iPHONE X CAMERA REVIEW – Lok tests all the new features of the Apple iPhone X camera

Lok has flown all the way to the UK to get his hands on the Apple iPhone X. He tests all the key news features of the iPhone X camera… and shoots the entire review using an an Apple iPhone 8 Plus and a whole host of accesories…

Shot with
Apple iPhone 8 Plus
Helium Core iPhone case
Rode VideoMicro

Thanks to
For his BMX skills!!!

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Dave Pearce says:

I was disappointed that the 8 plus has no OIS on the tele lens, that seems back to front, but since getting a gimbal I’ve gone back to using my 6S because it doesn’t have OIS, which doesn’t play well with gimbals. Lok, what are your thoughts on this?

Branko Mitić says:

Better colors than any Sony or Panasonic camera.

Dark Bunny says:


Daniel Saredi says:

Looks like a great vegan bistro you were. The skatepark as well! 🙂

Fadey Suleiman says:

Wait wait what?? A better one in less than a year from now??? And is that called iPhone Eleven???

Chumlung rai says:

Sum Ting Wong!!

trever pitts says:

you know all the swiping you do on the iphone x .is the same way you would. navigate Blackberry 10

Issie wizzie says:

what restrurant was that

Tams80 says:

Right, no need to watch any other reviews. This hits the spot perfectly.

Imperatore7777 says:

IPhone is so ugly the note 8 is far better in every way the camera is better as well!

ConteudoAnimal com br says:

I love London … best city ever !

Maximilian Bredow says:

I liked the pro/cons of FaceId vs TouchId. My prediction for future generations: TouchID will return once the tech is ready to be used under the display. That will give us two-factor authentication with TouchID + FaceID on one device and could get rid off any password. Right now, password is always the fallback, but that might be the past soon

Xaoc Xaoc says:

Lok, looking at the video footage it seems that the phone is struggling to adjust the focus and keep up with the optical stabilisation, resulting in a pulsating video. That looks terrible if you ask me. What are your thoughts on that?

Tristan Pope says:

I️ like this man. He is real. More of this man.

Aramis Villasmil says:

1:18 17-38… eehh

Dennis Olof says:

So you are in London, so where is Kai !

Philip Smith says:

Lok is great!

Prime Tambayong says:

Lok makes a really good video.

sifis flisk says:

U suck and your videos suck go back to China

xcViejrjwor says:

Nice review with a soul. Could have been slightly stronger on the technical side of things but still ver good.

Jiangwei Liao says:

lol cute

Jack Flanders says:

I only have a Moto G3.

bokdong87 says:

1:05 안녕하세요

Sean Lawless says:

Nevermind the iPhone X, I’m watching this on my Note 8 #Samsung but I really like the cafe your in cause it’s vegan, dairy free and gluten free so whats the name? As I am a vegan here in America myself

Billy Bob says:

Nice vid, as usual. Thanks

sdq sdq says:

congrats on your new samsung replica

Md Saimon says:

How much I phone x

simon gentry says:

thank you Lok !!! did you compare to iphone 8+?

M. Le says:

Great photos of the food

maxevanlp says:

Lok! Your English is getting better.. Which worries me a lil bit, kinda like your accent.

Martin Ong says:

I still in love with my iPhone 8.

The lucky one says:

Wise last words! thanks,

Jerome Chiu says:

I’ve just discovered I’ve missed the subtitles in its original glory. I’m only one day late….. =::::::(

Jeroen Vonk says:

Thanks you for this great review!!!!

momokoxmas says:

Shut up!!!! Hongkie accent!!!! Irritating AF!!!!

Marie Boye Thomsen says:

Works while wearing Crocks. Good. (watch video with subs. Genius)

Your worse enemy says:

1:01 We are going to focus on Pronography

Black Cat says:


Richard's World Traveler says:

It Loks very good. You are very Loky to have one.

Poke says:

When you’re rich

John Tam says:

Good review!

Moises Herrera says:

* accidentally drops coffee on the new iPhone X *

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