iPhone X vs iPhone 8 – CAMERA REVIEW

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus – The ULTIMATE Camera Test Comparison!
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Emu Legs says:

Guess what…

Samsung is better

Juan Osoria says:

i love apple but i had to said samsung camera are ways better

L Craig says:

Glad I stuck with 8 plus.

محمد علي says:

8plus win

Francisco Weliton says:

I love iPhone X.

Wely Dx says:

please give me iphone 8

Orange Gaming says:


Edith Rosengarten says:

IPhone X looks like a toy phone with childish icons

Leon Shams-schaal says:

iPhone x microphone better.

Net Hook says:

Maaan ur still talking about iPhone.. get over it!

Luke Dobek says:

Hey Daniel. I found that although the iPhone X has better quality photos/video, you also have to take into account the size of the “viewfinder” screen while you’re taking the photos/videos — it’s a LOT smaller on the X rather than on the 8 Plus. In real world use, that makes a significant difference and makes the X screen seem as small as a regular 8. What do you think?

Kuba Markiewka says:


Luis Villa says:

No difference on both iPhone . Thanks for the comparison like and share

Amithkumar BG says:

Great review

Emu Legs says:

Iphone Xspensive

Jullion Su'a says:

Still waiting for your Pixel 2 vs iPhone X camera comparison…

Elin Westerlund says:

Are the iphone 8 plus Camera better than the regular iphone 8??

Şafak Yücebağ says:

i wanna fight but my hand were broken many times and use my voice

QeVaNa says:

i think iphone 8 plus not to bad

Mike Woo says:

I would go with the iPhone X

GuyBey0ndC00L says:

Your camera comparison seems subjective. Most of camera different in your images can cause by what the camera was focusing on at the time. Keyword: Most

Always wise still great video.

Arun Kumar says:

your work is amazing ,,

RandomCass says:

I went to the Apple store and compare them myself and the iPhone 8 Plus was better at taking pics and video I was like how but I love your video because I feel like other ppl are being paid by Apple because they making seem like the iPhone X has an amazing camera like it’s way better when I now there a slight difference but not major

Adam Gobin says:

Love my iPhone X – some of the pics rival my Canon EOS Rebel SL2 which is amazing. This video is great, love the detail!

29kalel says:

iPhones are like dslr on focusing

Henry Blackwell-Rodriquez says:

Great video, but using your footage, I would choose the 8Plus over the X. The panorama shot is what sold it, as the water looked sharper on the 8plus. Thanks for the video. And I’m wondering how a professional photographer who is well versed in IOS and knows how to utilize the proper techniques to get great shots would view the cameras. Maybe you can do a video with that in mind. Do you know any pro-photographers? Have a good one, and I love your videos btw. I got my apple watch version 3 without cellular because of your review. – Rod

Adam D Brown says:

I have the 8plus…love it.

Sign Guy says:

If I were to buy one, it will be the iPhone X.

812selvx says:

Iphone x sounds better

i Jarbis says:

I love my iPhone X

Nick SAM says:

This video is 2nd of your making me sleeping. Put some music NCS in your videos Pls

Nikko Mesiona says:

i love iphone x i will buy it too hehe

bood nasser says:

iPhone X vs Pixel 2 xl pleeeeese

Lukas van Husen says:

You are Great

Mary Deeik says:

Love the video! Keep it up

Wely Dx says:

my snap wely.7dx

HandsomeHolland MotorV says:

they both suck compared to samsung, google and lg. i realy think iphone is losing some credebility

Gini Varoni says:

How is the battery? Better than 8+? Love your vids

koolkatken says:

I would LOVE an X!

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