iPhone 8 Plus VS S8 Plus – CAMERA Review!

iPhone 8 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – ULTIMATE Camera Comparison – covering 4K 60fps video, 240fps slow motion, low light, panorama, stabilization, macro, low-light and everything you can think of!

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The Fitness Marshall says:

Love your videos!!!!

Y M says:

You guys so angry wanna tell which one is better, because you can’t afford buy both of those phones.

JonSnow says:

Is clearly , iPhone 8 is way better then s8 , just wow , well done apple !

Danny Dawn says:

Idk in most comparisons for me the iPhone clearly looked way better

waialae1643 says:

not interested in droids.

Calen Hatap says:

My G.Pixel camera beats both

Brendan Bergmann says:

Should’ve done Note 8 vs IP8+

Adil Ahnaf says:

Obviously The s8 is better.
Pls do a detailed camera review of the note 8 vs iphone 8 plus.

Bharathi B says:

Where is portrait mode testing videos ???

JR III says:

S8 Plus wins wow…….iPhone 8 plus over sharpens

koolkatken says:

Both are indeed excellent and only fanboys say “X is TRASH, while Y is awesome.” This said, I usually will opt for the realistic colour of the iPhone. If I want enhancements, or “vibrancy,” I will add it myself.

Sobhan Salimi says:

iphone shame on you

Mr. Lemon says:

I actually prefer iphone 8 for the low light photos.

Lautaro Castro says:

The quality of your videos in this time has increased a lot, keep it up! You’re one of the best!

Michael Santana says:

iPhone 8 plus (256 GB) in Indonesia is sooooo expensive, about USD390 more expensive than Note 8. Not sure how much more expensive iPhone X will become here. Due to price reason, I will go for Note 8. S8 plus is USD100 cheaper than Note 8 here, again the price difference is sooooo amazing

Deepak gupta says:

s8 is the king

Alain Brouillaud says:

S8+ is better in low light. iPhone 8plus is better when focusing on a particular subject.

Reino Yu says:

There are quite a lot things that i disagree with what he said. But overall this is my honest opinion:
Outdoor images with bright light:
1. Color = S8+
2. Contras = iph8+
3. Details/ sharpness = s8+
4. Dynamic range = iph8+
5. Focus = s8+
6. Color accuracy = iph8+
7. Video = iph8+
8. Selfie = iph8+
9. Panorama = s8+
10. Zoom = iph8+
11. Sound = s8+
12. Portrait mode??

1. Landscape = s8+
2. Video = iph8+
3. Image quality = s8+
4. Flash = iph8+
5. Selfie = s8+
6. Macro = s8+

Overall under bright light, i still prefer iPhone 8+ especially the HDR, and less postprocessing work. Almost equal, more to personal preference. But under low light, its no contest here, samsung s8+ wins. I like the flash on the iphone 8+ though.

Jake Parker says:

Probably the best product comparison I’ve ever seen. Amazing job! Such detail and incredible way to present the results with not only split screen but when you did the sound comparison. Daaaamn. That’s talent and hard work man. Kudos

Xpadder333 says:

Front facing camera is way better on the iPhone

manos tsa says:

iphone 8 plus…the best!

bo sun says:

Definitely, if you shoot photos NOT in low lights a lot, go with the iPhone, if you do, pick an S8.

I think most of the time, iPhones do the job better than S8s do, except some low light and front-facing camera.
Quite shocking that iPhone did a good job than before

Duff's Wildlife says:

iPhone 8 Plus.

Debojit Mandal says:

And did u enable hdr mode in s8+

Bruno Pinheiro says:

You’re so cute!

Austin Barrera says:

iPhone 8 is better

Colton carroll says:

iPhone had a way better front facing camera

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