Is The Rylo 360 Camera a Gopro Beater? Unboxing And Review

I reached out to Rylo recently after seeing some great clips from their camera online. I’m glad to say Rylo were keen to help out and a few days later I had my own camera to try!

I wanted to compare it to the camera I usually use on my MTB, it’d have been nice to have used a Gopro Fusion but i don’t have one plus I’ve never used one so might not have been able to do a fair test.

I’m sorry about the wind in the video, I tried to mic myself up but the mic rubbed on my clothes making it even worse! At least this way you can compare the audio quality too (the Rylo surprised me!).

Please give the video a watch to get my thoughts on how the Rylo copes, I’m sure I missed out some info so if you’re any questions or advice please put it in the comments.

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Mtb Wheelie Nut says:

You know what would be an awesome shot? Do a backflip with the Rylo on your chest mount. Do something with the editing so the ground stays at the bottom of the screen, but your body and bike goes around the camera.

Morgan.Trials says:

This was suck a good video…would love to see this as a video series looking at lots of cameras and camera accessories

GibsDev says:

Rylo chest mount was definitely my favorite angle! It feels like your actually getting some of the intensity of your riding, something that I find the GoPro doesn’t do very well. I can’t believe how well it stabilizes the video. The fact that you can direct the frame anywhere in post is just a bonus. Hopefully Rylo focuses on improving the image sensor in future iterations. The artifacting from where the frames meet is really nicely handled, but I feel like it could be better. Obviously the audio wasn’t that great either, but I wouldn’t expect much more from an action camera microphone.

MrMrRioes says:

18:45 Ali the Wizzard is riding without a handlebar! :-O

aljowen says:

The stabilisation seems great, shame the footage is a little soft and lacking colour. To be expected from a 360 cam though.

Gordo Gato says:

The image quality of the Rylo is no where near that of the hero 6. That being said, something you may want to invest in is a helmet mounted pole for 360 shots of the entire bike. Sam Pilgrim has a couple of very nice clips in which that works really well. It would also be interesting to see a comparison between the Rylo and GoPro’s 360 camera.

Yan Doroshenko says:

Any camera is a 360 camera with Ali Clarkson. Because you do 360s. It’s a joke. It’s funny. Ah, screw that.

Shannon B says:

Very cool following thru the berms while on the chest mount with the Rylo looked amazing pitty about the noise

guyd4067 says:

Love the airing rack!

Durrant Miller says:

Yah, know it makes a lot of sense that the image stability is great on the rilo because the image is a sphere so the image can pivot like gyroscope. Pretty awesome how far technology has come

Lukkas Gfeller says:

funny POC product placement ^^

Brap350 says:

How’s the battery life?

Jihoon Jung says:

Definitely, Gopro has way better image quality. Yes, as you said, it can’t be replaceable to Gopro. But I think superceding is not Rylo’s purpose at all and 360 function is unique and hope to see fun video with Rylo’s angle.

Cameron Lesley says:

The Rylo is a really cool camera.

Owen Preece says:

This is mad

Juan Ariza says:

The Rylo looks awesome, it definitely needs one of those furry sticker things on the micro.


Las shoot with the enduro bike was awesome, it realy got me surprised. Nice footie

Sipriyay says:

What’s that on the GoPro? Some kind of foam to have better audio?

sky oxford says:

I was looking into getting a GoPro Hero, but I’m sorry tempted to get the Rylo now. Not having to spend the extra money on a gimble seems like a clencher to me.Cheers for the great video!

Kamla Thakur says:


Matt Moulton says:

Headcam Rylo looked insanely good, really nicely stabilized. The chest mount angle looked a little weird because of the high FOV though. I was suprised with the handlebar mount but the headcam was probably the best.

Ewan Murphy says:

That is a brilliant camera, it would be class filming all the tricks you do in different ways

Woodhuish Views says:

the rylo is great and I like your planned approach for filming in future. The rylo ride on the hex on your chest was immense but then it was better on your head on the big bike!
I also thought the image colour from the rylo was far nicer.

mixedstylesable says:

That chest cam with the Rylo was glorious.

More pls.

m ej says:

Wow, the image stabilization on the rylo looks almost like a drone shot.

Palazilstail says:

I liked the rylo handle bars and if it is not windy with the rylo you speak more clearly

Mathew Cove says:

The images from rylo seem smoother but the image seem sharper on the gopro if that makes sense


Rylo is cool, in places sounded better than gopro, but you really need a separate way of recording audio that is windproof.

AnalTeflon says:

I’m impressed! It opens the door for VR videos. It was like being on a roller coaster at times. If I was go pro I’d be buying Rylo and merging the two.

Yan Doroshenko says:

Alistair, how do you follow someone behind you?

Yan Doroshenko says:

A knife? Aren’t those banned in the UK? As well as forks, pencils and car keys.

Jeff Lenosky says:

Great video Ali! I have a follow up to my first Rylo review coming out in a few days.

rocketman4633 says:

Awesome vid Ali, I really love the image coming from the Rylo. I think they should really bring more options to the Rylo in the future making it even more awesome. As far as the GoPro 6 goes, you probably know this already but there is a good solution to the audio with an external mic and adapter. A lot of guys here use a old Gopro 4 (dedicated mic port) with external mic for the audio, could be a great combo with the Rylo footage!!! Cheers Bert

MTB DJ says:

You’re hubs sound great

John Bicycle says:


mitchell schorrbigg says:

rylo helm mount is best with gopro chestie or opposite for low light


Trials video with the rylo.. make cool stuff happen..

DH24 42 says:

I have to say compare to your first viedeos- that is something else. Ali you are doing a great job videos look really proffesional. Excited to see more!

Cole Stewart says:

Ali, I’ve been mountain biking for a couple years now and I’d like to branch out. What is a good starter street trials bike?

Euan's Bike Maintenance UK says:

Ali how much dose the rylo cost and where can I get one because I would really like to know and can u give me a shout out in ur next vlog thanks

Powerhugful says:

It will destroy the GoPro if they improve image quality.It lacks power in my opinion but is otherwise superior.

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