Nikon D850 – Best Camera of 2017?

What’s your camera of the year?

Nikon D850:
Nikon 600mm:
Nikon 300mm PF:
Sony a7R III:

beatmachinearon – flying in a dream:
blue wednesday –
Stan Forebee – I’m Walkin


psikutasbezs says:

Hi, is that beach in Great Yarmouth?

Rafael López says:


Tuan Nguyen says:

Sony doesn’t have the solid build and the reliability of the Nikon.

John Knowles a Cyclist says:

And again as with every other review…. for auto focus…. nothing beats a Sony.

Yellow Rose Farm says:

****4:08**** There goes the real wildlife!

eLJaybud says:

When one of them finally gets a camera right I might bother more, too many compromises.

Kobang Charlie says:

his voice sound like I’m watching animal planet lol

Longrider says:

so tired of this shit “best camera of the year” there is NO best camera everyone has different needs different tastes , great to have so many good choices, that is the real story!!

刘莱龙 says:

Sony a7R III

nw10photography says:

Enjoyable and informative as always! Out of interest did you need a permit or permission to shoot in Richmond Park?

Eric Beam says:

Love your videos! What is the name of the song you used at the beginning?

onraj9mm says:

Wow. Those wolf moon shirts were popular like 10 years ago

Алексей Вершинин says:

Why you doesn’t upload raw? I Am very interesting comparis landscape from gfx vs 850

99% Poliquq says:


metals says:

Holy minions I just saw the sausage dog, double beauty!!

xraychick says:

no one is going to buy a 3000 dollar stills camera for the video. ps..a 3000 dollar camera is not a ‘consumer’ camera

Martin Ferguson says:

Kai, your Sony a7R III link is wrong. you relinked the 600mm lens.

Ian Clavis says:

Jumper not sweater

Chester Draws says:

did he say DSLR or DeerSLR ?

Jérôme Jheelan says:

DSLR maybe but this year is all about the A7RIII :p

Kevin Trowbridge Photography says:

Does the A7r III provide greater AF consistency/accuracy over the D850 (both with native lenses)? The accuracy of the autofocus on my Nikon gear (D4, D810, D800, D500) has been so poor with such a wide range of pro lenses that it causes me to shoot 2-3x the # of frames as needed for safety. Very seriously considering the switch!

FAxVince says:

Merry Christmas Kai!

eLJaybud says:

I actually have a P610 in my collection, amazing what that camera can achieve. One trick is to stick it in pet mode for shooting in indoor lighting without a flash, first digital camera I’ve owned that can pull that trick off reasonable well. Some of the higher end cameras can’t even match that.

isaid stream says:

upload your videos in 1440p >:(

pierre pouget says:

square is for queers,love your talent though….

KingJacobo says:

I live in Great Yarmouth and still haven’t bumped into you, I’m always out taking pictures. Would be great to meet you if you’re ever in the area again

Alan H says:

A7R3 is good, but which GM 300mm lens can shoot the bokeh like Nikon 300 mm PF ?

Ozzy Paul says:

I’ll keep my 5D Mkii..

gosekinz says:

Christmas Camo on point 🙂

Carloncho Ibañosky Jarre says:

your cockney accent is annoying man, use a standard one.

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