LG V30 Real Camera Review: The Video Producer’s Dream Phone

LG V30 Real Camera Review time! If you want the absolute best mobile solution for producing high quality video, look no further. LG has improved on nearly every concern we had with last year’s V20, and added a few new pro features to boot. Will “regular folks” appreciate these features, or will the V series remain a niche offering? Let’s take a closer look!
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How much LG paid you for the retarded review on promoting their shitty V30?

Pocketnow : they suck my dick.

Tham Wilson says:

Any idea when we will get to see the review for mate 10 pro??
By the way.. Thanks for the indepth review as always.

RojasTKD7 says:

Just a reminder for those that want to use auto mode, at least at times, the pixel camera port with HDR+ should work with the V30. It should offer better results for auto mode photography.

Furqan Siddiqui says:

glad to see LG giving their everything in this phone. design, display, camera, performance , everything in point
the only thing which holds me off for this phone is the selfie shooter( I mean come on LG, we like taking selfies as well)

Urban Radio Hits says:

Beautiful!!! I was going to buy the iPhone X, but after seeing many reviews on this beautiful phone and it’s features I decided to get this phone.

Corey Leighton says:

Nice review… it’s always nice when someone that has a clue takes a critical look at a camera. Oh, by the way… watch out for the merc at 7:48 nearly got keelhauled by the dude in the red car

Dennis Blair says:

ok gonna make my movie without buying 50k camera

Liion B says:

I’m in love with this phone!
Not much for people that take pictures in auto but those that can use camera features

wascar G says:

I really wish these phones companies have not gone to that 18:9 screen ratio and concentrate in putting bigger batteries. All. These cameras are awesome compare to 3 years ago but it should be and yet still don’t see low light greatness.

Abhishek Giri says:

Was so eagerly waiting for this review.. Its great but for the majority auto mode matters ..only folks like us turely appreciate wat Lg has made this year!!

Σταύρος Χριστουλάκης says:

the best part of video is Michel Fisher !

Imperatore7777 says:

This is a paid commercial from LG. Everyone knows the camera and vid case yellow tone it’s garbage like all LG phones of the past.

Ali Alamri says:

I am wondering why LG didn’t improve the front camera? !!!

Zlatin Kolev says:

The shutter button/zoom slider has been getting on my nerve too. I wish they update the latter with a tap & hold activation gesture. What do you guys think about that?

john doe says:



daris chan says:

How about the cine mode? is good?

beton scheitel says:

I knew LG would fail in at least one point. And it is the small sensor. Maybe next year LG.

BloodFlow HigH says:

Great video

It's Akile says:

Great video bro, probs on those details. V30 Reminds me how much I want a stock manual mode on iOS, sometimes I wanna get creative and just wanna do me, you dig?

Tech Trigger says:

Very very detailed camera review, i live this segment. Can i take some ideas for my videos too, please?

t says:

thanks for the review. your comment on that zoom rocker causing missed shots is concerning and will frustrate me too! hmmm.. coming from G4 wondering if it has back button option to fire shots… will miss that if not..

Brad Melendy says:

Great review! I’d love to see some kind of comparison to the pixel 2 camera.

The Rogue One says:

Note8>king of smartphone’s camera in 2017

Dwayne Wal-e says:

This LG V30 is such a beautifully produced flagship smartphone.

Marize de Klerk says:

Hi Juan, thank you once again for another very cool, informative and extremely useful review. You Pocketnow guys are really some of my first go-to people when it comes to what smartphones can do. What about doing a review on the V30’s sound recording abilities, please? Especially compared to recording sound using microphones attached to smartphones if you film especially video content for professional or semi-professional audiovisual content creation purposes? Looking forward! Keep up the good work

SHREY says:

Add 4k 60 fps and this will crush every smartphone camera

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