The Nokia 8 is one of those phones we have to review in stages. Why? Because stability needs to get better in the main UI. Until it does, check out this video to get a walk through of the camera UI side-by-side with a Lumia 1020, a brief overview of how the picture quality stacks up in twin and mono mode and an insight as to how 3rd party camera applications fare, from Camera FV-5 (05:48) through to the Google Pixel Camera app (06:30). Check out the links below to get them for yourself:

Pixel camera:

Camera FV-5:


Kartik Gada says:

What is written on the back of your Lumia 1020?

sourav sarkar says:

Not good video, try to record all the audio first then the video and play them together like android authority

paul goodenough says:

Why is people obsessed with the camera on a smartphone as long it takes pictures who cares my Nokia 515 takes good pictures it’s just a phone at the end of the day

Ryan Barclay says:

Nokia really needs to fix the camera won’t be buying this phone until the update

Rachi Siders says:

Nokia 8 camera UI: trash. Wait for the next flagship with true manual mode and lossless zoom.

David Baptista da Silva says:

Thanks for testing it out!

It seems then that the poor optimisation of the software isn’t limited to the Nokia 5 after all. I really hope HMD overhauls the camera UI and software before the launch of the Nokia 8…otherwise it’ll be pretty embarrassing for them. People expect Nokia cameras to be amazing out of the box, not just after one looks for a third party camera. 🙂

Kartik Gada says:

They said they are working on Lumia Camera app for Nokia 8. Hope that changes a lot of things. 🙂

Raviteja Tammana says:

It definitely gets better when the Updated one launches in the Market. It’s just a Pre retail edition and Not the final. Hope Nokia fixes this with an Update.

CGS Engineering Services says:

Grats on the 100k subscribers =)

orxan huseynov says:

is there any pro mode for nokia 8 camera software? like oneplus 5

Christer Sjaunja says:

Would love to see some low-light comparisons between stock camera app and google camera…

Mohammed Daabas says:

Whats that pink tint in all the photos?

Boyan Novakov says:

Amm Basil, just one thing…
Monochrome means Black and white…

Hitanshu Shah says:

Nokia has not yet acquired pureview patents. Try the honor 8 camera app it has a similar camera sensors.

Michael H says:

I have tried the camera fv-5 pro app, sadly the higest resolution in pictures taken with manual shutter speed is 1.2mp

zuber lukde says:

Hi basil
But how to install that Google pixel camera port on Nokia 6

Quoutub says:

I heard that the camera app is very slow. Are 3rd party apps faster? And is the autofocus more/less reliable when you use 3rd party apps?

Deadpool says:

5:48 Camera FV-5 6:30 Pixel Camera

Emil Bozhilov says:

Can you run androbench and see what kind of storage speeds the Nokia 8 has? There was controversy with the p10 because mid-way Huawei stopped using Samsung UFS 2.1 and went back to eMMC because there were production issues.

Arian Lendez says:

Nokia back at it again

Kartik Gada says:

put that 1020 away. It’s stealing the show LOL

Qolam Reza Rezaei says:

Nice video i was wondering about twin camera vs color camera vs b&w performance

Quoutub says:

I have seen samples at gsmarena and there is really no difference between color or twin. Extremely embarrassing. Their algorithm must be awful. With the correct algorithm a monochrome camera could definitely improve a color image noticeably.

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