LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review!

The Ultimate In-Depth Camera Test on the LG G5 vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Enjoy and pls. don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and SHARE video to Social Media. Thanks!

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SíriaPT says:

is fake

Upesh Panchal says:

lg g5 is much better than rear camera and front camera , i have both smartphones

Mo Evans says:

planning for g5 is going to be real soon, thnx for this review

Tuan Malik says:

lg g5 vs lumia 950 ^^

Craig Sheppard says:

G5 has better colour and is more realistic picture wise, G5 for the win.

Severi T. says:

i really love the selfie camera of g5 its awesome


your tech guide can you make a test also in a9 pro please

Marcos santos says:

qual e melhor câmera?

Napoli Nel Cuore says:

Macro S7 won, all won G5

Davide Dalla Pozza says:

s7 have little bit more quality, g5 with second wide camera is more fun. I think g5 wins because cost less than s7 ……550 dollars for s7 425 dollars for g5

au1947 says:

very nice comparision

George TheBoss says:

I prefer the G5 over the S7 Edge, but the S7 Edge is definitely one of the best phones out there.

Android TV says:

lg g5 has much better mic around 40% more audio details

Pramit Nandi says:

S7 is the clear winner

crewmhv says:

The photos of the edge are better but the vídeos of the lg….are instante

Iana Marinho says:

uma mulher falando português kdkdj

George Soares says:

“tira uma foto aqui minha amor ó” rsrsrs

musicxxx2005 says:

G5 very goood camera…..better….
Photos from g5 like by professional SLR
but video stabilization better at S7

indigoal3n says:

If you actually compared LG’s 4:3 VS Samsung 4:3, you’d notice just how MUCH sharper LG’s is! Because they crop it at 16:9, its not as good. LG cam is better. Mic is better. Low Light is better. Front cam on samsung is better.

indigoal3n says:

After watching everything, LG G5 wins big time, and overall. What samsung has is better stabilization, but LG is tricky they got 2 types of stabilization, so it really depends which one you use, or if it is activated at all, since in some modes it must be turned on manually. LG all the way!

Igor kosh says:

wide angle is pretty amazing on lg g5! Nice job, thanks you for uploading!

Sandy Rusdian says:

s7 edge very naturall

Tiger Gray says:

I like your sunglasses

Athena Peregrina says:

lg g5!!!!

Debanjan Karmakar says:

S7 edge…the clear winner

Titov Sha says:

s7 win

Lauri T says:

S7 photos look so sharp. that a lot of details are lost. G5 is way more natural and eye pleasing.

Donald Pedigo says:


FellTheSky says:

Its pretty even. Any comment that says “x device is so much better”, or “x device sucks” is just a fanboy crying on the internet. You’ll be happy with both phones.

But personally im in love with those wide angle shots from the g5, they look amazing. Even if the s7 has better stabilization and low light performance, those wide shots make the phone for me. G5 is my choice.

Mike Benjamin says:

you are one of the greats for real keep up the fantastic work you do great job.thanks.

Domenico Cinalli says:

awesome review!!!

Mine Cube says:

lg is much better and much chaper

lucaslemos25 says:

No fundo de um dos videos ouvi uma brasileira falando ” tira uma foto aqui minha óh” hahahahahahhahaha

datspecial do says:

Might I know the music used in this video

Tiger Gray says:

g5 camera has a bit more details than the s7. but the Lid on the s7 is very stable. I will take the s7

nikolas adm says:

I always trust your comparisons, compared to. Other you have the most fair tests thumbs up my friend

indigoal3n says:

Sometimes I prefer the colder tones of Galaxy, sometimes warmer of LG. But you have got ZERO 16MP shots done here with LG. They are all aroud 13MP, which means out of full 16, not properly divisible, thats why it looks more fuzzy.

DoomsDay Doom says:


Amiel and Meggy says:

should i get g5 or s6? the mic on the g5 is kinda off imo and i wanna use it for videos

D Ravines says:

I’m buying a G5 anyway cause it’s cheaper, but you guys must be tripping saying G5 has a better camera. The contrast is fucked up, it makes things look unreal, s7 has a way more professional look

vineeth ravzz says:

This is how u do camera test man!! Looks great !! LG G5 is cool with wide angle! Gonna buy LG G5 today!! And u earned a subscriber!


hey dude i like the video bt its realy nice song how names this song.. plz ans me..

Advanced Computer 2017 says:

I have both the LG G5 and the Galaxy s7 and i use the LG G5 because it is just faster and more useful for sure. I teach at a college and i use the camera because it is just laid out and faster to maneuver than the Galaxy s7. Being modular with the extra battery, i can pop another one in when doing videos for the school, the LG G5 is just way more beneficial to me than the Galaxy s7. I love my Galaxy s7 (but), in a work environment when productivity and speed of use is an issue, the LG G5 for sure beats the Galaxy s7 hands down!!

Ido Levi says:

so… the lg g5 win???

Kaddy Aikidoka says:

I would pick LG G5 if it hasn’t bootloop problem but I’m with Samsung team S7edge

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