Moto M camera review – IT SUCKS :(

Moto M battery life review and comparison:

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I have a (chinese) Motorola Moto M with me and in this video we check out the camera and find out why it really isn’t great at all and compare it to the camera of the Moto G4 Plus!


Anyesha Banerjee says:

as per camera quality do u suggest to buy moto g4 plus?? please help me i’m confused between two moto…please only the camera quality suggestion needed

Vikram Kuril says:

yes you are right cam quality is very low i saw caparison of battery of moto m and moto g 4 plus , battery of moto m is very poor

Krishan Kumar says:

Is it s/w problem or Hardware?

Babar Malik says:

shit reviewer .. fucking biased

amit chauhan says:

DXO mark has given G4 plus better ratings.. Don’t think Moto M stands anywhere closer.

I was bit confused earlier.. but i’m gonna go with G4 plus now.

temsu jr says:

shall i go for moto g4 plus or moto m?? BTW i don’t care about the camera.

Amogh Murthy says:

The severe heating issues with the camera is why I returned my Moto G4 plus after using it for a week. Shooting a 4 – 5 min video was enough to take the temperature up to 45C. 
Motorola really needs to improve its budget phone game. I do not see a decent budget phone worth buying after the Moto G2 and G3. The Moto M seems to have the same heating issues as explained in the video and a worse camera (which was one of the high points of the Moto G4 plus in its price range)

RoadRunneR says:

*I JUST ordered the Moto g4 plus, but just found out that the Moto M is releasing tonight in India. Should I cancel my order or go ahead with the G4 plus? The camera is my MAIN PRIORITY! And I will be opting for the Moto M 32GB 3GB RAM version if i do decide to get it. PLEASE HELP!*

Art with Anurag says:

does your g4 plus heat

techtechtech says:

I’ll have more about video quality later on!

Amitesh Sil says:

there is no option for fingerprint shoot in moto m…how did you find that ??

Chillax says:

Hey techtech please take back your copyright strike back if you can… I uploaded 2 of your videos. In future i will not add stuffs of yours .hope you will resolve it soon thank you. I am also thinking why you not strike one more video of yours?


hao kare bhamtya

Karan Kandpal says:

don’t worry, you are not ugly dude

Amitesh Sil says:

i doesnot have Finger print Shoot in my moto m……what can i do ??

Danish Khatik says:

is it have slow motion recording?

Maidul Islam says:

Helio p15 is it good for this moto m? is it a very good performer?

William Tavares says:


baljit singh says:

when i click pictures and check details they are of 12MP. how can i click pictures of 16MP.

Mario I/O says:

Lenovo Killed Motorola 🙁

sourav mahapatra says:

Moto g4 plus is definitely beteer than moto m in camera section….the camera sensor of moto g4 plus is much superior than moto m……u can check the dxo mark….if anybody had confusion about which phone has a better camera….

Akshay ea says:

what about raw capture

Rahul Chakraborty says:

So No laser autofocus No good camera

Christian Ali. says:

WHEN WILL THIS PHONE BE OUT??? I can’t find it anywhere in stores both physically and online. The release date is also different every website I go to.

Saurabh Bansal says:

go for moto m…go fr latest wd more advanced features!! it really has!!

Michael Hart says:

before as front complete fly english.

Jonathan Arroyo says:

camera is not an issue for me..the most important is you can can send can browse..yu can watch movies and play games..if anyone is looking for a best camera why not Buy the real ones like NIKON OR CANNON…I JUST WANT TO LAUGH EVERTIME A NEW CELL COMES OUT LOTS OF PEOPLE SEEMS TO BE BRAINY…WHATEVER PICS COMES OUT ITS SO SIMPLE DONT BUY IT IF REVIEWS LIKE THIS STOPS YOU FROM DOING SO…STUDY WHAT YOUR MIND SETS..

Calvin Paiva says:

I wish google buy back motorola

Vineeth says:

I’m confused between Moto g4 plus and Moto M ? Can you give some suggestions !

Mr.Funny Bones says:

was planning to buy moto M but men you just make the case worse for me

Shravika r says:

I am using moto m in india.The camera is good.Not that much bad.. when compared to g4 plus.UI also good .we can use Google and nova launcher. There is no heating issue.Performance is also good.

Venkatesh Nadar says:

m planning to buy this today.
so wat u suggest.
ppl pls reply m waiting.

Lokesh Sr says:

hi buddy nice review , can you pls clarify my query . does moto m support slow motion video.

Krishan Kumar says:

Will a camera app can resolve the blurr issue?

Deven Nationalwala says:

is it amoled display?

Sudheer Rajput says:

hmm… so which phone should I take. Moto g4 plus or Moto M. please suggest me……

Yashwant kengar says:

moto m or moto g4 plus which one is better ????

Abhijit Morab says:

How does it stack up with the Moto g4plus in camera comparison.?

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