iPhone 7/7 Plus CAMERA REVIEW

Here is my iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus camera review. There is a new camera smartphone king and the only decision you have to make is which model you should get. The iPhone 7 has one 12MP rear camera whereas the 7 Plus has a 12MP dual camera. Let me know which you would choose!

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Manual Duarte says:

Can’t wait for the iphone7+ And I’m a Android owner.

Manny Fresh says:

Are both phones wife angle?

mrredstone03 says:

I was thinking of going Plus but now money wise I’m gonna go 7

Nur Adreanna says:

the iphone7 plus’ camera looks amazing!

Emmet s says:

Canadian ! And lives in Toronto woo me to

viewalex says:

the galaxy s7 camera looks really nice when people show it off on YouTube and compare it to the iPhone 7, but I saw the phone in store and it did poor in low lighting and I’m just left wondering what are these youtubers doing making it look like magic in these videos

Naza Kia says:

0:46 haha.Flexing hard bro. 7plus all day averyday

Lara J. says:

please let me win your iphone giveaway

Luis Martinez says:

stfu fucking samshit fanfaggots, fuck samshit with their shit software..

Billy Regal says:

YOU JUST TALK TOO MUCH. just show the differences between them two, so you really know whats better.

Mr Afzal Qureshi says:

hello sir in this video you give close up of your biceps please sir make a video on your biceps and how can we get like this

Joshua Moore says:

Me and a friend did a front camera picture test on our iPhone 7 and 7 plus and it looked like my 7 had a slightly better quality picture than the 7 plus

Caleb & Ryker says:

I want the 7 plus, since Phone Doctors bricked my 6 plus and didn’t offer anything other than a sarcastic apology, but I can’t afford it.

Plus it’s impossible to find a matte black/gold 32gb model that won’t take four years to ship.

Esank says:

pixel xl vs iphone 7plus camera review!!!

portal says:

Iphone camera and ios is better on snapchat, and that will never be anything but a fact. And usually, that’s all that matters. Just buy a damn camera

Elvinci Jaychen says:

bad video

Pixel Destroyer says:

I’m buying 7 plus

Jane from Broklyn says:

thanks for the review! Its dissapointing as the Noise isstill there for low light pics. its a great app for noise removal.

Sophie Plumridge says:

So helpful thanks!

Viva Frei says:

What does the yellow circle that says “live” on the camera mean? And is that why when I scroll through the pictures I’ve taken, it looks like they are moving for a second? Thanks! 🙂

Nooran Ezzat says:

does the depth of field work during filming video?

7srebels says:

I’m getting 1

Annas Khan says:

no one,compare with samsung in low light condition
except for nexus 6p for last year

Itsnotsalad.com says:

Hey! Do you think they will make good vlog camera’s. I got a decent photo camera now, but do you think the iphone 7 will improve the quality of my current video’s (check them out on my channel if you like)..

And would you go for the 7 or 7plus?


Oj G says:

What city is he in?

Aparajit Sinha says:

Hey bro can you give me one of them

Vouch Song says:

What would you choose with iPhone 7 and 7plus??

Fabio Correa says:

Great review! Thanks.

jil jil says:

Best camera on a smart phone ? Have you ever seen a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL ?

Jireh Philip Acabal says:

Can I have your iPhone 7 Plus?

rob ord says:

they will come up with a bokeh effect? p9 leica did it first

Akash Mhaskar says:

New Camera King in smartphone industry….Go to hell

G4m3L1f3 says:

cameras are the same fucking thing than the 6. What a ripoff!!!

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