Nikon Z6 Review – Impressive Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Nikon Z6 Review – Impressive Full Frame Mirrorless Camera
Nikon Z6 –
Luminar 3 – CODE: THS10
Sony A7 III –
CZ / SK Nikon Z6 –

Shot on:

Sony A7 III –
Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Di III RXD –
Tripod: Zomei 699C –
Monitor: Feelworld MA6 –

Watch: Spinnaker Bradner –

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Cactus Tweeter says:

I am enjoying mine.

Andres Carrasco says:

Thanks for the review, I’ll go for the Sony a7iii for the better low light response

Toxic Tabasco says:

That is one nice camera. Likely the best video photo camera Nikon has ever made. Keep up the great work on the reviews.

David Roseman says:

As an owner I can confirm the banding is pretty bad in certain artificial light. But there’s an easy solution, suitable for most situations – use the mechanical shutter. What I’m most disappointed in is the autofocus. I don’t for the life of me understand why the engineers weren’t able to achieve what they were with the V series. The V1, produced in 2011, has better AF than the Z6 – I truly hope they’re able to improve this with firmware. The nicest surprise is how well mechanical focus works with old lenses – smooth and immediate.

Jimmy Hidalgo says:

Which one would you prefer? Z6 or a7iii?

alex shapovalov says:

Is 60 hz luggy evf ok in late 2018? 120hz old RICOH GRII that looks much better for me.

Emil says:

Nice review

Enzo Jerez berlin says:

Thanks! Great description.

Two Shea Films says:

William! I think all your videos that I’ve watched over the last 24 hours have been amazing! You are very through with awesome information and your English is GREAT. I am very sad though… I lived in Bratislava from 2014 – 2016 and I didn’t know about you then. I wish we could have worked together! And I also miss Bratislava VERY much and you have so many sample videos from all the places that my family and I miss about living around there.

Foto4Max says:

The z6 seems like the better camera compared to the eos r. But the eos r lens lineup is far superior. The adapters to EF mount are far better too. At least it’s not stupidly overpriced like the z7.

michael s says:

This camera is not a direct answer to the Sony,it’s against the EOS R.For one thing,ONLY those cameras came out in 2018 with ONE CARD SLOT,new mounts with only a few native lenses,and built in limitations,like less battery life.This means using them professionally is questionable,although they are great for exactly what they are.On top of that,they are overpriced,especially when you consider they both went BACKWARDS with important,basic features.It’s a great second camera,yet when you’re PAID to shoot events that you cannot repeat,it needs more,for the price.

CameraDeal says:

Amazing video as usual my friend, thank you very much for all of your hard work

Jay's Atelier Photography says:

Love the pictures of the old town of Bratislava! Keep it up!

Steven Hartwell says:

Great review, however, this is the very first, of all the many reviews I’ve seen, that states the 1080p video frame rates are sharp. Is this just because the 120 was a close up of a watch and not a wider angle with more detail? Would you say the 1080 120 is a sharp as the Song A7iii?

Chris Williams says:

Good review, which sort of matched my expectations – a really sold camera overall with a few serious niggles – namely single QXD, banding in low light, diminished AF performance in low light and poor battery performance.

A very good first effort though and nowhere nearly as compromised as the Canon R seems to be [mainly a complete non starter if video is at all important to you]. I look forward to Nikon being seriously competitive with their next generation. The competition does look like hotting up, especially once the L Mount alliance really gets under way.

avalanwa says:

Where’s the infamous red coat!? Love that coat!

Jog S says:

Ok, Z6 is 3rd worst camera 2018…EOS R is 2nd and the worst price 2018 (engeneers has to build sun glases in future) goes to…..Nikon Z7! Congratulation Nikon!

ThePandaPhotographer says:

I wish I can afford the camera because I really wanted to test it and use something different.

GoneFishingStories says:

Insane amount of moire!

merkator says:

Like this new model of Nikon. I’m a former Nikon DSLR user, now I’m with Sony mirrorless almost 4 years, but still miss Nikon sometimes 🙂
Sad the new model is too expensive for a while, so I stay with my old A7R, it is really good for stills.

Jog S says:

Fair review for worst camera 2018. Respect.

Photo-Me-Ike says:

Well done!

Yoav Palti says:

Is it your own camera? If not, are you considering to get one?

Steven Johnson says:

Another good review, thank you. However I am under impressed. Why would someone go out and spend $2000 plus for this camera, except for those people with several thousand dollars in Nikkor lens already. There are SO many cameras out there that are competitive with this camera that already have established infrastructures and lens lineups already, you should know, you have tested most of them.

The Hybrid Shooter says:

*Sony A7III vs Fuji XT3* –
*Sony A7III vs Panasonic G9* –

Michael Tapel says:

Amazing camera, both the Z6 and the Z7, Nikon always handles the best IQ, the only downside (not getting too much technical) is like with the Sony’s no fully rotating screen.

techline - Linus says:

Hello my friends, this is an awesome review.

Rodrick HD says:

Great video! Could you do a video using like the a7sii in 2018-19?

Gary Nelson says:

Not a great video I can read the specs anytime. What I really want is a personal comparison with The Sony a73 / A7R3.

Greg McRae says:

Great unbiased review. Thank you. Please consider doing an overview of your watch collection:)

Buying On a Budget says:

Interesting, I wonder what cameras and lenses you end up using the most? Since you own quite a few of them.

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