iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 – CAMERA REVIEW

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 – The ULTIMATE CAMERA Comparison!
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Avery Adams says:

Clear win for iPhone X

jeffrey babaran says:

Great review, fair! For me s8 wins here also the price of the handset.

kai thomas says:

Iphone 10

Steven Judd says:

For the front facing video daylight, I think the iPhone X wins on both fronts. The warmer tones and much better audio.
For the front facing video low light, I think the Samsung wins on video quality, but the iPhone still wins audio.

PS – loving my iPhone X! Preordered through Sprint and received it on Nov 3rd!!

Tech King says:

The galaxy s8 was wayyyyy too warm at times so I pick the x

Blue skull says:


T K says:

S8 and it’s about $300 – $500 cheaper! You have to be really brainwashed to buy the X….

UnStoppable - Gamer says:

S8 Cam is much more better

TheAhemahemahem says:

Personally, I actually think the S8 overall was better while sure the X has more true to life colors to me sharper images are by far more important. Coming from someone whose typing this on an iPhone 6+ I’m fairly disappointed. I hate the fact my phones battery is starting to crap out because I really don’t feel like anything major has come out for me to want something new. Ya edge to edge display cool but where’s that week long battery, dslr camera like photos that are sharp and crisp… I’ll see how long my iPhone holds out but I’ll just wait until the X 2 to come out.

Epiclifery Active says:

*How The Heck You Can Compare A Latest Phone (IPhone X) Which Has Dual Cameras With A Slightly Old Device (Galaxy S8) Which Has Only 1 Camera! Anyways, They Were Neck To Neck!*

*Even Though I Am A Samsung Fan And Samsung User But I Have To Admit That IPhone Was The Winner Here In Most Conditions!*

*I Like The Samsung Images Even Though They Are Not Much Realistic But Pretty Damn Insane!*

*But It’s Depends On Personal Preference!*

Antlee Martial says:

I’m an apple guy, but I must say, these phones are really close
!! Soon there will be no difference

Rob Santiago says:

S8 best for lowlights

Gytis Kubeldzis says:

What about the dangers of Infrared Light Exposure?

kiril K says:

The iPhone seems much better to my eyes, much more natural and nice, the exposure is superiour, for me it has more competent camera overall. Your face in low light on the front facing camera looked so unnatural and out of detail on the Samsung. What i liked about the Samsung though was the lack of jerkiness on the video and thevlack of noise in very low light (it may be just overprocessing, i don’t know).

Dharkos says:

S8 Looks so much better. Realistic doesnt mean its a good picture when you take a picture you want it to look as god as possible so the more saturated colours is what makes the s8 better

Sign Guy says:

In the end, I will buy the iPhone X.

Tim GI says:

s8 better detail and dynamic range overall

Ihechi Njoku says:

The s8 one….what kind of English is that man

PeDrO Velez Jr says:

Apple is done…s8 plus is boss!and this is just the s8 plus put that crappy iphone vs the note 8.

OneStepUp - Clash Royale & Advanced Tutorials says:

Hands down the best Camera Comparison out there in Youtube! Keep doing what you’re doing buddy! You’re the next big thing!

MattRevs says:

Actually, the iPhone X can’t play 4K YouTube videos for some reason

TheAhemahemahem says:

I can’t help it but your flipping cute

Hakim Sayeed Mohd Asif Mohd Asif says:

S8 best

Ilia Dundev says:

I want you to compare Samsung Galaxy Note 8 VS iPhone X – Cameras

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