iPhone XS Camera Review – The King of Portrait?

Here’s my iPhone XS Camera Review! As both the XS and XS Max have identical sensors, it comes down to form factor on which you prefer. It takes some pretty awesome portrait shots and depth control is by far my fav new feature!

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Junaid Kodakkallu says:

Do not use mobile phone while driving…

Prince gurung says:

where is that place????

AppleBoyBR says:

I want see a video camera comparison with the pixel Xl2

lovemdrfkr says:

Lol pixel 2 is still better

Mathew Thomas says:

Iphone xs camera is cool

Junaid Kodakkallu says:

my dream mobile iphone xs max…

hugivirics says:

Should I upgrade to iphone XS from iphone4? Is it that much better?

Vendette Aro says:

5:27 It’s right ?

Janine K says:

Test it against a canon egos dslr . That’s what I’d love to see.

Denis Sulovic says:

STFU RICH Porsche driver!

Karl Conrad says:

This video was all shot on the iPhone XS except for the outro. I think the front facing cam is a bit soft, especially with video but the rear cams have def improved from last year. Portrait mode is even better at distinguishing between the subject and background and depth control is awesome! Smart HDR is sometimes requires some manual tweaking but is still a big improvement from say this iPhone 7 (around the time you’re looking to upgrade). Let me know what other phones you wanna see the XS compared against!

Quan Pham says:

watching review and watching gun show at the same time 😀

josh howard says:

Great video sir

Nat Berry says:

Love that you shot this video only with the iPhone. Love the editing as well

rrap's magic says:

Nice car

Yat Pan Ng says:

5:30 how come the iphone 7 looks better?

Roderick Thomas says:

LMAO ok! Beat the P2 then it’s a discussion.

fari monicque says:

You are doing amazing work

TGB Ultra says:

I’ve subbed and followed you on Instagram. I’m entering for the giveaway. And my favorite feature about the XS is that awesome portrait mode.

Hadicted says:

I knew it! DOPE shots!

Parker says:

Why do I love watching things I can’t afford

Everest Gaming Hub says:

Music name please from 3:55

Dave Recto says:

driving while blogging is not good that can cause accident.

sterling archer says:

The selfie portrait on my x always tells me “subject is too bright”…shit NEVER EVER works. Maybe two or three times has it actually worked for me.

Ramiro El Gáname says:

3:04 them skillz lol

Rahul Bauri says:

Awesome camera #IPhone XS

TheGPR12 says:

Not to knock anyone down, but with fair comparison, Pixel 2 is still better.

Fu gue says:

4:37 amazing , every light was very clear ,

Ammrsyr 04 says:

make a camera comparison between note 9 and xs max

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