My New Camera Is Incredible! Panasonic GH5 Review & Life Vlog

My New Panasonic GH5 Unboxing & Review + What’s Going on in my Life! This Camera is Unbelievably Good! + 4K 60FPS Test Footage.


Mason Williams says:

here’s a great app on the state of the battery wear

Courageously Jaimi says:

This looks so beautiful on my 2k display!

Simon Šelih says:

you will buy an audi r8? lucky man

TheSamyakSamite says:


I am Grass says:

This is just a april fools joke

Bluebird Powers says:

i love your cat so much!!!

Quinton Y says:

How to trick someone

Read more

Er C says:

I’m the 10k like biiiiitch!

Raptor9ify says:

better than Sony alpha 7R II ?

Mohammad Taufiq says:

drop test?

Prime Tambayong says:

5 axis stabiliser is awesome. I have that in Olympus about 5 years ago.

faulty shadow says:

EvreythingHypeBeastProTech love u man grew up with you

Anti Social says:

I have a laughing dove as well

Sean says:


Absolutely Flawless says:

Wow, awesome camera, i have been very undersided on which camera to buy. So many people like the Canon or the Sony, but the picture quality in this camera is hands down Absolutely amazing.
I subbed you and hit the like button 🙂

Palladium65 says:

could you please do a few more vidz on this camera .

Would really like an indepth review on it.

With that 12-60mm lens as well.


Awesome first impressions tho 🙂

Walk In The Light says:

The portrait quality is great! Thanks for taking us on a tour of your place.

N Scott Nsignasiak says:

Nice Jet Black Cat!


You killed me with that shutter note to Apple – I was weak! lol, Would you sell or giveaway your old camera?

chumbag says:

start motovlog

Karen Englander says:

Blur the license plate.

BooYah says:

3:58 look at the camera screen wtf

Abdullah Firas says:

yo the new camera it’s dope

Bluebird Powers says:

you really need to show your r8

Sports Fan says:

why dont you start a vlog channel

Luis Gomez says:

Nice camera quality looks amazing.

Andrew SSGSS says:

I like how he isn’t bias with apple he gives props to android but I love iphone

faulty shadow says:

I’m a electrician just let me be your camera man

CrazyTuber72 says:

3 ads on this vid. wow.

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