Moto G4 Plus Full Review – Camera quality much better than older G phones

Here is the Moto G4 Plus review – this review covers unboxing, design, features, performance, gaming, benchmark, camera quality / features and battery performance.

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Arnab Goswami says:

should i buy this or Lenovo zuk 1?

Debajit B says:

A very good review with most information that is sought by people.
I have a small query.

Moto G3 had a problem that it didnot have a dedicated mobile data on/off toggle switch in the dropdown menu. One had to go to the settings to turn on or off the mobile data. Even then it seemed to have a mind of its own and at times refused to switch off on the first try.
Does this handset have a dedicated mobile data toggle in the menu?
Thank you.


excellent review sir…..can’t even think of purchasing any device without watching your review……


which LTE band does it support? Pl do let me know.

Akshay Ajmera says:

how to tak screen shot on this device

Debojyoti Naskar says:

Make a water splash test and durability test video

Abhimanyu Singh says:

plz sir tell me which have best camera camparisan between moto g4 plus and samsung j7 2016 plz …

Manjit Sarma says:

Sir, without Magnetic sensor does it works with VR Headset?

Aman deep pal Singh says:

Is it support VR????

Abhisek Datta says:

Hows the Camera quality compare to Oneplus 3?

Arch Gloom says:

Magnetic sensors not available, has cheap processor, RN3 and Le 1S are best in this range

Sudipto Samanta says:

You are my favorite reviewer. Great review Gogi.

raghvendra singh says:

greetings sir.i wanted to confirm that the phone has gyroscope sensor or not, coz my dad has the 3gb variant but while playing mc5 i couldnt locate the gyro option…(well it does show on cpu-z. )

Japneet Singh says:

how to move apps to SD card

John Rupesh says:

how can u say the temp was well below 48 degrees..instead u shud have sd its well above 45 degrees.. clearly it does overheat

Aman deep pal Singh says:

What about VR?

Jaanam Alag says:

Sir best smartwatch. In rs 2000?

Jitendra Chauhan says:

Nice video

Chirag Sharma says:

+Gogi Rana 4G Supports On Only First Sim,Second Sim 3g


G plus has 3 gb ram

Ishan Khanna says:

Does Moto G4 plus heat on playing games like Clash Royale,Boom Beach,etc. ?
And as this doesn’t have Compass, what problems shall I face in maps and other applications ?

Bivas Saha says:

good simple review but as always incomplete. you don’t show image shot with review unit. please add plenty of shot with your review. and also mention battery back in your video review.

sunny bhavsar says:

gogi please suggest which phone is better in 15k ?

ojas shah says:

this handset really overheats while playing game for about 15 minutes
temperature raises up to 50 degrees
is that true?

Tapan Pal says:

I heard that it is not a tough phone as were the earlier generations (G3 , G2 etc ). Could you please verify as this will be a big reason not to buy it as it is expected from any Moto G to be tough

Jay Steve says:

Hows the Camera quality compare to Redmi Note 3?

Sv NatiOn says:

save your money buy one plus 3

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