iPhone Xs Camera Review!

Testing out the new iPhone Xs camera!
iPhone Xs Unboxing: https://youtu.be/tS5KaEWaLIM
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Alan Darma says:

Does anyone know what is the name of the camera she use?

Wildarte says:

Take a photo of your pussy lips with this iphone…show us the quality

Biruk Getaneh says:


Evoniics says:

Oh my gosh ^^

Audrey Welsh says:

Nice video! I really enjoyed all the cool shots from the iPhone!

n4tg6594 says:

song names in this video please 🙂

Be_Dubbs_ says:

shes literally in GTA V!!!!

Robert Rodrigo says:

Watching this on my gold IPhone max. Ex Samsung all note series user ,,Quality u pay what u get. Loving it ..quit crying about price.

Drippy kid says:

Apple is just like microsoft making different versions every 5 minute

San Gurung says:

Apple copying a year old features of Google’s HDR+ and Samsung’s Live Focus.
They don’t know how to innovative anymore. Just Copy from Android.


I love you!!!

Matthieu Sanchez says:

It’s beautiful ! It’s magic ! Good video ( I’m French )

reputation witness says:

Poor to normal people say Apple is shit just because they can’t afford it

Look at rich people, they have iPhones lol

Mauricio pasos says:

The mother of YouTube!!!♥️

pu teach says:

Is it also big

chahine atallah says:

Frankly am not able to see a difference from x or iPhone 8 Plus , it’s same

Tootie says:

Glad there’s a black front with the gold color

Stéphane Edwardson says:

The iPhone XS back facing camera video is looking better than this video (the sky is not overexposed).

TheTelferVlogs says:

justine looking like someones mom

Uddhavyadav Uddhavyadav says:

Mam can you share i phone xs max portrait photos on facebook

lifemeansmore1 says:

Hi Justine wanted to see the same tear apart unboxing you did just 2weeks back for Samsung note 9. Was waiting when will you tear the box n throw it back on floor like any other non apple unboxing. Seriously you were literally licking the tape or sticker there on apple phone. Seriously.

OMG…OMG everytime OMG seriously for what. Dont you see your own videos before uploading.

Take a day of from Apple and analyse your content.

Minus apple from your content you’ll get the anylatics..


I Love you nice vedio

Jess VA says:

I’m watching this on my iPhone 5 that I’ve had since it came out. ://

Ashique Valanchery says:

The video title is about Xs and content goes to Xs Max…wasted my time.

Arnold K says:

The real reaction from the roller coaster we perfect! Wonderful camera tests though. This is one of the better phone camera reviews I’ve seen

Manuel Oscar Argüelles Fernández says:

Eres la mejor del mundo, tus vídeos me encantan.

Me Player says:

9:51 gives me life is strange vibes

섬이 says:

I love her apple review so much : )

Muhammad M. Butt says:

It seems #iJustine is under contract with Apple. Does this mean iJustine, will not point out Apple’s factory conditions? Please google Foxconn factory conditions. Like comment to make it popular.

Naveen’s channel 1 says:

Thanks q so much for this video sister

N2H_Official_ says:

I would want more videos like this as it relieves my exam stress and makes me want to get better marks for exams to get a new phone

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