LG G5 Camera Review: Best Smartphone Camera?

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In this LG G5 camera review, you’ll find out why I think the LG G5 is the best smartphone camera available right now. This is a follow-up to the LG G5 Review that I published a few weeks ago, which if you haven’t seen, you should check out here:

The LG G5 features a dual-camera system, with one 16 megapixel camera with 75-degree field of view, along with an 8 megapixel wide angle shooter with a 135-degree field of view. You get full access to both modules for photos and video, and I give you examples of what each can do so you can see for yourself.

All video and image content is taken directly off of the LG G5 smartphone with no filters or effects added.

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sean eoin mc caffrey says:

Thanks buddy. am looking a new phone as I’m not happy with the camera on my current phone (sony Xperia z5 premium) I had the LG g3 before this and absolutely loved it so I thought I’d look to see what they have now. I watched your video on the initial review and now watched this one. I’ve decided, after watching these videos that I am definitely getting an LG g5 so thank you for helping me decide.

Debanjan Ghosh says:

does the wide angle camera have AF?

Muhammad Amer says:

is the angle in the main camera in lg g4 “75” also ?

s k says:

I was going to get the v20, my first impressions when I went to pick it up it was ugly! generic, boring, it looked like it was a $100 dollar tablet from some genric brand, and that was the deal breaker… so sad I wanted it so bad, also I did have to wait a month! so not worth the wait LG step up your game I ended up picking up the G5 it’s great! looks rather ugly on picture’s, but it’s a really premium sexy handset love it!

Johnny Dwyer says:

I agree, if the camera was the most important feature to me, the G5 would be my device. Unfortunately that is not the case. I do believe though that LG is a few minor tweaks away from producing the perfect smartphone shooter. For now I am sticking with my Note5 and HTC 10. My bro has the G5 and we did a extensive test with all 3 shooters. No device was better than the others in all scenarios, but it was the G5 that was better in more. At the end of the day I believe the 10 is the all around best device. The G5 has the best camera, the Note5 has the best screen, ( mostly because of the size ) for me anyways. HTC as well has a fantastic screen just wish it was bigger. What really wins me over though is how with the 10 I can see HTC more than them all paid attention to detail. Especially in the hardware department. This phone is so well crafted and strong feeling, that it makes anything else feel delicate and well, “cheap “. I hate saying that because the Note does feel good and premium, it’s just not in the same class as the 10 in terms of build quality. Software is much nicer on the 10, but I personally miss the full sense experience. That why I never got a nexus device because I like having a overlay. Not TouchWiz or LG’S, only HTC sense, there was something special about sense. Anyways just my opinion on these 3 devices. Maybe the LG is better all around than I think. Only have so much time with it as its not my phone.

Can Atiker says:

this is a short u.s.a tour for me,thanks bro

WGACA says:

Lol, staright away in the first second shot, you’ll see the poor build quality of the G5 with the battery tray attached all crooked to the rest of the phone. Rubbish

Nock says:

I Love this Phone, i got Today a New One, its Perfekt!!

Danniet says:

Hey, is this camera good for making video’s on YouTube? And is it better than gs7? (With making video’s)

galaxy S says:

yes its the best!!!!!!

Nathanael Alba says:

i think the s7 does better especially in low light 🙂

entamoeba dispar says:

is reading E-books good on the phone including the battery life? 🙂

T Shak says:

Can you use both camera wide angle also in video 4k?

380stroker says:

You idiots talking about the different tints…you know you can adjust the white balance using Kelvin. That tint is present in every dslr camera if you use auto mode. Try custom white balance you uninformed idiots. haha.

mario polo says:

had a chance to play with one today, absolutely amazing, better than my g4 and galaxy s7.

mighty magesh says:

2 cameras on back? It has front camera?

Don Lorusso says:

great review

kain seviers says:

G5 is not the flagship of LG, it doesn’t look gorgeous, lacking the premium feeling, it’s plastic, looks cheap…
I do believe they’ll come with something like V10 successor after Samsung released their Note 6 flagship…

Igor Brkljacic says:

need to turn off shutter sound. how to do that without turning off sounds?

Thapa Himal says:

a bit confuse among nexus 6p,lg g5,s7 .

Crystal Zoblisien says:

Thanks for the info! Very informative. Thinking about going with the LG phone over my Galaxy S5. Always liked my LG phones in the past.

Alex Andros says:

3:49 We humanoid reptilian jew xD

Idon12no says:

better than the s7? how about a comparo between the two?

Cai Yu says:

Can the two lens focus on different spot separately? Will this give better HDR result?

Kram Mark says:

can u use them both at the same time for a better photo/video ?

Cristi Soare says:

i am an htc fan,but when it comes to the camera Lg is the best form hardware to software.The 6 months older Lg V10 have also a magnificent camera.I appreciate your honest “not a fanboy” camera review.

Vedic Viki says:

Lg g5 is indeed a great phone, but in display & camera department S7 edge is a step ahead.

RazorFX says:

Hey, what car is that in the video?

scoobychau says:

Switching between the wide angle and normal require using the build in camera apps.
how about 3rd party camera apps. I wonder if i can use 3rd parties camera apps with the WIDE angle…

Lucas Borges says:

Too bad it won´t be available here in Brazil = (

Niel says:

Is it worth the upgrade from LgG4? I dont care about the wide angle lens.

Aatish Grover says:

can we shoot with 8mp wide angle lens in full manual mode..?

Wilson Lee says:

Does the 4K video encodes in HEVC codec?

Aman Arora says:

why didn’t you tell us that which camera sensor they used in G5 ??

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