Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus a New Camera Review – iGyaan

While we travelled to the far reaches of Rajasthan, We took the new Moto phones with us.
All moving Shots were shot on the Moto G5 Plus (80% of the entire video )
Drone Footage was Shot on the DJI Mavic
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karan patil says:

Is it worth buying the Hyundai tucson..

Ikhlaq s says:

Wow, loved watching this type of review. You showed exactly how we use the phone camera in short trip.

Pratik Patel says:

Hey… What is the place?

aditya chaturvedi says:

Nicely done video, seen something refreshing for a review of smartphones. keep the diff content coming

Dipesh Panjwani says:

Nice presentation

kaushal punjabi says:

review was great

arnab seal says:

Now this is nicely put together!

Bong Tech says:

Review like a Hollywood movie

Anonymous patil says:

Buy android phone install Snapchat then after uinstall it and rate it to 1 star!!

vipin kumar says:

wow bro . I like your presentation style

Tanmay Kambli says:

Where did you find such nice open space?…

Abhinav Mishra says:

Hi, I am facing a problem while recording at 1080p 60fps , the video in dim light condition shows some extra colour i.e. purple at left up and green colour at bottom but on other resolutions it is good…Any body else facing this issue

susheel kumar says:

loved it bro….the whole presentation of awesome …. thinking to buy this phone but again after few months something better would come in the same price bracket

Ajay Mohapatra says:

Awesome video hats off to Bharat

Arun Kishore says:

I am afraid that all the YouTubers out there shooting their reviews in a room would need a rethought after this video. simply awesome dude. hats off

nathan carter says:

i hate the camera. I got this phone cause my Nexus 6p died.

Alok Pandey says:

great review man 🙂 hope you enjoyed a lot #RoadTrip

Rajat Verma says:


Suman Kumar Kundu says:

Love the way you done this video…. really impressed..

Fun Unlimited says:

where is moto g5 camera review

Vijay Panchal says:

What place is that? Kutch white desert?

Niraj Umrekar says:

which place this is ??

Shajan Ap says:

wow! it’s an awesome video!

just me says:

Blown away by the content and quality of the video! Keep up the good work.

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