LG G5 Real Camera Review: Dual Camera Fun

Many companies have tried producing phones with dual cameras. Instead of depth information or color accuracy, LG’s approach is to offer two completely different cameras and separate shooting modes. One camera has a standard field of view, the other is an extreme wide angle shooter. Does these different cameras offer advantages over a single sensor solution, or is this just another imaging gimmick? Here’s our full in-depth camera review!

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Specs 0:54
Exposure & Saturation 1:52
Dynamic Range 2:55
Still File Sizes 3:06
Stills Quality 3:19
Zoom 4:21
Lens Distortion 4:53
Macro & Bokeh 5:24
Focusing System 5:36
White Balance 6:00
HDR 6:13
Panorama 6:31
Selfies 6:55
LED Flash 7:19
Low Light Stills 7:30
Long Exposures 8:47
Video 9:06
Slow Motion 10:20
OIS 10:54
Audio 11:30
Exposure Transitions 12:01
Low Light Video 12:31
Wide Angle Camera 12:49
Fun Stuff 14:27
Conclusion 15:00


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Christos Metaxas says:

there is nothing more exciting than caring two cameras in your pocket!!!

Aracelis González says:

ive been with the g5 since saturday january 14 and i love the cam

Maranello Santiago says:

How about those mega pickles though

Eamonn Teh says:

Great Review! Soo LG G5 can record slow-motion at 720p@240fps?

Hayks says:

Very nice review! One of the best I’ve seen

Imteaz Hasan says:


Legrenzi Serge says:

Hello, superb video;
I have a problem with the LG G5; I can not select “OIS”; It remains “gray” and nothing happens when I put my finger on it; Do you have an explanation?
thank you

David Fernando Huaman Alcedo says:

great vídeo!

Chad Hache says:

so what has the better camera g5 or s7

Erbaz ahmed khan says:

ty for detailed explanation of lg g5!

ithecreeper says:

thanks for the review 🙂

Saisagar Tata says:

Once again a fantastic review from pocketnow ..you guys have now raised the bar of camera review which will force other to follow.. this is definitely going to benefit we customers …can please give your rating(on a scale of 10) for camera’ on s7 ,htc 10 and Lg g5. .Also it would great if can include some rating system in your(camera) review so that it makes it much more clear!!

Raphael Jan Cañete Ferraris says:

I just want to know how to have the neutral colors. The reds are too magenta and the colors are just too saturated for my taste. Any app you can suggest that can give me a more accurate color. Need it when editing pics.

Martin Hawrylkiewicz says:

Did u say “mega pickles”?

Ahsan Rahh says:

love your reviews n especially the ones on cameras

Cai Yu says:

Can the two lens focus on different spot separately? Will this give better HDR result?

Guntars ;p says:

wtf i have ful hd video with 60fps

Elia Chiarucci says:

Fisheye lenses do not distort, they just focus on a convex plan.

BIG DOG says:

Hey Juan bagnell what kind of headphones are you wearing and how do they function if you don’t mind me asking? Thank you and you make real good videos.

Jan Carlos Mtnz says:


Kyle Lopez-Vito says:

Excellent review. Finally someone who actually knows what to look for in the camera. Love the G5’s camera setup, but I’m sorely disappointed in the lack of 1080p60, poorly implemented stabilization, slow shutter in video and the lack of any manual controls for the video. Basically, the still shot system is nearly perfect, but the video needs a lot of work. LG could’ve claimed the crown for best smartphone cam for 2016 with the G5. Too bad the half-baked video recording holds it back.

hmilles says:

Wouldnt be possible to correct the barrel distortion of the wide angle camera with software?

Zeshan Javed says:

awesome dude

Helen Stirling-Knight says:

Thank fucking gods someone actually reviewed the camera in a real way. Literally the number one thing I look for in a phone is quality camera/video. You’re the best. Thank you.

Guus Bouwmans says:

Now THIS is a review! Thanks. Maybe it’s just my style of photography, but I like the distortion from the wide angle lens. But then again, on my dslr I use my fisheye a lot of the time.

Μanolinio 7 says:

G5 again…

91atx says:

What’s the best bang for the buck ? One Plus 3 for 400€ or LG G5 for 500€?

Lebert Jones says:

Subscribed for these smartphone camera reviews. Thanks a bunch!

PeterFreitag says:

thank you

Imteaz Hasan says:

hi, could you tell me what stylus did you use with G5? i saw you are using stylus in 9th min of this video. Thank you.

Nikil Ragav says:

are you using bone conduction headphones?

Tadziun Gamer says:

@Pocketnow Lg g4 now record 4k at 48mbps after android 6 update, and it even records at 64mbps and 1080p 60fps with manual video mode, using ported V10 camera app, so G4 still rocks

Clement Kirton says:

Just an Update for people thinking of the phone the android 7.0 update added fhd60fps

Rob S. says:

Good stuff Juan…..very informative and your technical knowledge of photography is high….thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂 as a photographer myself, the geeky details were much appreciated…..even though we miss Michael Fisher, you do a great job Juan! Looking forward to more phone camera reviews from you and the team!!

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