Nikon Z7 Hands-on First Look

A first impressions look at Nikon’s full frame mirrorless camera. I’m in Tokyo for the Nikon launch event for the Z6 and Z7, and I got hands-on with the 45-megapixel, 493 AF point, 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 beast!

Nikon Z6 Body Only:
Nikon Z6 w/ 24-70 f/4:
Nikon Z7 Body Only:
Nikon Z7 w/ 24-70mm f/4:

Blue Wednesday
Joakim Karud:

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Big B says:

Why on EARTH would a professional grade camera in 2018 have only one memory slot?! What were you thinking Nikon! Dealbreaker right there!

pmay222 says:

Ooh look..nikkonn made a sony clone.
And i love art filters on my dials thank you

Kenni-411 says:

what happened to digital rev tv?

Franz Maierhuber says:

If battery life is important, stick with mirror cameras.

Baba Chi says:

I love these videos but there’s too much bass in the audio (All of Kai’s videos), it’d be nice to have crisper audio.
Great videos though, keep them coming!

Scriptosaurus rex says:

How dare you not rip it to shreds, after handling it, like everyone else? haha

Sylvain Paquette says:

Nice proper review that wasn’t designed around bitching about the single card slot or or the eye af. I will have to rent one to know if it’s for me or not.

Ling Noi says:

Lenses too much big, make the sistem heavy like reflex.

AlpakaGaming says:

Its funny how many guys saying: “one sd card this is a bad camera!!“ well…. does a landscape/architecture/food photographer need that? No… you always have to look at “what do i need?“ and im sure that the z6/7 will be a good choice for the one or other. I Mean there are photographers using Micro fourthirds ….

IRG - Ricardo Galvão says:

Does it have auto ISO???? A simple thing that Nikon forgot in every entry level camera

Artem says:

Great review as usual, thanks!

Thestreetphotographersguide Photography says:

We are just starting, but we can say without doubt the d3300 is the best cheap camera on the market well alongside the LG5. LUMIX.

Flip screens are all the go for vlogging. Big miss there. Jim

SubOrbitalBen says:

Love it, but for the love of god put in a 2nd memory slot.

Patrick Gorski says:

not hands on

comic-con con says:

So much spite from Nikon and Sony users


Where’s your cameraman?

Jaytrex101 says:


Kos D says:

Ugly as f@ck, make something stylish with retro dials like fuji.

Midhun Manoj says:


Dmitri N says:

Z7 is going to be my first camera. I’m excited.

Camera says:

Sony or Nikon what’s everyones opinion please. decisions decisions decisions?

kabeauregardajax says:

Laughing.. Is it clean inside?! The insufferable NIKON promise

Documentary Videos4u says:

I’m considering going mirrorless.
Can use my existing lenses

Peter Harris says:

when snap becomes the bang will they switch sides


Why do you talk like that? It sound very funny coming from a cheese person lol!!!

Tim Chang says:

The battery life is a non-starter. More of the A7 mk2 generation. The Sony execs must be laughing all over this batch….

Irah.Wong says:

Hey Kai, as a former employee of DigitalRev, would you trust them as a customer? I’m looking at getting a Canon 5D mk IV, and on DigitalRev, it’s priced at around £1900 whereas canon and Jessops are selling for around £3200. That difference would allow me to get a 135mm lord of the red rings, but is it legit?

Максимка says:

Дорогая, отсталая и никому не нужная вещица, рождённая мёртвой.
Уж лучше взять Sony A7R III.

Martin Pedersen says:

The best Camera of 2014

Kevin Bosco says:

is the sensor better than d850 or what

Mounir NoSa says:

Could you make a video about a nice camera for beginners on a budget let’s say $600 and lenses as well please sir 🙂

IRG - Ricardo Galvão says:

after the 3rd generation Could be the late Nikon will learn a bit more….by now I will continue with Sony and Fuji…

Pete Pedroza says:

@5:04 #1 @5:25 #2

Sheku Sheriff says:

Why can’t people understand that not everybody is a “pro-shooter”? Nikon is going to sell a lot of these.

Carrie Sears Kohles says:

I shoot FF Nikon so I have a lot of $ in Nikon glass. I was soooo tempted by the A7iii. Still may be as the Nikon only has 1 card slot…. Always love your reviews. Thank you!

Kelvin Soetardjo says:

I’d get it. Only if YouTube ads remove the trailer of “THE NUN”…geez.

Black Cat says:


Mike Button says:

One card slot? Not for Pros… Big Big mistake.

Abe says:

how about the coolpix 1000

neverhood says:

nikon is for cocksucker assholes

SteelBustingBiker says:

$3.5 K?? wow!1

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