Manfrotto BeFree Camera Backpack Review

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PL says:

Sponsored by NASA? what?

Hysterical Outrage says:

This was not a review!

Russell Wood says:

Awesome location Tony however I don’t think the waterfall make your audio easy to hear

mechalens says:


Han Seoul-Oh says:

I need to get this. My current Lowpro bag is pretty good, but it just doesn’t feel right and I have to keep adjusting it while walking. I also have sciatic nerve issues. So anything to help alleviate pressure on the right side of my body helps.

Mau Tsukuda says:

Could you guys review the Tokina 24-70 f2.8? There’s so little info/reviews on it out there.

Rumblestrip.NET says:

I got the Manfrotto MB PL-3N1-35 for Christmas and I really do not like the bag compared to my old Kata bag which is worn out. I know this bag was an old Kata bag which really surprised me, glad the one you reviewed is better.

KAVINSKY311 says:

i bought a manfrotto 195 shoulder bag and i fit all my Sony gear in. it’s great quality. fair price and well made in very happy with it!

Leo Heng says:

Thank you! I’ve been eyeing this backpack for a while now, but seeing your review and your use of the backpack, I’ll make the investment now! 🙂

Tyler Barton says:

Thanks for typing the closed captioned portions, Tony. Personally, I did not find the audio disturbing, and I could understand every word you said without them. Besides, how often does one get to revel in hearing the din of a Yosemite waterfall in one’s life? This was my first time!

This looks like an excellent bag. I am still wanting to get one of those Peak Designs plates! Thanks for this review and for sharing waterfall sounds with all of us!

Mauinight k says:

I have used various camera bags, including Lowepro, Tamrac and others. When I needed a bag to consoidate everthing in one bag for my Real Estate shoots I researched once again. I found the Manfrotto Pro Camera backpack SKU MB MP-BP-50BB to be perfect. Lots of space, great backpack with numerous features like the tripod holder and still, fits under your airline seat. I have been using it for over a year now and it just preforms. All I can say is that I was pleasantry surprised.

k6usy says:

You picked a really good place to go for a hike.

Susan Nagy says:

Thanks for the review. The bag looks promising…

Andrew Branch says:

Tony & Chelsea. Great to see captions. You should work on that for all your videos, not jus the ones near waterfalls. is a great provider.

Nytes1982 says:

Hey Tony, what’s your thoughts on Peak design everyday backpack?

David Huang says:

hi Tony, would it fit a 5D mk III mounted with a 70-200 2.8? sorry if you mentioned, but could not find the cc on/off on youtube for android. cheers!

Paul Boughton says:

I must be a funny shape, the bag is great and can fit loads in but the straps are soo uncomfortable, assuming this is the same as the Advanced Travel? Looks identical…

Chris Adval says:

I’m shocked Tony you clipped your DSLR on that peak design clip. I have one and it takes a ton of tries at the rate you went… I have to very slowly clip it slowly in place to lock in.

Ricardo Gomez says:

Great and coincidental review. I was just thinking about a backpack that would allow me to carry more gear when I’m doing solo shoots on location.. Excellent and thank you.

Omar Abuyaman says:

my ears!

randomgeocacher says:

Have you tried the cotton carrier alternative to peak design clip? I bought it because it seems the few who tried both felt the cotton carrier feels much nicer. My personal experience is that lugging around a DSLR like that wasn’t very nice but I did a long 7 day hike with a small m43 on the cotton carrier and was extremely satisfied. Carrying systems (that don’t look too weird) could be a future review subject.

wonderwall135 says:

“store lots of beer”

Luyang Che says:

But dont you also trade some accesibility? Like I get it has like side pockets and openings to help, but arent messenger bags still more accessible, and vest (bad fashion choice though) even more.

Smooglez says:

I used the bag for a bit but frankly it is pretty terrible. Design and quality are both lacking. I went with Lowepro pro tactic 450aw instead, much happier.

Keertikeya Gupta says:

Now I wish I’d gone to Yosemite this weekend instead of last. PS, if you guys are still there and have the time, then take route 120 towards Mammoth lake (I think it merges with route 395, not sure). There are many beautiful spots on the way. Here are some pics that I’d taken, hope you like them:

Anthony Adsit says:

Nice review, I’ve been looking for a backpack style camera bag. I think that I may have just found it. Thanks Tony!

AKJeeper says:

Perfect. I was looking for a backpack a little smaller than my current one (F-Stop Loka) and not anywhere near as expensive. Thanks for the review!

jk12324 says:

How secure is the clip for the camera on the strap? Would your camera go flying if you accidentally knocked it from below?

Tactical _ Bushcraft says:

wow beautiful bag . thank you for reviewing this bag. I have subscribed to your channel and would love to have your support as well. love what you did with your channel. keep up the good work

Rashoop says:

Great to see the amount of water in the falls. Though I shouldn’t say it in order to keep it “secret”, but middle of May is just a fantastic time to visit Yosemite. Fewer people, and the snow melt makes for GREAT waterfalls. Not too hot either.

Oh, and the backpack looks nice too! Only question for me is if it has a waist and sternum strap, making it a little more secure and conforming when hiking across rough terrain.

Cristi Neagu says:

I know you guys get a few cents when people buy things from Amazon and use your link, so it would be great for everyone involved if you could include links towards Not sure if you can do that, but if you can…

Ek Seng Ng says:

will it fit the 100-400ii with the hood reversed on in there?

ESC - Explore, Shoot, Create says:

been using this bag for over 1 year, the only issues I have run into is the zippers and tripod straps. The zippers, after much use have started to stick and if you use a travel tripod, they dont fit very well but you still have the side pocket. I find this bag very comfortable, roomy ( I carry an A7s and a6000, flash, 70-200, 50, 30, 10-18 plus extras like filters, batteries, laptop, large reflector and more! its very easy to get in and out of and has a chest strap as well as a belt to help support long treks. I highly recommend this bag.

Aaron Yang says:

Can you consider putting on a subtitle?

Patrick Ellis says:

#add #sponser

Jaime Fernandez Hoffiz says:

Where is that park?

jason jason says:

For a moment I thought this was a Free giveaway….mmmmmmm

graphicartdude says:

No side access is a huge negative. Having to place the bag on the ground every time you want to change a lens sucks… especially if it’s muddy out or you’re in a tick infested area.

501Skateboards says:

Have you ever tried The Hundreds camera backpacks? if so, are they good?

Herbert Morrison says:

Thanks Tony – Amazon, here I come.

Paul Goess says:

I’m curious about the Texas Longhorns and NASA connection? Have seen the hats and shirts in other videos and wonder if there is a connection to either of them.

Kyle Wolfe says:

It seemed like a great backpack, you fit plenty of gear in it for the hike but it still didn’t seem too hefty. I might buy one to complement my f-stop bag. Awesome video Tony, thanks for your tireless work captioning! Damn waterfall lol. Thanks for meeting up, what a fun day

The Emo Emu says:

Looks like what I’ve been on the prowl for. I want some extra backpacks. One smaller and one larger for various setups.

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