LG G6 vs iPhone 7 Plus! (Camera Comparison)

LG G6 unboxing & review coming! LG G6 vs iPhone 7 Plus Comparison: Camera quality, specs, & hardware review. LG G6 camera better than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus? Check out this comparison/ camera review of the iPhone 7 Plus vs LG G6 to find out! ▶Subscribe: http://mcmx.in/sub-dom

Later this year, we’ll see how this compares to the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 or iPhone X!

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LG G6 Photo Samples –

iPhone 7 Plus Photo Samples –

Is the LG G6 a flop? (Hands-on Review) –

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John Danielle Aldecoa says:

nice vid

kuldeep jhala says:

S7 edge

Amir Shahid says:

I think overall the lg g6 won but the iPhone 7 plus had some great photos

James Aften says:

I think the iPhone camera stays true to real life, although I might be biased

FriendlyFun PlushyBros says:

IPhone 7 Plus looks more satisfying! And it’s slightly bigger so why not!

love guru says:

lg g6 killer camera

Andreas Ng says:

Got say like never say like that!

bigmaxcc says:


Michael Ford says:

Also it’s kinda dumb to do any kind of a review on a phone that isn’t completely finished with its software…..

Khan Asif says:

obviously g6 wins

Nikhil Gupta says:

lg g6 just smashed that fucking iphone 7+. apple fanboys must be piss*d off rightnow therefore they came here. lol

ChrisTheAppleOne says:

I have the iPhone 7 Plus, and one thing I’ve noticed about the camera, and why I like it, is because exactly what you see with your eyes, is what you get in a photo… the colors are so realistic. They’re not under or over saturated… they look perfect, just like the actual subject of the photo. LG and Samsung (and others) seem to add saturation to their photos, which does make a lot of the pictures look better, but you can simply add saturation to the pic and there we go! IMO the iPhone 7 Plus camera does better up there… it looks more realistic and sharp, especially in the first couple images. My iPhone 7 Plus never disappointing me when I take pics with it… I often use it over my Canon T5i/700D because it’s better for things like Landscapes and stuff because of the realistic colors. 🙂 Just my opinion here! 😀

Vishwa Patel says:

LG is trying to compete !!

Milton Ou says:

I think iphone 7 plus has great dual camera lens that take great show with low light condition

CarterK9Videos says:

I see you are ASU and in Tempe. Nice I live close and those shots where great.

Mohd Basri says:

g6 is better

June Bugg says:

It’s all about personal preference, if u like apple get the iPhone. If you like android get the G6 .

Michael Ford says:

Not a good camera comparison. It’d be much better if, instead of spouting off the specs, you dive into a comparison of each photo and why one is better than the other. Especially cuz the video flips through three images so fast it’s hard to look at each one to compare them without having to leave YouTube and download them

nainesh patel says:

i look i phone look good than lg

Planet Khan says:

Green hue on G6 pictures. Bad white balance. Disappointed.

thatdude93 says:

Typical android users. Stupid and blind are not a good combination lmao. Obviously the iPhone 7 Plus wins here.

Dom Esposito says:

Which is better? Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus or the LG G6?

HNM69 says:

hate to say, but the iPhone took it in this one. The pictures were much warmer overall, whereas the pictures on the G6 almost all show a blueish/greenish touch. The lighting is also more moody on the iPhone. Too bad!
That depth mode is sweet too 🙁

Gamerguy TV says:

# switch

Santiago Morales says:

Please could I win? Followed instructions… LOVE YOUR CHANNEL AND SWITCH! Thanks

Tech Trix says:

Nintendo switch

shrikanth s.y says:

There is a green tint on the all the LG G6 photos. iPhone clearly doing better colour reproduction.

Cận Văn says:

G6’s camera is better

Saeed Khan says:

I’m gonna have to go with LGG6
shoots brighter and sharper images

Sai Kiran says:

iPhone 7 plus is better

Valito Cardoso says:


Leon Abraham says:

amazing video, I would love to win one #nintendoswitch

Swarnadip Bhowmik says:

iphone takes more natural colours and the quality is like dslr so obviously the iphone 7 plus takes the lead in camera.

Haters gonna hate says:

I think the I phone 7+ it’s my opinion

Ishaan And tech says:

iPhone 7 probably

sifis flisk says:

Apple wins

Nívia Nunes says:

Iphone no comparation

cybertec69 says:

Selfies are for today’s narcissist generation.

Ranganath Nandi says:

always the love the newest and greatest…….lg g6 is the winner.

Androideo Gaming says:


Kevin Davis says:

I’ll take the 7+.

pratik das says:

iphone 7 picture is more clear

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