LG V20 Real Camera Review: 2 sensors, 3 mics, and a ton of control

The LG V20 has some pretty big shoes to fill, and at a time where more companies are experimenting with dual camera setup. Boasting new image processing, better image stabilization, and improved audio capture, how did this beast of a phone fair during our tests? Let’s take a look!
Real Camera Review playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVFAMfBtzHQFIJjvxedBe0XeuBDwu62Jt
LG V20 Camera Tour https://youtu.be/RXY19n1wiqM


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Lawrence Khellendrose says:

Galaxy Note have has had full manual mode for a while

Momo Maximilian says:

Okay – either buying the LG V20 – Galaxy s7 – or a cheap phone +normal camera.
What would you recommend, if I want to make daily travel vlogs+interview/talking to camera videos.

Jhossua Velásquez says:

Where can I get one? I cannot find it anywhere.

Lu G. says:

+juanbagnell, sir, I bought this phone. Thanks for the great review. I am enjoying the manual mode. My friends like the shots.

sunny taakz says:

Hello sir which stylus pen u use in this vdo?

Filip Milić says:

Is it just me, or is the camera on the V10 way better than v20’s?

My Reviews says:

So, which one comes first, second, and third, among the three.iPhone, GS7, and LG V20?

virustwin says:


Mr. Wilcher says:

Samsung GALAXY S7 vs Google Pixel XL

FlyingLionheart says:

2:29 Got a V10 and it has the same problem…

Devendra Luman says:

This channel is way better than any other reviewer out there , especially the audio and camera reviews which are honest to the bone. Clear English and real knowledge. Love this channel.

Mohd Farhan says:

Is this phone a winner over S7 Edge specially in the camera department?

sellyoursins says:

Is it worth upgrading from g4 just for the camera performance? They seem almost equal on the paper, but I don’t know, haven’t tried out the v20…

FreakR/C says:

Great video.

hmilles says:

Couldnt be the wide angle rear cameras barrel distorsion fixed by software?

Dhanad Autade says:

hit like if you see doctor strange

William Jones says:

Does this mean LG V20 is the clear winner and S7 comes second?

Can _ says:

Im really confused guys.. Which camera is better for Low Light photos? V20 or Mate 9 ?

Mykelle Masacupan says:

great review as usual 🙂

Michael Amos says:

I just watched 7 or 8 different reviews of this product. Yours was the most behaviorally insightful. Got my sub. Thx!

Bernie Poindexter says:

WHO THE FUCK GIVES A SHIT ABOUT COLORS? it can all be changed in photo editing software you fuckwits, jesus christ, talk about noise and quality fuckwits

Onda Rasa says:

Hi Pocketnow, can I plug an eternal professional mic through the headphone jack (of course with an adaptor) and use it to record video? Have you tried it? Excellent pro review by the way.

JT Ripper says:

The camera on G5 is better than S7 and IPhone 7, but is V20 camera is better than G5??

Maxandré Designs says:

Could you please review the…
Kyocera DuraForce Pro Action Cam Smartphone??? ^_^

Justin Monico says:

That last bit where you get attacked is funny. So how long do I have to wait for this rad camera (phone included)?

MGR Tech says:

Love the control. I used it the other day to film my videos.

Geffir Alridha says:

5:51 LoL

Shrimp Poboy says:

has anyone had their speaker blow out? I want this phone but I’m hearing a lot about this.

flightjam says:

2 questions. what are the settings for doing 6:50 streak lights.
and can galaxy s7 do that?

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