LG G6 Real Camera Review: More Flexible, More Complete

LG set a high standard for phone cameras with the V10, and it was something of a disappointment to find the G5 did not inherit all of those wonderful options and controls. The G6 represents something of a rebirth for the G series. Does it catch us up to the V20, or is LG still separating “consumer” and “professional” handsets?


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andre Delgado says:

Damn that thinglooks bulky af with a case on!

10tenman10 says:

I’m waiting for the Note 8. Hope it has a great camera.

M 310 says:

LG V30 coming soon…..

Cristian Montellano says:

what case did you have on that phone? it is perfect. I want one.

dansyed19 says:

David Cross anyone?

Tlough YourBro says:

use the photos app not the gallery app for the slow mo its much better

10tenman10 says:

Fantastic review. Likely I would just compose and push the button.

Will Frame says:

I wonder what Odo would look like in a beauty mode selfie.

Michael Galli says:

The sensor is so much better on the G5.

Indranil Majumder says:

Finally G6 can compete with S7….what an achievement

Muhammad Mehdi Hassan says:

G6 is not on par with Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy S 7 Edge when it comes to camera performance. It is not the best shooter of 2017 it even lags behind some of the 2016 rivals which is a sort of a bummer. Like if you agree.

Marius Sica says:

what is the difference between the korean version, US version and european version?

David Moreno says:

What is the camera quick launch method on the G6? Does it even have one like on GS7, Pixel, Nexus, etc?

Deepesh Pancholi says:

Can’t wait to see this level of in-depth insight for the Moto G5 Plus camera with all the hype around the camera! I’m surprised no one had tried to figure out the sensor in that budget beast yet! Look forward to the review here!

Rajat Silver says:

Don’t review a phone with a case on it! It just makes no sense.

Piotr Willamowicz says:

Why LG cant fix that camera jittering during recording video?Pixel,iPhones 6/7,Samsung s7 are so smooth when it comes to video stabilisation.

hugh rameez says:

you man who made you the reviewer you are bullshit at this Cox every phone you review you never give positives

weneedtodosomething says:

one Bagel

Dajhin Lee says:

I’ll wait for the s9 edge

Amr Yasin says:

I’m split between this G6 and the Mate 9 or P10+ . all of them very close to each other here and there. I wish they only have a camera shutter button. xD

JoeyBobC says:

Thanks for another great review! There certainly wasn’t as much enthusiasm as with the P10 review, which says a lot about the direction Huawei is taking. Speaking of which, I’d love to see a comparison between the P10 vs 3T. Which would you prefer if the deciding factor was the camera, for both photos and videos?

Morin Max says:

the problem with LG phone’s is the fact that they are two slow to take a photo. Even if they take good photo , that’s why i siwtch to Samsung :/

Sheikh Reiduan says:

I hate the way this guy talks

msrb21 says:

good thing Juan did the review, not Jaime!

Jer Shuhn Lee says:

any comparison on G5 and G6 camera?

Tahsin Faiyaz says:

S8 is One week away and lg didnt still release the phone. Who will buy a inferior less inovative product after s8 is out

Ady Ionita says:

great video as usual. i am currently still rocking a v10 and was sold on the g6 especially on the cameras until i saw your video. looking at the photo samples and your comments and comparing to the v10 I tend to think the sony 258 sensor is actually a step back compared to v10. what are your thoughts?

selim bykkl says:

watching this with my G2 -.-

Nizar Noor says:

Videos look so flat/washed out. What is the best video editor app on Android for boosting saturation/contrast without losing quality/reducing bitrate?

Jayvon says:

What case is that?

Steve Zilla says:

This phone for the official price of $650 is a damn good deal.

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