LG 360 Camera Review

LG 360 Camera Review
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– 360° image capture with one click
• – Dual 13 MP wide-angle cameras
• – 2K video recording, 16 MP spherical image support
• – 5.1-channel surround-sound recording
• – Multiple capture modes (360°/180°)

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vanzemljak says:

u got yourself a sub bruh…fast in_your_face facts, specs and verdict…plus a shitload of gr8 puns with dope outro. word.
Oh yeah…you havent told one important thing. Is it at least splash proof? Doesnt have to be water proof though

Djamel Youlis says:

u da best man , thank u for the video , funny lol

Rene alogavi says:

can’t play the video on my Samsung note 3! why?

chris chrystal says:

Really lovin the commentary with this video……….lmao

עידן גרוס says:

Hi Mr Carter
I have LG G5 but I can not see in 360 app what the camera sees live
Can you guess why plz

uMADden says:

wow I can’t believe I got this cam and g5 from someone on offer up mint condition for 150$ all together

Rahul Yadav says:

how’s the picture quality in this while doing 360 degree vedios?can we see distant objects clearly?

TheSilentWolf says:

I was looking for a good review and then I noticed my bro Mr. Flossy and I was like Fuck yes! Thanks for the review!

danielw0007 says:

Hi about this LG 360 Camera lol i heard by another youtuber saying LG 360 camera it may get damage the sound or something? from the wind when you put on your car run when you drive around
Is that True?

miguel pineda says:

hi Flossy… great review! but did you notice that you can put the cam in any position and it will record on the right way? check it out! regards.

Dibakar Das Roy says:

Hi great video there but what about editing? Can you import into Premier to edit?

Albert Wright says:

WOW 360 camera that is amazing.

Mari Moreno says:

how can I share 360 videos?? I tried and it sends them flat not the 360 view

Tuese Rodriguez says:

you should try the gear 360

Craig Isherwood says:

Great video brilliant delivery and presented. Huge thanks for this! Craig

Rene alogavi says:

when I record a video with the LG 360, I can’t play it back on my phone but I can only vew the 360 pictures.
how can I play the 360 video on my Samsung phone

Alex Padilla says:

I know this video is old can you use a Samsung phone to use this LG 360?

Susan Millard says:

Man, that is a sick camera! I just spotted it on sale in our flyer for The Source (used to be Radio Shack) for $259.99 Canadian Dollars plus tax. Doing a little research before laying out the money and found your vid. Thanks for a thorough review. That is some impressive results. =) I hit the like and the sub buttons. Would love it if you would come visit my channel and see if you might want to sub me back. =) Thanks again….awesome video!

Robert Swift says:

Those are $100 at
T-Moble. Do you recommend them at this price?

Marty Beard Face says:

Thumbs up for the buns! Awesome review!

Robert Worley says:

Just picked up mine brand new on Amazon for $109!

Sean Zabala says:

this was actually the best straight forward review i am have ever seen. You sir have my subscription.

Yerrick Lloyd says:

Best 100.00 I ever spent. Gotta 360fly 4k also and the LG360 blows it out the water! but the 360fly4k is water proof. i carry this thing everywhere!

Gole. tech says:

good video, we have achieved big success for GOLE1 http://igg.me/at/gole1, we will launch dual 360 camera with triple cheap price than LG.

Pielemans says:

does it work with LG V20?

Robert Swift says:

Personally I always thought since these came out that Police Officers should have three of these on them. One mounted on each shoulder. I also agree with two side facing cameras one mounted on the left and right side of the Officers ribs.
If an officer has a issue behind them I want to see it. If a person reaches for a gun I want to see it. If a dog bit the officers leg I want to see it and if an officer reaches for their weapon a little prematurely. I want to see it.

kausto j says:

Bro, looking forward to your response 🙂

Please let me know if the quality is really that good especially seen in your low light pics and videos.. if its really this good im buying it asap

danielw0007 says:

Hi will it connect for my LG3 phone?
Please let me know and can you tell me i find on Amazon for $125.99 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DZFKMH2/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01DZFKMH2&linkCode=as2&tag=wwwyoutube07a-20&linkId=T4SQ647K5OYAQERY
it’s so many to choose i don’t know which one is better for that price

Murali krishna viswanadham says:

good review, what’s the battery backup

SD70ace_railfan says:

The only thing holding me back from getting the Samsung one is the price, and to think have/love everything Samsung. I might get this instead.

Yuk Fung says:

I have a samsung phone, can I still use the app to connect to the device ?

kausto j says:

the pic at 8:14 . How did you manage to get such a non grainy shot? coz this camera performs very poor at night.

Herold-30- says:

I have buy the lg 360 cam in Germany for 105 Euros..
Nice Cam I loved..

kausto j says:

also the pics are grainy at night thats is fine, but is that same cade with videos? or they better?

Sahil Amin says:

is that working with wifi?

Rikesh Majumder says:

your voice is also dope…cool bro..u should rap 🙂

Robert Swift says:

Very solid well thought out and through video.
It flowed smooth.

akshay de says:

thanks sam jackson. yes you deserve to shoot and I hope you do in hell !!

Michael Suhovsky says:

Hey, Flossy. I totally agree with you about the cam. It’s so fly, dope and outta site. I want to let you know that I got mine for $199.99 through Verizon Wireless. You could also try LG themselves. Never settle for anything less. LIFE’S GOOD WHEN YOU PLAY MORE!

Benito Fernandez says:

You think that the lg 360 cam will work for lgk10

kaduzera says:

can you livestream with it?

FancySassy80 says:

thats nice.. debating but now might have to get it!

BoowmanTeck says:

Is there any way to change the format of the SD inside the lg 360 so I can record videos larger than 4GB?

Sayid Andi Maulana says:

I want ask you when i save image to my galery, the image can’t show 360 degree but the image looks like panorama shoot? Can you explain how to save image to the gallery photos and can use the image 360 degree like in the app LG 360 cam?

chris chrystal says:

Just picked this up on Amazon for $109

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