Nokia 6 Camera Review (…& a few Moto G4 Plus comparisons)

Let’s take a close look at the 16mp rear and 8mp front camera of the Nokia 6!

Where to Buy the Nokia 6

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Muqri Musa says:

incase you forget who I am..


best mobile under 15k in terms of camera ( except the moto g5+)

Ashish Kumar says:

plzz compare it with honor 6x camera the camera compare it with honor 6x

ajaikumar nadar says:

+c4etech bro you didn’t compare the front camera’s of moto g4 plus and nokia 6. which one has a better front camera nokia 6 or moto g4 plus regardless of 5mp or 8mp … just curious 🙂

Sourav Chakraborty says:

speed test

TechnoAssassin Saahil says:

Sir Can you please do the gaming review to show how is the performance and is the device having some heating issues?

Faisal Khan says:

do gaming review

Aditya Tiwari says:

please post a gaming review

Samsonpnd says:

Nokia is a best mobile from begging and its camera is best camera in this price range.

Zenon Fernandes says:

fuck all m buying a Nokia for a test

Harmohan Lenka says:

how to get play store?

santosh phatak says:



This is the first Nokia Android device… Eager to see what will Nokia bring on table at MWC 2017 ?

Marlon Hoyte says:

it’s a shame, really

Logesh waran says:

can you work on RAM processing and gaming???how it is withstanding with the (gaming& continous usage) mode compared to normal mode ??

K ittu says:

Disappointed with the camera performance 🙁
Waiting for more videos on Nokia 6 from you 🙂

SB The Pikachu says:

I liked the Nokia more lol. I CANNOT EXPLAIN WHY

sriram .v says:

Nokia 6 (or) Honor 6X ?

Pallav Bhengra says:

Can you recommend any app for notification control in android platform;
I need functionalities like
1. To keep a notification on the notification bar as long as I want
2. Even clear icon on the notification bar can not remove that notification.

Pradosh Dhal says:

I am using Lenovo Vibe X3, and I must make a clarification that Lenovo sucks. The phone was priced at 20k, so specs are good but the software is full of bugs and crashes repeatedly. No timely updates from Lenovo, still running 6.0, no security patches, it has Snapdragon 808 but still the phone faces major lags due to unstable software. I am an old user of Nokia, so I am sure Nokia is better.
Check out Lenovo forums and misery of Lenovo users:

Michał Smyk says:

poor camera

ethyn hunt says:

this area looks like saligramam MGR street

Chaitanya Vlogs says:

*#Which** song u r Listening **#C4ETech** ?*

C4ETech says:

I’m a little disappointed in the camera, I went in with high expectations 🙁 – what about you? Let me know!

viki mak says:

CCTV camera review / best guide would be nice addition to your content category.

abdalrohman Fawzat says:

do drop test to the nokia 6

JustlikeRISHABH says:

2:35 name of the effect..? its really cool!

Anonymous says:

*I love how Ash was unbiased in his opinions even though he and we love Nokia.. Love you mate!*

Ramraj G says:

when you said camera review, i was expecting a review about pro settings and possible RAW format is available or not! this is just basic review! thumbs down! 🙁

Mohammad Shoeb Hassan Siddique says:

Does it have flash with front camera?

ABHI Dev says:

google apps in nokia 6 want to see. btw last part makes me smile.

shiva singh says:

Please give a comparison of camera review of redmi note 4 and Nokia 6

Divyanshu Kumar says:

Should I Buy It or Wait For ‘Redmi Note 5’ ?

Droid Beat says:

Not probably but most certainly Snapdragon 430 can’t do 4k video recording.
it can max UpTo 1080p at 30fps.

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Braca says:

What is that phone on the table on the Ash back? Look like some galaxy s8

Mashoor Avishek says:


Arun Kumar says:

pls reply..

is there a full manual mode for camera like Lumia phones..??


Where do you live in Chennai?

ramith u says:

Nokia is always Nokia. no point in comparing with moto phones. It should be compared with Samsung, Sony, etc.


2:00 what is the background music? please tell me…

THEMrFill says:

Nokia used to have the best low light camera, now it’s pretty poor, I’m glad I still have one of the older Nokias if I need a low light camera phone…

Hridai Gianchandani says:

Hey Ash, can you do a video on the Charging Speed of the Nokia 6 V/S Oneplus 3 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Please ….

Vishal Khatri says:

Can u just make a comparison between redmi note 4 and nokia 6??? plz bro

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