Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus hands on review [CAMERA, GAMING, BENCHMARKS]

Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus hands on review [CAMERA, GAMING, BENCHMARKS]: The Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus comes with a Quad Core Snapdragon 820 chipset, 3 GB/ 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB/ 64 GB of onboard storage and 3500 mAh battery. It comes with a 5 inch 1080p display and has a single capacitive home button which performs upto 7 different actions.
The phone would have two variants the 3 GB RAM edition would retail for a price of INR 17,999 and the 4 GB RAM edition would retail for a price of INR 19,999 only!
The accessories shown in the video can be bought separately.
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BG MUSIC: Unison – Reality [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlPxm0jyEwI

INTRO MUSIC: Jo Cohen & Sex Whales – We Are [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6IaUMAg3Dc

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Saumya Su says:

Lenovo ek bekar company hai sab other companies volte support patch chod chuke hai to Lenovo ka mobiles bilkul mat kharide ye company apne customer ka khayal bilkul nehi rakhta

Praveer Kapoor says:

bro pls tell me fast which VR box is compatible with this and suggest me any
and one more thing there are many VR box available in Amazon from 300-2000 are they compatible

BigD says:

haha…..it cant do 960slowmo. Go for it .. take a video at that seed. Copy it to your computer and then run it again. You get 120 max

vedant zalke says:

mi5 vs lemax2 vs z2 plus,…..


चीन को सब दुश्मन मानते हैं पर उनके सामान हमें बहुत पसंद है
ठीक भी है भाई देश अपनी जगह है और उसके सामन अपनी जगह
हमारी देशदेशभक्ति तो भारत माता की जय बोल कर ही खत्म हो जाती है
क्या आप भी ऐसा ही सोचते हैं

साबित करो अपनी देशभक्ति

कसम लो कि कभी चीन का सामान नहीं खरीदोगे

Santiago Silva says:

thhx YOu ,,, i Alll ready find my new future smartphone !!!!!! Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus

aman mehra says:

out of redmi note 3 and zuk z2 plus which is better for gaming, music and camera

Namgyal Dorjee says:

Hello, will it work in america if i buy from india? Please do reply.

Aakash Jagad says:

Does this phone have hybrid sim slot?

Ravi Tummala says:

why did you change the intro music it was fine before

Anurag Sanadhya says:

Well, it doesn’t look anywhere near iPhone 5 or 5s from back but looks more like iPhone 4 or 4s. And it’s not sleek at all. That’s a pretty thick device as compared to the latest flagships with 820 chipset.

Prasanna Kumar Choudhary says:

Does this supports QC 3.0, some of the reviews posted on Amazon.in says it doesn’t have it please confirm this.
Also if you have QC 3.0 charger, please check how much time it takes to charge battery to 80% and 100%.

Kriptose says:

bro can i link your reviews on my website?

prem dev says:

Can we see the phone ( hands on ) in some place ???

ateesh23 says:

We are not able to disable apps such as hangout , Google play music etc , why ?? Help

Varun Narula says:

Does the screen use Gorilla Glass ? What version is it ?

Aldwin Christian says:

where can i download grand theft auto wise city?

Madina Shaikh says:

will we get the earphones and case along with the phone or we have to buy them separately? ???

Bhuvan nesh says:

Does it Support VR ?

DMNTBM says:

Don’t know if I should buy the Zuk Z2 or wait a little longer (because is more expensive) and buy the Xiaomi Mi5 Pro, because I really like this phone and even though a lot of people say its design it’s ugly, I really like it. But I’ve heard that it has some issues with the Playstore, that’s why I’m doubting. Do you know if that only happens if you buy it directly from china?

Rohith Puppala says:

i have been using lumia 640xl for the past one year.. I got irritated with its late app updates and unstable os updates.. So I want to change to android..i mostly use social apps, YouTube and little gaming. i need a cam wich can take good photos in low lighting and nights too and lag free usage… My budget is 15k. Could you please suggest me a phone.

haranchirag says:

hi zuk 2 is not supporting volte . i have one . please confirm if i am going wrong anywhere

Roshan Jha says:

This video was really nice. Thanks bhai, cleared all my doubts!

Saumya Su says:

lenovo ke phones bilkul mat kharide


I would like to know the following details about Lenovo Z2 plus smartphone:
1)Does it support 4G at FDD band 5?2)Does it support quick charge 3.0 if i buy a compatible adapter?
Please reply since i really want to buy this phone

alfan qureshi says:

this phone looks like a cube

MouzamAli Shaikh says:

at 1.32 i saw the device lag while switching the tab in cpuz app.

Frederico Marques says:

The back glass broke, where can I buy for replacement with a lenovo brand?

Anna S says:

Lenovo ZUK Z2 Smartphone
Damn it’s just for 178.99 dollars with coupon code: ZUKS

Lauren Luiz Manzano Flores says:

So Disappointed with battery

amil alisahil says:

back ground is not good

Jignesh wagh says:

I hate the body of this model, zukz1 is far better….

Vikesh Goel says:

I am planning to buy a mobile. Confused b/w Zuk Z2 and Mi 5. What do you suggest, which one has better value for money?

Harshdeep Bindra says:

fm capability?

ajith vishnu says:

will this be getting Android N ??…. how is the music via the audio jack?

Vinz Lorenz says:

Zuk z2 or Xiaomi Redmi note 4?

Azeem Ahmed says:

do it supports OTG

Mylene Canaveral says:

zuk pro or zuk plus or the FLASH PLUS 2 32gb ?? fast charging and the price pls??

Bhupendra Chaturvedi says:

does this device supports vr theater max?

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