Nikon D3500 REVIEW / Hands On PHOTO SHOOT | BEST CAMERA Kit for Under $500?!

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Since the Nikon introduction of the Nikon D3000 all the way back in 2009, Nikon has put out super affordable entry level DSLR’s. Now in 2019 they have continued to do so with the Nikon D3500 which comes in at under $400 with one lens and under $500 with two lenses.

I decided to take the D3500 out into the Real World to see how it handles shooting college gymnastics. I used the two kit lenses, 18-55 and 70-300 as well as the Nikon 70-200 2.8E FL professional lens. I wanted to show you how you can take control of your camera and get quality results even with the kit lenses.

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rendezvous009 says:

Just get a D3300, at least you get a mic port and save yourself some money. This new camera is actually a downgrade.

Seth Engris says:

I love my D3500 haha, it’s a beast when you know how to use it. I can’t afford the actual version of light room so I use the free mobile variant. The free version is fantastic! I have taken pictures with exceptional quality with this camera and my kit Lens’s, nifty 50, and some janky AF macro tube extenders. Also, this camera can get done exceptional low light pictures when paired with a Nifty 50mm 1.8g

Leena Rai says:

Too Fabulous Video

Cody Lynch says:

These little cheap cams do a great job when used within their limitations. Even the kit zooms are getting decent these days. This is the kind of kit i’d recommend for someone learning, along with a 35mm prime. That’s it. Then IF they get into it enough to fully understand the limitations of their kit (slow aperture zoom lenses, etc), it makes sense for them to upgrade their glass. But I’d generally caution someone from buying an expensive zoom right away if they don’t know if they’ll get into it. Some people will be deterred by the larger size and weight, as well.

Yakuza says:

theres no sens ein buying new dslrs today, as for me. The same 500$ will easly ge tyou a smaller camera, with a touch and maybe tilt screen, 4k video, more FPS and such stuff in the f.ex. m4/3 world

Ivan Talafuk says:

Well, if it fits the budget.. why the hell not 😛

joseluisphoto says:

Best under $500 … a6000, gx85, g7

Tony Adamis says:

I thought this was a pretty good primer for beginners, packed full of just the right info. One thing, however — I’m 63YO and I can tell you that I thought calling college women “girls” went out sometime around 1970. Is it back?

Tl Cheeto says:

Thanks for another great review. Shared to a friend looking to get their first DSLR on a budget.

LordArioh says:

12-bit RAW only tho. while cheapest ever 4000D shoots only 14-bit.

LEVEL UP says:

Nikon D5300 ISO test piz…sir…

Steven Johnson says:

I thought this guy didn’t like small dinky cameras where his hopeless little pinky hangs off the grip – where’s the pinky grip?
Why does a “pro” photographer spruik a dinky “beginners” camera. I’m wondering whether at the end of this video he’ll try to hump this little camera, because he’s getting all excited about it.
He shoots a D3500 and spruiks the twin lens kit, but uses a $2000 lens F/2.8 and shows off that the camera can make good shots in poor light. The kit lens can’t make the shot because its at f/6.3. Why not put a $12,000 super telephoto lens on it?

What a shill for nikon! When he discusses Sony apsc cameras he states that Sony should abandon their apsc range.

Oh by the way, the camera doesn’t have an inbuilt focusing motor to run older legacy lenses; no in body stabilization; plastic lens mounts; nowhere to put your pinky finger (but I can tell you where you can put your pinky).

His persona changes to when he discusses pro cameras, but dumbs himself down for “beginners” – very patronizing.

In sales, this video is called “switch and bait”.. The twin lens kit can’t do the job, but wack on a $2000 lens on a $250 body and now it CAN!

Dhaval Baria says:

Raw format available ?

bratvlad says:

Best to invest in mirrorless from now on.

Chris Oposnow says:

Love the comparison to the D2H. When I hear it’s a “good value,” I automatically think “not good.” Comparing it to a camera I would die to have in 2005 creates a good perspective.

Anshul Gupta says:

One of the biggest advantages of Nikon DSLRs for day-to-day shooting is that affordable 35mm f/1.8 lens. It’s a game changer when you first get it

rendezvous009 says:

Hey why are you still wearing that T-shirt? Can’t sell your old stocks?

EzraVoyage says:

Great video!
I’m running a Nikon D3300 with a couple of lenses full time for the past few years as a self employed film maker / photographer, its an amazing camera for the price, great for beginners!
I really could do with an upgrade tho, the mic port no longer works and am using a D850 a lot on the doc i’m working on with a friend, really makes the D3300 feel like a toy. I’m looking at the Z7 to replace but wow, thats a lot of money..
I’ve grabbed a bit of work with a Game Of Thrones actor, if i had the Z7 i could actually sustain my self employed-ness, the potential is massive for me, just need the gear then i could make 10x the amount i am now.
Gonna take some bar work and go back to traditional way of earning from March – October.. i just hope the opportunity hasn’t evaporated by then..
Get the D3300 / D3500, wicked little cameras!

Magic Elrobertos says:

Great Review not sure about D3500

Candy man 4581 says:

I need help with a lot I am new to photography please help

Paul Walker says:

Jared, your good friend Ken Rockwell loves this new 18-45 AFP kit lens. Do you agree?

ActionPhotoPassion says:

Hi nice educational for beginners.
I’m surprised by the fact that you were getting tack sharp images with AF and whatever lens you threw it at.
Does the D3500 have Micro Focus Adjustments?

Gurribuy says:

does it have a mic input.?

Rich F says:

I tried it and sent it right back to Amazon. Everything about this camera and lenses is junky. It only exists to create churn. That Snapbridge is referenced in this video without mentioning that is a pain to use, puts this video in the ad category. The link in the comments confirms it. A video cannot be designed to create a revenue stream while at the same time pretending to be a review. Exactly how many clicks would there be if this was a actually a review of this silly little camera? I happily give this ad a thumbs down. There is nothing like blaming the customer for the junk that Nikon turns out. A beginner editing raw files in Photoshop? Kaboom! What a mess this channel has become. I guess all of YouTube has become a massive ad platform. There are very, very few YouTube videos that actually review, and this channel sure isn’t one of them.

KAPT_Kipper says:

One gotcha with newer Nikons is the lack of support for older AF-D lense metering.

Shilpa R says:

You look like *REDFOO*

minisla says:

Talking about licking the rear end off Nikon

Darryl Ponting says:

I’m not the target of this review at all but if I was buying my first camera, this video is incredibly supportive and informative.

Getting into photography can be daunting, but this is a great introduction without being patronising.

So glad you don’t just focus on the latest and greatest high end gear.

Tom White says:

Now that’s a great review!!!’

Christopher Merritt says:

Thanks Fro, your advice is valuable.

jeyaraj jrj says:

Which is better photo and video quality Nikon d3500 or canon 200d or Nikon d5600

Louis Anthony says:

I appreciate how Jared gives unbiased reviews. He’s a professional, and he gives good information. I actually bought the Nikon d3300 and the canon 80d because of his reviews.

A. Tac. says:

Wouldn’t be better to skip this 70-300mm and get instead the 55-200mm with VR?

The Real Deal says:

nice butt shots Jared

mynameisben123 says:

>i set the ISO manually
>auto ISO was set

Stacey Murphy says:

For the price I think it’s pretty awesome.

N0rdman says:

Bring’em in! Good call to round up the beginners too; we need more people getting interested in photography or else it will only be iPhones and other smartphones out there besides a few horribly expensive pro cameras.
Canon’s forecast predicts drastic drop in sales of photo gear for 2019. 🙁

Jeffrey S says:

Based on your reviews I should have brought this camera instead of my Z6.

brian baierl says:

So glass is important? You should make a video on what constitutes good glass. Is it faster aperture or just spending more $$?

mithun malakar says:

3D trackeing was there in my old 3300 so nothing new

TheMikeEwick says:

Just listened to your podcast rant about this and I think it’s hilarious! This is a really good beginner camera and the two lenses for $500 is a bargain! Anyone bitching about it is full of shit. Yeah the glass isn’t great and the camera might not be the best but for 90% of the people out there it will do everything they want and more.

Michael Magbago says:

well explained

Daudh Rai says:

Such a fantastic Video !!

Milan SaJan says:


Petr Ducháč says:

One thing I would skip is the Lightroom. Buy cheap camera and Lightroom which will be more expensive then the camera over time… There are other options for processing RAW files starting with View NX which is free from Nikon and there are other cheaper options then Lightroom.

Brandon Frails says:

Hey Jared. I’ve been into photography since early 2012 and got my Nikon d3200 in late 2013 right before college. However, I didn’t consider to go professional till last year. Recently, I got a new lens but I also want to upgrade my camera. It would be the first time upgrading, what would you recommend to upgrade to and would it be better to upgrade to better lenses before I upgrade my camera. I’ve been at an impasse for about a month now and your videos have helped narrow it down. I want to eventually hybrid my practice between photography, video, and graphic design.

MrPiffSmiff says:

Hey Fro, no Wi-Fi in this camera, just the basic Bluetooth connection.

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