iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review! (60FPS)

In-depth camera test between the iPhone 7 vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Camera settings was set on auto mode 1080p 60fps.

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shiminshake says:

LBS, I love your video here!

Other so called “video tests” totally ignore the “mic/video sound” test and instead they
force us to hear music which has nothing to do with the phones. You let us here the sound
from the phones all through your samples.

Isn’t “sound” a half of a “video”?

By the way, S7 Edge sounds so much better than iPhone7. Now, I wonder how good/bad
the iPhone 7 Plus is…


Нурмахмад Рахматов says:

http://ali.pub/4fhin 185 $

Joshuaa Grandee says:

For anyone Samsung user that brags about their camera it’s not even a Samsung sensor it’s a Sony sensor

Douglas Jhonatan says:

please next do camera comparasion between iphone 7 vs Google pixel ! 🙂

Felix Daily says:

samsung galaxy s7 clearly won considering that is alot older than the iPhone 7..Can’t wait for the galaxy s8

Unknown says:

So many android fanboys trying to persuade us that the s7 is better ( NOT ) !

Alnsr Gold says:


Waleed Jamal says:

while capturing a video in daylight on iphone 7 the sun is flickering

Keepler Glies says:

iPhone is better

Mr. Azik says:

iphone 7 – FUCK YOU. / SAMSUNG S 7 Edge – LOVE YOU )

Tâm Nguyễn Đức says:

ip7 first!

Saul Moses says:

I’m glad to come to the comments and see android winning the war

ChrisiLP ChrisiLP says:

The S7 was better than the IPhone 7

GERIX says:

самсунг! S7

Arda Aşık says:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is WİN!!!!!!!

Guadalupe Lozano says:

s7 edge prevails

shellie Sampson says:

The iphone looks way more cinematic

Gpe Arredondo says:

samsung s7’s camera have more saturation and contrast and that’s why it’s “better” than iphone’s camera.

Nitin Kumar says:

iPhone 7 has better colors (neutral), better dynamic range, better OIS. Samsung has better low light performance and mic is working really good.

Артем Прямоносов says:


William Giasi says:

Oh god it is sad to knowing that ip7 got 7mp and s7 is 5mp but the s7 slightly better and also cheaper.

red i says:

The iphone certainly has better dynamic range

Khalid sayyed says:

ill go for s7 edge

Избербаш 2017 says:

чуть чуть пиздит

hsiao hsiao says:

Iphone7 win

DarKhanDahar says:

Anybody knows the name of the tune on the slow motion part? Thank you !

nite pagaduan says:

i think s7 edge is better…

Nerd 4 Life says:

Well I thought that the S7 Edge mostly ruled over the photo scenes against the Iphone 7. But within a few of the video examples the Iphone 7 did seem to pull ahead. But overall, the S7 Edge won the competition.

AnotherDay says:

iphone 7 is clearly the winner here

jemi rivano says:

Hey are you holding 2 phones for the camera test? :v

Sanjay Behal says:

on the pictures at 13:32 you must have used the potrait mode that would definately look better

Dion says:

I prefer iPhone.


The way you say “Let’s get start it” is so funny

DevilonGame says:

iPhone 7 = more accurate colors

Onur Ustundag says:

s7 edge won lol

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