Nikon D850 Review: Best Camera Ever?

After 8 MONTHS & 17,000 photos, we tell you everything we’ve learned about the AMAZING Nikon D850 ( Portraits, landscapes, timelapses, sports, 4k video, street photography, travel, and more!

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Troy Dollar says:

Still can’t take selfies

Black Film Guild says:

As a Canon shooter, this is the best camera I have ever used.

Veto4BRsss says:

I think this will be the last generation of true dslr, there is nothing to improve anymore. I think they will go hybrid ViewFinder or sth next.

Cam365 says:

really interesting the image quality at higher iso is the same for the D500 and D850. I head the higher the megapixel the higher shutter speed you have to use ?? SO maybe for action , the D500 is probably better

Graham Balfour-Lynn says:

I have been agonizing over whether to buy the D850 or Sony A7R3 for weeks as I am intending on spending a small fortune on a body and several lenses (the holy trinity and some primes). I have started out with absolutely no bias (and no legacy lenses worth keeping). I have read every review and looked at every YouTube video out there…there isn’t a thing I don’t now know about the technical specs, pros and cons and so forth. I still couldn’t make up my mind. What has finally made me decide to go with the D850 is that indefinable something, artistically and creatively, when looking at the world as it is through an optical viewfinder as opposed to the feeling of being removed when looking at the world through an EVF screen. I know the future lies with mirrorless and its technical potentialities…but hells bells…I am now convinced the Nikon will totally enhance the artistry I am seeking in photography in a way that the Sony just won’t quite match. No doubt Sony afficiendos will shoot me down on that one!!

Dndcrazy Wise says:

The Nikon D750 is still probably the best camera for a majority of people. That includes non-action professionals. Do yourself a favor. Buy a 24mp body and invest in good glass.

traveler0524 says:

Will you please consider making a video tutorial on the Focus Shift feature of the D850? I would appreciate an in-depth explanation of each of the sub menu features such as focus step width.

SSchithFoo says:

It’s Nikon not Naikon

Jose Ron says:

Meanwhile I’m still shooting on my D700

Raj Sarkar says:

35mm or 50mm which lens is better for portfolio photography in case of Nikon 5300?plz suggest

Rettard ROSS says:

I just ordered a D850 June 25th from BH. What’s the average wait time these days?

Brandon Hoffman says:

The A7iii and above can do time-lapse right in the video section. reduce fps down to 1fps, its not as in depth but there are various options as to fps. also on my a7ii the camera has an app store, and for somewhere between 5-15 bucks there is a time-lapse program available.

In Living Focus says:

Agreed, The D850 is all I shoot with now and it does a beautiful job… I have even figured out the D850’s Video capability in AF and it rarely looses focus. Awesome camera! Thank you both for your hard and talented work and an effort that bring us all quality and entertaining YouTube content!


What’s the best low cost camera for making a short film (short movie)?

MuertoInc says:

Not even F****** close!

Raahul Singh says:

The a7iii is better value than the a7r3. Image quality wise, the d850 has been the best so far. Overall best camera out there.

Josh Jones says:

I hate cameras that’s not a available

Annie says:

Nice, wish I could afford the D850! I’m looking to upgrade to full frame for pro work. Coming from canon I was considering the older 5D mark III but what would be the Nikon rival at the $1,700 price point? Great video capability isn’t essential but a nice perk. Thanks!

King Gideon Ojogu says:

I need that reader, where can I find it?

Cam365 says:

Hi Tony , shooting equestrian dressage ,say for example photographing a movement at the back of the area 25m away , cropping in to 20mp would still show great detail ?

steve blow says:

The End of an era.

The flapping mirrors add too many vibration & complexity to the camera. It’s a 19th century tech.

The FUTURE camera need to be Stealth & make NO Vibration when taking pictures.

This D850 in many ways feel the same with Nikon F6.

eJacob Cornelius says:

Great review, thanks! Unfortunately for Nikon, now I’m waiting for full frame mirrorless.

Chris Kohls says:

Okay, I’m from Oregon, and I can tell you this… if you pronounce Oregon that way to an otherwise even-tempered, sophisticated, charming group of Oregonians, they may tear you limb from limb. I’m kidding of course… but they may look like they’re going to. Seriously, though, learn how to pronounce Oregon 😉

F your G says:

Tony your numbers are obvious. 17 the seventh prime, 8 months and 17 for the 88 or the 7. Why are you obsessed with sevens? D850 or 485 for the 17 again!

Antero Neves says:

it’s incredible that whenever you have the chance to say sony is worst you say it but if sony is better you either say mirrorless or show a graph and say nothing at all.

Tonight Matthew I am Going to be says:

I have graphic design and visual design background, backed by qualifications and working experience. I want to get into photography because with my years of other creative experience, I know I have an eye for detail and want looks good. I can afford a d850 no problem, but is this an sensible move for my first proper camera? Please anyone answer me and give your advice

tony james says:

I’m upgrading to this camera, I’m an ex military photographer and have used Nikon since the old F3, I nowadays do commercial work but also a great deal of sailing photography and need a camera capable of surviving in those conditions. I was tempted to go the Sony route, (not because of the endless raves from YouTube gear bloggers who benefit from all expenses paid trips to controlled Sony kit launches:) but because I feel it’s a good little system. What sold me though aside from the great features of the D850 was it’s ergonomics and above all its toughness, I’ve used Nikons in artic, desert and jungle environments with zero issues and they’ve also been inadvertently bashed around in helicopters and armoured vehicles, aside from Canon I don’t see any other system surviving in those conditions.
One final footnote….I’m aware millennials are delicate but to hear them crying about the unbearable size and weight of DSLR’s is laughable:).

G W says:

I need a bank loan.

Harley Cooper says:

“Useless” ugh I better through my camera and lenses out lol!

Bo Dezza says:

When the Japanese and Nikon workers, President etc all pronounce it “Nikon” why do Americans all say “Neyekon”. So Annoying. Stop it.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup says:

Buy the Nikon D850 here:
Our wildlife review:
Our tutorials:

Savage Frieze says:

Really interesting take on focus tracking. Other reviews thought it was great almost as good as the D5. I wonder why the big difference?

Spence Redford says:

Did Tony seriously just say Ore-eh-gone 4 seconds into this video?

Salah Alkhalifa says:

Nothing competes with dual pixel autofocus by canon..

Stratos H D says:

A9 is way better than this.

Jeff Jacob says:

what happened to the upcoming comparison with the A7riii?

Darek M says:

Does it automatically adjust exposure during time lapse for when the sun raises or sets?

Seth Cashman says:

Did either of you find the D850’s image quality (sharpness, detail, dynamic range, color depth, tonal gradation) to be better than the a7riii’s for low ISO portraiture? Trying to decide between these two cameras. Thanks.

Itzel Medina says:

Okay, so if I buy it, can I still use the nikkor lenses I currently use on my D3300? Or do I have to buy new lenses? I mean, do they fit in this body?

My Rock Covers says:

Sample images from Nikon D850 at different
ISO values

Lukas H. says:

And then there is Canon :((

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