iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Plus – CAMERA REVIEW!

iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Plus – Extremely Detailed Camera Test Comparison!
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Isaiah Rivers says:

Grab some popcorn or milk guys

L Mit says:

I don’t see a $1000 difference.

TK says:

Thanks for the video, man. I appreciate the work you put into it. Keep them coming!

Janis De Montreuil says:

Yeah, it’s not big of a difference, but you ain’t paying just for the camera, i mean a phone that recognizes your own face it’s obviously going to be more expensive, just don’t complain and don’t buy it duh

LeHenryCotton says:

If one of you guys could check out my John Wall mix and drop a like it’d mean the world to me

Phong Lam says:

I have a 256 gb iPhone 7 Plus jet black and do you think I should upgrade it to the iPhone 10?

John Hooton says:

iPhone X camera has a slight edge, but not all of the time. The iPhone 7 camera was impressive when it first came out and still is. Results are what count and there is no reason to rush out and upgrade because of the camera. I found the iPhone 7 Plus has a slightly green bias in poor light – this has been adjusted in the X to a more natural hue. If you post process, this is not an issue anyway. Interesting video that shows the strengths of both cameras.

Tomas C K says:

Thanks the iPhone X looks better but one can buy a iPhone seven now for half the money

Arunabha Debnath says:

Highest quality!!! Haha….. 4k 60FPs haha…. I can only watch in only in 2k 60FPS

Ankur Dagar says:

My fav. YouTuber. I love your work bro.

Mark van Setten says:

Now I know who you remind me of: Andrew Garfield. In other words, you could be Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Brian Cwir says:

You sure have to looks closely to appreciate any difference. The iPhone X does appear to have better dynamic range in most pictures, but iPhone 7 Plus appears to have a better flash on both the front and rear facing cameras. I think the most obvious advantage for the iPhone X is that it has a little less noise in the low light pictures, and has better stabilization on the zoom lens.

Abdussamed Ličina says:

Unfortunately not big difference. Definitely not Worth the money diference

Michael austin says:

To be real I don’t see no big difference

Vinz De Castro says:

And im still here with my ipad 2…

jeez it has been a while

Clint Nicholas says:

Been waiting on someone to do this mathup. Everyone is doing a 8 plus vs X comparison which makes less sense

Jim Heffy says:

We need a comparison of the pixel 2 vs the iphone x

Jose Otero says:

Sucks that the reboot bug made a comeback

Safal Kafle says:

Iphone 8 plus vs iphone X all comparision

Robert Dodoo says:


Maldwyn Roberts says:

Actually, your almost Tin-Tin hair style looks better on the 7 Plus!

teal'c kree says:

Barely any different

L Mit says:

This should convince anyone to keep the 7 Plus.

anthoni Haus says:

Just got my 8 plus today 🙂

Amanda Fernandez says:

What wallpaper do you have on iPhone X? I love it!

Umer Mahmood says:

Sir can i update my 7 plus ios 11 or not ???????

Kunwar Neeraj Singh says:

I m grabbing milk this time

Ashlam Pérez says:

Siempre las mismas fotos siempre lo mismo con todas las comparaciones

Thi Henry says:

Now compare the iPhone X with the iPhone 3GS

ZONEofTECH says:


stooge drakness says:

iPhone x has better camera

Dee Y says:

I was waiting on this. I’m starting to wonder if it’s a mind thing when people say the camera is so much better. In certain instances I see a difference but not to the point where it’s worth all the hype besides the portrait modes. With that said I love iPhone but will be sticking with my 8+.

Jayvie Reyes says:

7+ is for me more natural in color not too much saturated….almost no difference at all for ordinary users….but when it comes to price, there is the very noticeable difference between the two phones.

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