Moto Z2 Force Real Camera Review: Dual Cameras, Double Your Fun?

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Moto Z2 Force Real Camera Review time! It’s impressive that Motorola was able to double up on camera sensors while maintaining the same hardware compatibility with the circular housing for Moto Mods. Now the Z2 Force can create software blur, and has a second sensor for black and white photography. Is this a gimmick, or is this year’s phone an improvement over last year’s camera? Let’s take a look!


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Max Marx says:

9:22 For Conclusion

otis ellis says:

Love the Gallifrey t-shirt. #DoctorWho

Phone Daft says:

“We’ve gotta lot of ground to cover and I’m gonna move pretty quick”

Disappointed you didn’t use this famous line this time!

YazeedSaber says:

Small battery. Trash screen. No 3.5mm jack.

Nah I’m good.

Pan CM says:

One of your best, Juan, 1st or not.

ace 1121 says:

Still love my MotoG (1st gen) camera. It’s only let down by the subpar moto camera app.

3dkiller says:

the background soundtrack is awesome.

dHaivaT says:

tatti phone

David Peterson says:

I was wondering throughout the review whether the Hasselblad mod would enhance the performance on the Z2 Force. Then I got to Juan’s last comment, and he basically answered it succinctly. Yeah, what a “Hassel.” 😛

Diego Kaku says:

How many times do you recharge the phone doing the review???

Ellis Tiu says:

Hi juan. This episode is a different style. In contrast with old real camera reviews. Ahahaha still great though

mictho100 says:

I currently own the Z-Force (1) in the UK. It was the only phone with a 21mpx sensor with reasonable low light performance, so I ordered it from the US.

I was not disappointed! Low light performance is pretty good for a mobile phone. And I take *a lot* of low light shots! Yes, you have to steady the phone, to allow it to take a second exposure to subtract the noise, but even with that the results are almost always very good. The pictures show a lot of ‘grain’, but that’s exactly how the old analogue 35mm film used to work. It’s not unpleasant to look at.

Because of the 21mpx, pictures capture a lot of detail in good light.

I suspect it will be a couple of years before phone manufacturers will start to re-visit larger resolution sensors. Let’s hope the new phone from Red will live up to the hype!

Elvin Velez says:

As always, Juan, great camera review. It wasn’t negative, gave the highlight of the camera along side the lows. Unbiased, and informative.

Android Fixer says:

You changed your style of camera reviews

Gabo Ramos says:

no need to view the whole video. conclusion the cam is trash

#TeamFlash says:

All i want is a solid low light performer that can film ufo’s

CTP says:

I have not seen a single reason to buy this phone over last year’s moto phone. The camera’s on this phone are some of the worst of 2017, the headphone jack is still missing, the battery is way below what it should be, and the price is higher than before.

James Davis says:

What is the best browser for android right now?

RoCCo CarmeLL says:

Slics ass phone..i love it

M Morales says:

Lumias, flagship or budget, are not phones but legends.

Augusto Vaz says:

What stylus is that? the point looks really sharp for a capacitive one

Sully Mems says:


BloodFlow HigH says:

like that moto force 2

caveman luke says:

How abt a battery review

heikkinissi says:

I’m really liking the new angle of the camera in the studio. Background is so much better!

herman stokbrood says:

From a consumer perspective there is nothing wrong being a copycat as long this does not stop innovation.

Cameron Galat Chitra-Straley says:

does it have alot of megapickles

D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

I needed to watch this review after I’ve been hearing complaints from tech bloggers over low light shots from the Z2 being too dark.

Well, I’m not disappointed. Great review and the shots actually look alright to me on my iPad. It’s not the best camera and I don’t know if it’s an upgrade from the 2016 Moto Z, but it does look to be a capable shooter, but one for $720?

D. Page says:

Juan, trademark megapickles please sir

Jack The SNAKE says:

The only thing that this phone nails is the software, everything else is either meh or horrible..

Matthew Swanson says:

Hmmm…. I love the Moto Z line and I was thinking about upgrading but the lack of battery life and the less-than-expected camera improvements over previous Z phones aren’t enough for me. I think I’ll go with the S8 Active. It’s camera is just tops, even if you do have to put up with all the Samsung bloat.

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