iPhone SE: Most Detailed Camera Review On The Planet!

iPhone SE – 4K Video Test: https://goo.gl/8i2WjA

Hello everybody from around the world, and welcome to the most in depth detailed iPhone SE Camera Review on the planet. In this video we will take apple iPhone SE and do an in-depth analysis on all the details of this camera to inform and help you learn more about what this camera has to offer. The iPhone SE comes with a 12mp iSight camera on the rear that can shoot all the way up to 4K video on the rear. On the front of the device the iPhone SE has a 1.2 MP Camera.

In this video we will begin by talking about all the features and the specs that you can expect to get out of the iPhone SE. Following that, we will discuss all the extra cool things that you can do with the iPhone SE in a small discussion. Then we will get into the actual pictures themselves, where we will show all forms and types of pictures that are possible to take with the iPhone SE. This way when you leave this video you will have retrieved all the information you will ever need on this device. All the shots are taking throughout the City of Chicago, Illinois in multiple trendy, highly populated areas, with great lighting.

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1.Camera Features, Specs, Possibilities: 18s-9:11
2.Macro Shots Daytime: 9:12-10:20
3.Macro Shots Indoors: 10:25-12:08
4.Every Day Outdoor Shots: 12:09-14:07
5:Multiple Zoom Shots: 14:08-15:06
6:Indoor Everyday Photos: 15:07-15:49
7:Time Lapse Shots day: 15:52-16:10
8:Time Lapse Shots night: 16:11-16:43
9:Video Samples All Modes : 16:44-18:10
10:(Except 4K that is in separate video here:https://goo.gl/Cz3jtu)
11:Slow motion shots 120FPS and 240 FPS day:18:10-19:24
12:Live Photos in action on iPhone SE:19:25-19:39
13: Selfie Camera Samples Day/Indoor/Night/Ret. Flash: 19:44-20:08
14:Night Shots: 20:09-20:41
15:Video in Motion/Action/Sports: 20:41-21:06
16:Night Time Video All Modes Except 4K: 21:07-22:36
17:Panoramas: 22:35-22:54
18:Closing:22:55-END (Thank you, subscribe for more, support this content by sharing, liking, and commenting, be well and peace 🙂

Apple iPhone SE Pricing and Info Every Single Color 😛

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Apple iPhone SE Space Grey:http://amzn.to/1VrDqNE
Apple iPhone SE Silver:http://amzn.to/23bTBRQ
Apple iPhone SE Gold: http://amzn.to/1q1u3si


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Jade Eden says:

awesome video! pretty much convinced me the SE is WORTH IT! I can’t wait to save my pennies for a while to get it 🙂

A G says:

When I take photos with my se it flashes a red light. Is this normal

Roman Novam says:

Great video 🙂

TheGlamoureboy says:

On the planet nyahahahahaha

DnctLion says:

sadly, the front camera is very bad…low resolution + noise

GaryDX25 says:

I was trying to get this phone from T-Mobile, but they keep ordering the wrong fucking phone. lol. I’m going to the Apple store today to buy it outright. I really like your review.

Glamoure Boy says:

do u have video side by side 5S vs SE ?

Carlos Romero says:

Is the iPhone SE front camera the same as the iPhone 6?

Aniq Azman says:

The camera off SE is pretty cool. I never thought it will be this good in this 5 shape. Thank for your video. Im gonna buy SE. For me camera is one of important thing of buying phone

John Kumar says:

awesome vid 🙂

Druddigon says:

Amazing review, really helpful. Also I love your dogs lol

4 C00L KIDZ says:

You know the front camera , what is the other Lens thing cuz there is a red light that is just on at night and it scares me

biocybernaut says:

Linking to an iPhone SE 16GB on Amazon for USD 460.00 ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Fran Bukulin says:

I loveeeeeeee iiiiittt! You take so much time to review something and that is what people love.

Melvin Freeman says:


Chelsea Cooley says:

I own a iPhone 5c and that was the first iPhone I have had and I’m thinking of a iPhone se for my second one

Sri Krishna says:

Very satisfying phone and camera is awesome

NorthWaves says:

I dont know why but all your photos out of focus..blur.

idkkatieee says:

thank you so much for this video it really helped 😀

Liu Vincent says:

Hi Nick, could you tell me the background music name in the part of “Now lets hop into some indoor photos”?

Jack Le says:

I don’t think you understand what macro means….

iFaceCats says:

When you were jogging, that was some extreme stability! 😀

Jane Rodriguez says:

Hey man do u think iPhone SE’s rare camera will be great for daily vlog? I’m thinking of buying an iPhone SE for video Blogs ☺️ or should I get the iPod Touch 6th Gen?

12Radius says:

How do you zoom in?

I Love Pasta says:

Night shots with low light to no light with flash sucks. Very foggy. My sis has this phone. Great review though!

banana katana says:

dayum u got some big hands

Krystle Pascua says:

Hey, do you experience any issues with audio after you’ve recorded your 4K video? My videos turn out great, but the audio cuts in and out sometimes and i was hoping I’m not the only one experiencing this…

MohondhaY says:

hows the battery life?

FooFan Ger says:

Great camera review very helpful !!

Gideon Narzy says:

the best kind of review ever

Thiago Garcia says:

Thank you man! I will buy the SE.,the camera looks nice,not the best,but amazing. I think the manual mode can sold some problems,especially the low light photos,thats all for me,i really like the 4″ screen and the fast 6s’s hardware.

Gecko Gangster says:

This video is tempting me to sell my vivo y35 and buy an se

I am Blaq says:


Alessandro Amanajás says:

Fantastic! Nice Job. Congratulations.

GEE 85 says:

I really have issue with the settings being tucked away from the actual camera app itself all setting should be available in the camera as you use it

Rajitha Krishnan says:

Thanks for your time and the great review !!!

Teja K says:

What is the size (MB) of a 60SEC Video (30FPS) shot in 720p in 5S ?

dnh300 _gaming says:

That recolution

lanjore says:

is it okay to buy the 16gb? afraid that if i shot a 60minutes video with 1080hd to be impossible. i am not a heavy gamer on phone. might install cam apps and social media only.

Shanice Veillard says:

I need help….

the iPhone 6 and iPhone se are the same price (where I’m buying it from), so I don’t know which I should buy 🙁

Stewer1000 says:

man you are showing 60fps sample but you uploaded only 30fps lol

ΛCΞ says:

I am still wondering, why the hell is there not a 720p 60fps?!

Isabella Rivera says:

finally found the review i was looking for. Thank you so much for this amazing review!!

Harold J. K. says:

good job! helped me really 🙂

IamJB says:

it has image stabiliation????

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