LG G5 vs HTC 10 Camera Review, Full Comparison

Ultimate Comparison and full review of HTC 10 vs LG G5 in camera, display, design, battery, benchmark, performance, and speaker.


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alexander monterona says:

how can I purchase htc 10? meron n dito nyan?

Den Abantas says:

Bro.. pa request naman ang comparison ng s7,LG G5 & HTC 10..

MrWalker1000 says:

there is no denying that htc has hit the mark with the 10. it’s absolutely a fantastic phone. People talking crap about its camera, dxo ranked it at overall 88 on photo which is next to s7 and z5.

kevin le apao says:

how about Samsung Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10?

Renascentia says:

sooo.. where do I buy the HTC 10, NCR area? anyone?

Tariq banton kong says:

HTC 10 are the best and the lg g5 not the best

傅弘仁 says:

LG G5 camera is better than htc 10 ,but only have camera is better.

Socheat Ou says:

Can you do camera comparison between HTC 10 and S7?

Gabriel Trindade Rojo says:

My personal preference here is the G5 but the HTC 10 is still incredible

Tj Javier says:

Hi Manila Shaker, I noticed that you mentioned na si G5 lang ang may dual sim support via the hybrid port. Confirmed talaga na walang dual sim support whatsoever si 10? Always been anticipating a dual sim version for the new HTC flagship since I have a globe and smart sim, and I saw sa GSM Arena doon sa spec sheet niya, na meron daw accdg to them. So I’m kinda confused. Hope you can clear things up. Thanks!

Shawn Mendes says:

0:42 lol look at the guy on the background

csimduke says:

HTC improve a lot ,good

Alberto Recto Jr. says:

both are really great phones it just comes down to your preference, HTC 10 wins my heart here overall bcoz of audio sound great experience running or workout. I do have the lgV10, that beast rock solid too., great review keep it up

Mohammed Pervez says:

only problem with HTC ten that old HTC u can take two pictures at once this HTC ten doesn’t

chevymuscle4life says:

the G5 at Verizon is $649.99. It’s likely going to be my next phone.

Melbourne Dauz says:

It’s not camera review like the title says…

Just Rain says:

asus zenfone max and laser comparison please 🙂

john dela cruz says:

Waiting for huawei p9

Artur Oleszczuk says:

Who the hell use camera without HDR ? Why ? Just one reason why someone shouldn’t use hdr mode ? This is single, the most important feature of modern phone cameras.

Charchit Chauhan says:

Thanks for video………..

Jack Cullen says:

HTC phones are good phone if not the best, but the main problem is the Customer support in the Philippines. They have the worst service of all HTC service centers around the world.

Manila Shaker Philippines says:

For written comparison and high res images pls go here: http://bit.ly/htc10vslgg5

Marlon Pabilonia says:

May ibang kasama k n man ata s channel n to db?
Pwedeng iba n lang ang mag narrate…?
Hnd q talaga maintidihan ang ibang words n sinasabi mo. Sori kuya..
Pero maganda k talaga mag review detalyado…

Fred Brown says:

the HTC is capable of up to 2TB of external storage, not 200gb.

Minh Pham says:

It’s a bit funny when you said on the title “camera review”, and yet you talked about many other things in the video!

TheWowwa says:

LG G5 is so ugly, if I get one I will have to buy great looking casing! But, I’m torn between the two. I love LG G2 so much, looking at G5 so innovative and the best camera (looked up Android Authority test), but HTC 10 also a great phone! HTC Desire HD was my first smartphone, can’t deny HTC Sense is the best! Even LG can’t compete with that. Guys, help me?

Mircea Sav says:

way better camera on G5 !

Seth Clayburn says:

He has women hands

erwin malimban says:

Hindi po yan Camera Review. Full review na yan.

luan nguyen says:


Mark Mourad says:

s7 vs lgg5 vs htc10 plzzz

LittleMissPanda says:

Cool! Keep up the awesome work! Sorry to not put you comments for a while, i was sort of busy, well anyways, You’re awesome sauce! 😀

moustafa shafie says:


wilson ndebay says:

The G5 looks better to me. Single speaker louder than the two speakers on the htc 10. A little bit faster than the htc 10 also. Both phones with better camera but the G5 with extra wide angle feature.

Richard Lu says:

btw its OIS not OAS

Gam3Tech says:

so we going to sit here and acting like he didnt have dead zombie peeling fingers at 0:49???

Hardeep Sagoo says:

“There are a few fucktors” loool

danishrammstein says:

Great review! I’m definitely on team HTC. Regards from Denmark

vanyasem says:

stop switching places of the phones. HTC 10 on the right at the start, HTC 10 on the left at the end. What a fuck?

Aleck Maccarone says:

the HTC 10 has really improved the camera this year

Thirdworldfilmaking says:

LG G5 is better..

francis phoon says:

htc also has a hi-res dac it uses 24bit hi-res world top rated dac which you can find it in a sony DAP.htc10 has a separate d stereo amp and a dolby sorround sound and has a personal audio experience I can said the audio output and sound quality id better on the 10 2 stereo amp+top rated dac+personal audio which can set ur ear frequency+dolby sorround.

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