Nikon B500 REVIEW – BEST Superzoom Camera 2016


Review of the Nikon Coolpix B500 Superzoom Camera. Possibly the best superzoom camera of 2016 for $300. It features a 1″ censor with a 40x optical zoom lens. Be your very own paparazzi!

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justin doerwald says:

thanks for the good Review, im from Germany and im speaking english Not very Well But i was understanding Most of all… I hope i write everything right and sorry for My Bad grammer..

armando munoz says:

Is there a camera like this or any camera that takes good quality pictures in the day and in lowlight?

monarch1957 says:

I just bought one it had great zoom capibilities.

Jimmy Waem says:

nice review, I went right to the store and got my self a B500, its was on sale anyway 🙂 great camera I love it.

Custom Skateboard Decks Lincoln says:

what does it mean by the 80x dynamic fine zoom?

Abe2Great says:

is it good for making simple youtube videos and just taking nice pictures ?


what it has focus..??

Mr. Poopchillan says:

Dude the Nikon p900 I think is better. But canon has raw files which p900 wished it had.

Life is Amazing says:

Nikon Coolpix P900 is the most powerful camera in the world.. the best

Jayabrata Raja says:

what about p900?

Zee Shawn Khan says:

Plz don’t buy this it’s not good

@TavaresCoach says:

What kind of lens could boost the B500 potential? Does this model has any extra lens?

Eirini Ri says:

what about the batteries? isn’t it irritating to have to change butteries all the time? I mean what do you think i should choose sony wx300 or this one(nikon b500) ..please answer to me 🙂

Michael Pelletier says:

I just bought this model as my first camera, I like the features it has and I can’t wait to get outside with it once it arrives .
I also like the Bluetooth capabilities which allow the transfer of pics to your phone.

Tawana Terrell says:

Is this camera good for video’s if so which setting would work best would it be AUTO ?

Paolo Cataleta says:

How about the portrait mode of this camera? i’m going to buy it, but i want to be sure this camera mode is good enough because i’m in love with this kind of photography. Can someone tell me about this?
Thank you, and sorry for my English

Shankhanil Roy says:

please review nikon coolpix b700

TBL Productions says:


Grant Brown says:

Hi ALL. So many don’t seem to understand that the drop off in f stops at full zoom is a serious setback in most superzooms. However, the Panasonic FZ300 maintains a full f2.8 up to 600 mm equivalent through Leica glass. That’s impressive!

Oz Media says:

Without the background music you’d be able to hear the level of motor noise when zooming.

Lexify15 says:

how do u change the shutter speed on this camera?

Myles Mcfly says:

The legend 27

Confi Confi says:

sorry but ts a reflex camera lik the nikon d3300.

shiva creations says:

those battery’s were disopoting me

GREY4 says:

nikon l840 or nikon b500 which one is the best?

Itz Teazy says:

When I zoom mine in it does not focus, can someone help me please?


I Pernod

Cyboz Cubing says:

is it good for YouTube

oXg ZombieSlayer says:

Is this camera good for vlogging??

Beefy Tech says:

I just subbed you awesome quality and content

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